While the weekend is a time to relax, you want to make sure to keep your brain in tip-top shape. The three key principles for good brain exer¬cises are: newness, variety and constant challenge.
Breitbart NewsGreen Man Gaming is going to start telling you exactly what you'll get for your money, after being called out on grey market business practices by the Game Deals subreddit.
Game DebateIt's been a 12-year wait since DOOM 3 (It seems like only yesterday I waited outside GAME at 9AM, the impatient sort I was), but at long last a new DOOM as arrived. Tech TimesCult gaming hit Monument Valley is now free for the iOS, and users who have not yet purchased the game should not think twice about downloading it.
A Game of Memory is a classic "Concentration" style game where children try to match tiles consisting of different kinds of foods.

By using Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. Intense Concentration is a concentration game that allows you to include your own graphics with those used by the program. You have downloaded 100 Codes and you started dealing with the most difficult puzzles in the game?
3D Ball Slider is a peaceful game to develop skills for moving objects in space, for concentration and self control. This can help improve your concentration and give you better clarity when under stressful situations. Itls a fun, entertaining and highly addictive number puzzle game that will challenge and perplex you.Try it and see why millions prefer it to Sudoku!

Not only can you play Concentration with one of several included graphics sets, but you can also create your own games from images on your computer or on the Internet. You can play using your favorite pictures or with the pictures that are provided with the program.
To grab your free PC game, just enter your details in the widget below and you'll be given a key to redeem via Steam.

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