If you are looking for some free memory training for kids, you’ll like an online resource that I found.
You’ll find a variety of resources for free memory training for kids (and adults too) on this blog site. During the holiday season, there's nothing like treating yourself to a sweet cup of hot chocolate.
Even after that, it can be hard for kids to remember specific events or people without a little practice and encouragement.

While chocolate, with its antioxidants and caffeine, is actually great for the brain, the sugars that often accompany this store bought delight are not. However, the reality about this fluffy, creamy side dish is that it has very minimal benefits for your brain health, especially when recovering from a brain injury. Have them make note of their scores or time required to complete the activity, and then suggest they compete against themselves. This worksheet is a great way to get your child to flex his memory and put those memories into a drawing.

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