Memory Trainer works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking, and concentration skills. With the techniques you learned from Improve Your Memory, it’s time to jump back into games.
Download this Mind Map and read the Full Accompanying Article breaking down each branch of this IQ Matrix Mind Map in extensive detail at the IQ Matrix Blog. It starts with your swearing that you know a word or a name and that it’s at the tip of your tongue. These games are geared to train your brain, analyze your memory, concentration, reaction and accuracy abilities. Where Fruits Memory Game made you match fruit pairs, Memory Smiles has you pairing off matching smiles.
A number of those we’ll retain because we use them frequently use them in daily interactions but more complicated words get shoved to the very backs of our minds. With Training Memory – Game you and your children can increase your brain power and improve your memory. Promising to boost your memory in only 15 minutes, these 4 Powerful Memory Techniques also includes the world’s first online Memory Gymnasium to test just how improved your memory has gotten. Each fruit is rendered in gorgeous 3D, ranging from the traditional apple to orange, cherries, blueberries and more.
You can track your performance and see your improvement each time you play through a handy graph. We’ll probably never use them in our assignments, much less in regular conversation, so over time we tend to forget them. Developed by Australian Memory Champion Tansen Ali, memorizer of the Yellow Pages Phone Directory, you’ll learn how to retain large bodies of information.
If your favorite memory improvement app didn’t make it to our list, share it with us in the comments section.

Though retaining a sharp mind and a keen brain is partly because of our diet, engaging our brains in regular mental exercise helps, as well. They all have the same basic shape, a circle, so you’ll have to exercise your attention to detail to tell them apart and remember where all the smileys are. You’ll be taught how to use memory functions and 3 little known but simple ways to boost your brain with diet. Instead of matching paired shapes, Training Memory – Game challenges you to do more complicated things such as clicking on numbers in ascending order. Each session is short but fun, which makes improving your memory feel like less of a chore. If that doesn’t satisfy your competitive streak, you can even post your scores on the global scoreboard and compare your results with other players.A  The developer promises to add even more areas of your brain for Brain Workout to sharpen in future releases so keep your eyes open for that!
Some users have complained that the faces are too much alike which makes it boring and difficult to play.
Improve Your Memory also gives you steps to prevent memory loss and the three things you should not do when you attempt to sharpen your mind. The objects in Crystal Memory are literally crystals with only their colors to tell them apart. Some games ask you to find certain objects but be careful of what it’s asking for exactly. When you launch Brain Workout, simply tap on the area of your brain you’d like to workout. That means that your mind will have to work harder to find differences between the crystals.
Play Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jamble, Upwords, Wordsmith, Wordstone,Words by Post, Crossword Puzzles and more!
This app is helpful not just for older people who want to stay sharp, not just professionals who feel like stress is eating at their memory capacity, but also for young adults who want to build a strong and healthy mind as early as now.

If you need to do something else while you’re in the middle of a game, Memory Trainer lets you pick up where you left off. Fruits Memory Game looks and sounds deceptively simple but you’ll find your time consumed just by playing it. Share this game with your family and you’ll have a lot of fun helping each other out. Using 4 Powerful Memory Techniques, you can also watch videos for a better understanding of the techniques you’re learning.
To confirm that you’re touching the screen, Fruits Memory Game provides you with haptic feedback. Next to each word you search, you’ll see just how much that word is worth so you can plot for your ultimate attack.
Training Memory – Game is suitable for players of all ages, from your children with a grasp of numbers and math to your grandparents who want new and more challenging ways to pass the time. When you feel ready, the online memory gymnasium is a good place to test what you’ve learned.
Pick icons for the Weather, Christmas, Harry Potter, Jazz instruments, Food, Heart flags, bugs and, of course, the ever classic fruits. If you use words regularly, not only will you be able to remember them better but you’ll also be adding new words to your vocabulary.
Some users have complained that the app force closes on their devices but simply reinstalling Memory Trainer fixes that problem.

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