An integral part of any employee’s workday can also consume much-needed time to complete projects, tasks, etc.  One way to maximize the time an employee has to do actual work is to decrease the number of meetings that take place throughout the day.  Putting a limit on how many meetings an employee is expected to attend on a daily basis will give employees the time they need to buckle down and get the job done!
Limiting the number of meetings employees attend on a daily basis and reducing the length of each meeting will give employees the time they need to work on their assigned tasks and goals, while still allowing employees to gather and go over any items that need to be addressed.
These are just some ideas that can help increase employee productivity in the workplace.  What are some things that YOU are doing in your office to accomplish this goal? 3 Steps to Building Employee Engagement and Increasing Productivity You are using an outdated browser.
Author: Michael MeereMichael Meere runs the Diploma of Human Resources Management and the Certificate IV in Project Management at the College for Adult Learning in Melbourne, Australia.
Parcels are collected at depots throughout France and transported in small vehicles to centralised hubs for sortation and distribution. Previous to purchasing the Caljan weight and volume measuring equipment, each parcel was identified and weighed in a non-dynamic process.
Unfortunately, the barcode scanner missed about 17% of the parcels, so these had to be scanned manually – further slowing down the process. Considering the need for accurate barcode reading and higher capacity and their experience with Caljan solutions to date, TNT opted for the Caljan proposal. Health World is a market leader and one of the most trusted suppliers of natural medicines in Australia and New Zealand whose portfolio of products includes Metagenics, Inner Health Plus, Ethical Nutrients and Endura Sports Nutrition. In order to maintain absolute accuracy, every item picked is scanned to ensure correctness.

Fast moving items are picked from the refrigerator, carton live storage or pallets and slow moving items are picked from static shelving.
The picking system is controlled by SSI Schaefer’s standard order fulfilment software which receives order information from Health World’s host and manages the routing of the order totes as well as the voice picking and scanning. This desktop Gmail client is a true lifesaver and will assist you with increasing productivity.
Managing your social media channels, whether for personal or business use, can eat up a lot of time out of your day. Nevertheless, the application of zone-routing conveyors, which automatically deliver order totes to the zones where picks are required, in combination with ergonomic voice-directed picking, has meant significant increase in productivity in comparison to Health World’s previous system. Completed order totes pass through a QA station before being directed to the repack area where items are securely packed into standard cartons for despatch. With so many things happening in real time all the time, it’s easy to get lost in the depths of our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive a little dose of aspirational culture, exclusive invites, and big company announcements.
Despatch cartons are provided with a despatch label and are conveyed through one of two automatic carton sealing machines. This to-do list app allows you to house your daily to-do list on your Mac and iOS devices, so it’s always front of mind. You can add multiple Gmail accounts to your Kiwi account, so you can keep up with your work and personal inboxes without missing a beat.
This app allows you to export your creations to PDF or JPEG files so you can easily store and share your notes with others.

Buffer allows you to pre-schedule content to be shared on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter pages, meaning you have more time to focus on your daily work. This handy app allows you to scan notes from a meeting, stacks of business cards, and other documents quickly and clearly. A number of developers have created iOS apps just for the sake of keeping us focused and timely. Clear’s colorful, minimalist design is easy on the eyes, allowing you to quickly and efficiently navigate your daily tasks.
Plus, with its integrated security features, you don’t have to use the same password for multiple accounts.
Beyond using it as a sketchpad, Inkflow also allows you to copy, paste, and resize the text and images you create, which will save you time and headache when working on large projects. Take one day each week to preschedule out your content, and you will find you just have more time available for the rest of the week. Plus, its streamline interface looks similar to Gmail’s, so you don’t have to waste any time relearning how to operate your inbox.

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