Meditation is any practice that helps us focus the mind, relax the body and connect to our heart. When imagining someone meditating we often visualize a person sitting upright with their legs crossed in what is called a lotus position.  This is a classic sitting meditation practice. Active meditations involve the motion of the body and attention to that motion.  By focusing the mind on the motion and shapes of the body the mind realizes patterns and receives insights that often feed a fuller life. This type of meditation can be integrated into daily life as any motion, such as eating or walking, can become an active meditation.  By focusing our attention on our motion we often experience increased energy in the body, clear thoughts guiding us and balanced emotions flowing from the heart. Examples of lucid meditation include visualization, dreaming and shamanic journeying.  A common visualization is to imagine a place in nature that you love and feel at peace in. Aloha Mary Kay, Yes, meditation is a great tool for expanding and exploring epiphanies in life. For example, a chanting meditation may help keep the epiphany alive for a longer period of time. An Introduction to Meditation: An interview with Linda Hall and Alex Howard, director of the Optimum Health Clinic.
In this interview Linda discusses the benefits of Resourcefulness Meditation and how it can be particularly helpful for stress related conditions. As part of the overall process of Living Unbound, we will be discussing ways to help create the flow of natural harmony in our lives.  One of the cornerstones of this process is to bring some stillness into our lives by bringing our attention inward.
Natural balance; Living Unbound, involves a balance, and an even flow of awareness between our inner world, consciousness, and awareness of all the external aspects and activities of life.
In our experience, the cultivation of a bit of stillness in our lives has been the best way to go.

Do this procedure for twenty minutes, and, then, with your eyes closed, take a few minutes to rest before you get up. We just simply repeat the mantra, not focusing on the meaning, the speed, or the clarity of the words.
This is a very simple technique and an extremely effective way to use 40 minutes of our day (2 sessions of 20 minutes, each) to get in touch with our inner world; our true self.
Other than the 20 minutes, twice each day, spent in meditation, spend the rest of your time living your life.
If 20 minutes sounds like a lot, start off with 10 minutes, twice a day, but please: make sure you do it every day. Don’t expect to experience silence during the 20 minutes  that you’re doing the practice (although, that will happen, in increasing amounts, as you continue with this practice).
We use meditation practices to heal, build mana (energy or life force), cultivate kindness and increase awareness. Depending on the epiphany and your interests, different styles of meditation will lead to various results. Even a few minutes of sitting in silence each day, every day, has a very  positive effect on our lives. In fact, consciously experiencing stillness is one of the foundational keys to Living Unbound; it is also easier, and much more natural, than it might seem when staring out. The remaining 1400 minutes of the day we can focus our attention to the world outside of us.
Much like physical exercise, even short session of exercise done every day, can positively impact almost everything else in our life.

Good, highly-effective ways to cultivate stillness have been around for thousands of years, and have always been part of every culture, in one way or another.
Just sit and relax somewhere where you can close your eyes for twenty minutes without interruptions.
We don’t put too much thought into brushing our teeth, we just do it, and most of us wouldn’t let ourselves miss it, for even a full day.
When you are more balanced and centered, and feeling better, on the inside … you’ll find that life and the world seem more balanced and centered; and it all feels better. Similarly, we can develop the habit of sitting in silence for 10-20 minutes, twice a day; cultivating silence by using the above procedure, as part of our daily routine, every single day. After about a minute, gently introduce the thought …I AM… and begin to repeat it easily and effortlessly in your mind.
If your mind wanders off into other thoughts, you will eventually realize this has happened.
The goal is to follow the simple procedure of thinking the mantra, losing it, and coming back to it when you find you have lost it.
When you come back to it, come back to a level that is comfortable, not straining for either a clear or fuzzy pronunciation.

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