There are many different types of meditation, but ultimately they all share the common goal of quietening the mind and stopping our thoughts.
If you feel a sense of dissatisfaction with your ordinary life, and if you wish to enjoy a real and meaningful inner peace, then meditation is the answer. The first thing we have to do is to sit still, if we cannot keep our body still, we have no hope of keeping our thoughts still. By simply focusing on our breathing we relax the body and also slow down the thought process of the mind. When you have developed the ability to concentrate on only one thing at a time, you can enter the next stage which is silent meditation. People are initially attracted to heart rhythm meditation because there are changes that they want to make in their life. Heart Rhythm Meditation distinguishes itself from other form of meditation in that is about helping your become who you want to be.
A common reason that people study Heart Rhythm Meditation is because they are suffering from physical problems.
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Anybody can meditate, the only requirement is our inner aspiration to concentrate and dive deep within. To meditate we should keep a straight spine; we can either sit on the floor or if we prefer meditate in a chair.
With a sense of concentration we repeatedly let go of any thoughts which come into our mind. Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown. The practices teaches you how to train your heartbeat and your breathing so that they work together. These practices were developed and refined by Susanna and Puran Bair from the Institute for Applied Meditation. On one level it is a physical structure which is essential for circulating blood, regulating the body and creating hormone. Perhaps they are stressed out, overwhelmed with negative feelings, suffering from ill health or just not living the life that they think that they should be. It suggests that in life we come into contact with many different limits that stop us from realizing our potential.

The mind-body connection is well documented and there are many scientific studies which confirm the ability to heal oneself through positive thought. No matter how illumining our thoughts are, meditation aims to give us a consciousness far beyond the domain of the intellect and our reasoning mind.
If you decorate the area with flowers and candles, it will add to your inspiration and help to create a meditative vibration. This practice has been proven to improve the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of its practitioners.
The methods become more widely known in 1998 when Puran Blair released his book “Living From The Heart”. Because Heart Rhythm Mediation teaches you to connect your heart rate with your breathing you are able to gain greater control over your body. Heart Rhythm meditation teaches people to view emotions in a positive way that helps to guide them. But to gain the full benefits of the practice it is recommended that you partake in one of the courses that are available. Through meditation we can develop a lasting inner peace and happiness that does not depend on the outer world. Below you can find out more about Heart Rhythm Meditation and how it can positively change your life. This is different to some other forms of meditation which are about removing one self from the world and removing desire.
By becoming more in touch with your emotions, instead of trying to repress them, you are better able to handle challenges that you might face in your life.
Meditation can never be grasped by the finite intellectual mind; meditation deals with consciousness and a state of being.
Whatever other people do or say, we shall be able to retain a detachment and equanimity from the turmoil’s of life. Also, we should not meditate after eating a heavy meal, because the body will be lethargic from digesting the food. This is the real secret of meditation; if we can develop a one-pointed focus and not get distracted by random thoughts or ideas we will be able to make real progress in our meditation.
What actually happens is that when we have attained inner silence we feel the dawning of a new consciousness. At an even higher level the heart is also the core of the self and your connection with the infinite.

This form of meditation is about helping you to achieve your goals whether they are financial, spiritual or otherwise. This includes headaches, back pain and digestive issues all being healed through the practice. Unconstrained by the critical and finite nature of the mind, we are able to identify with a boundless consciousness within our own inner self.
Because Heart Rhythm Meditation teaches you to calm your mind you will also find that is can produce relief from a number of stress related issues.
Past practitioners note that when they once felt slightly depressed when they awoke, by meditating first thing they are able to gain emotional stability and clarity.
In this exercise, we need to just be conscious of our breathing; our breathing should also be gentle and relaxed. L’education de nos parents et de la societe nous ont montre comment vivre en societe, comment agir et entrer en relations avec les autres, qu’est ce que etre en relation amoureuse, qu’est ce que gagner de l’argent, et qu’est ce que reussir ….. Nous avons aussi etudie pour obtenir des connaissances, pour avoir des diplomes et finalement trouver un travail. En bref, nous avons appris a etre a l’exterieur de soi.Nos sens, nos sentiments, la perception nous ramenent vers la vue, le visible, l’autre mais jamais a l’interieur de nous.
L’entrainement de notre esprit permet de reconnaitre, de faire un lacher prise et de laisser aller les emotions negatives et destructrices. Pourquoi Mediter?Pour utiliser une image, Mediter c’est faire le nettoyage de nos pensees incessantes,  de ce flux de pensees, et de jugements  qui abreuvent nos cerveaux a longueur de temps.
Pas de laisser aller sur la tenue, juste etre sobre et confortable.2-  Trouver un endroit calme et propiceNe choisissez pas un endroit ou vous serez deranger a tout bout de champ. Prenez un cousin afin d’avoir une position stable et agreable.3-  Asseyez-vous et respirezPrenez une posture confortable afin de pouvoir rester assis plus de 10 minutes.
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