Anonymous surfing software use routes that redirect all of your web traffic with an encrypted and secured tunnel from your personal computer or any other web surfing device to Anonymous’s secure and hard-edged servers. For example some web sites only allow access to users who live in a certain area or country. It links to our local server and obtains a new, steady, and speedy working IP position that is called proxy.
Then it reflects the effect on all web browsers for instance FireFox, Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome or Opera.
So you can enjoy browsing with entirely hidden identity.The working area of this software is very basic and self explainer.
Your genuine IP address comes into view in the little corner, and from here, there are two options: “Hide IP” and “Select Fake Location’. To experiment with the program, you first go to a website that shows the local IP address of your computer. You then go back to the program to select “Hide IP” option that will change your current IP with a new and fake one.
Now check back the website showing your IP address, it will show your new changed IP address and location.

The time of your new IP address may be out showing that it does not available in free version, and then you can try another IP address. Only the IP address coming from the remote server will be appeared to your ISP, but not to the websites you are exploring.
It is easy to use software to hide IP address that protects your personality by putting back your actual IP address through a dissimilar one. You will be appeared as visiting website from an unusual Internet location, but never your own.
You can set it to automatically change IP address after specific minutes and it works with all general used browsers.
There are two options with this particular site, the free membership and the paid membership. The biggest difference is the limitations placed on your surfing.The free membership will not allow you to log in or download files larger than 200kb. You are also not able to view things like flash and other active script along with a number of other restrictions. It is pretty complicated though and can take a lot of time to gather together the available proxies.

You will need to take a look at the help file and read the entire help file to be able to make use of this tool properly. It does seem that a lot of people have trouble using the software and it appears as a virus to some anti-virus programs.
Credit Card, SS number, Bank Account information, website or email passwords from frequently used website or specially online web stores. In this way, they can harm you physically and here anonymous surfing software come to provide better security.
Using Anonymous Surfing Software or website able to minimize the chances steal your valuable information for illegal use purposes.If you know other free anonymous surfing software and proxy websites should mention on this post, let us know and share with our readers.

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