For testing purposes or even security reasons, you might consider changing your computer's MAC address, which requires specialized tools to make the process safe and easy. Besides the fact that it shows the current MAC address along with the network adapter and the IP address, the main window allows you to write down the new spoofed MAC address and perform a few other actions, including an adapter reboot. In addition, you can always let SMAC MAC Address Changer generate a random MAC or you may simply choose from a predefined MAC list the one you want. The bottom of the main window is reserved to more information, so you're able to view the spoofed and the active MAC address, along with network connection and hardware ID. Last but not least, SMAC MAC Address Changer enables you to visualize the IP configuration, but also access the MAC address log and have a look at all the changes that occurred over time.
SMAC MAC Address Changer takes up little system resources while running and keep in mind that Windows 7 users need administrator privileges in order to change the MAC. As a conclusion, this is one of the most effective ways to change a MAC address, and since it all takes just a few seconds, it's clearly a top product.

A computer or Laptop should be configured with right IP address and DNS server for internet to work properly.
Easy IP Changer has easy to use interface with options to select Wireless adapter and assign exact IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server. This entry was posted in Software and tagged dns server, ip address, laptop, network, Software on October 10, 2011 by MiLaN.
VPN for personal use are also gaining in popularity, as advertising and Government agencies more invasive, and the need for connections to the Internet develops.
SMAC MAC Address Changer is a simple utility that modifies the MAC address, also providing a bunch of other tools to lend you a hand in this regard. The interface is pretty intuitive, while the application also comes with a detailed user guide to explain every single feature within the program.
Handle it with care though, as it's not a product meant to let you bypass certain restrictions or used for malicious purposes.

NOTE: Please be aware you cannot have one MAC address assigned to more than one network adapters on the same network, otherwise you might experience network problems. Whenever you want to make any of the following changes you can easily do so with Easy IP Changer, instead of clicking on multiple options.
Some people use VPN connections to escape the censorship of the Internet in countries such as the Iran and China, and some use of pure entertainment - this type of intellectual property change program telephone voice changer can also bypass the firewall at work.

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