I tried screen -S mysess but it creates a new screen instead of changing the name of current screen.
And I found that, in order to change current session name, just typing screen -X sessionname haha does not always work.
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How to re-order windows, change the scroll shortcut, and modify the status bar contents in GNU Screen? Is it ethical for an Employer to use personal (financial) information in negotiating salary?
What would be the (most difficult) challenges to making a "10,000 year satellite"? Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Is it possible to let IntelliSense change the name of a renamed variable and automatically let it remove the old name? The editor provides extension points that you can extend as Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) component parts.
Intellisense actually refers to a whole range of things but the important thing you need here is Statement Completion. An IntelliSense controller is responsible for deciding when the session should start and end.
The good news is that you can do all of this using c# and MEF - no need for any scary c#-via-COM Managed Platform Framework nor custom Visual Studio project extensions. His screenshot also is using non-standard icons, which might mean he's using Resharper or some other intellisense-replacing stuff, and that might not cooperate with the APIs at all.
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Visual Studio C# intellisense : How to automatically insert parenthesis after method names?
Is there any way to configure Visual Studio's Intellisense to pick the instance variable instead of the class? Those who have been in internet marketing for a while realize that search engines are constantly changing. One of our biggest focuses on Facebook is helping local car dealers make the most of Facebook. Can I change my name as part of a divorce?Yes, you are entitled to return to the use of your maiden name as part of divorce action. If this is your intention, you should notify your Charleston divorce attorney as early on in the process, so that the request can be included in your Complaint. A name change is a relatively simple matter for our Charleston Family Court attorneys to handle, and is a service we provide for a relatively low fee.
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Question: I have a question regarding Muslims changing their entire name after coming into the faith of Islam.
Islam does not consider it an obligation for any new convert to Islam whose mother tongue is not Arabic to change it to an Arabic name or other language. Assallamu Alaikum, I became Muslim in June 2011, and just wanted to know that even if it is not mandated to change your name, can you do this as a symbol of such a total life change? As a convert of 10+ years myself, I can tell you that part of the conversion process is the eventually recognition that you are the same person that you were before and that Islam is a natural part of life.
When I converted to Islam, I did not embrace Arabism, neither did I reject my parents, close friends nor the teachers and other adults in the community who helped raise me and make me who I am. The Lamppost Education Initiative (LEI) offers expert analysis of current events which impact Muslims in the West as well as offerings in the classical Islamic disciplines in written, published, and audio-visual formats. But I'd like it to be done programmably so to be run from a shell script, not interactively. Instead, he'd just want a command filter to catch the enter key being pressed, read what is already being shown from the active session, and then doing work from here. If he is using stock intellisense, in VS2015 we also made it asynchronous which doesn't currently play well with these APIs. It’s part of the game of staying ahead of the competition to understand these changes and move with them appropriately. Unlike search where the goal is almost entirely about driving relevant traffic to a website, social media in general and Facebook in particular often see shifts in the goals for each individual strategy and the overarching strategy as a whole. Just in the last month we’ve made adjustments to style, form, and techniques that are in response to the changes.
Everyone seems to have an opinion about what to do on social media to be successful and these opinions are often contradictory. This information is not legal advice, and it is not intended to and does not create a lawyer-client relationship.
Even those that are second, third generation Muslims when their parents became Muslim they changed their last names. Rather, it is only highly recommended for one to do so when the meaning of one’s name is something offensive or overly presumptuous in sound, like one indicating that one is pure or the like. Rather, their last names were connected to tribal affiliations or titles attaching them to certain tribal or regional sectors, like Qurashi, Khazraji, Makki, etc.
I feel as though I want to share with everyone what for me is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. But I do think that there is something to converts adopting new identities as a way of breaking with our past. African-Americans, we have our own issues with names, but until we can be recognized as legitimate Muslims with names like Keith, Crystal and Michael, Islam is always going to be viewed as a foreign religion.
So with all due respect, I generally advise new converts not to change their names unless they fall within the above clarifications Ustadh Abdullah gave in the original answer. Our commitment is to establishing an authoritative voice for American Muslim scholarship reflective of the historical tradition and contextualizes Islam in light of the challenges and cultural particularities of Western societies as was the case in all societies where Islam spread historically. Despite this constant state, it’s nothing compared to the changes that happen on Facebook.

Between traffic, branding, communications, and messaging, the major components of Facebook marketing remain the same on the surface but digging a little deeper reveals a need to shift with not only the changes that are constantly happening on the platform itself but also those that are happening within the community and the sentiment of the social media world. It’s about watching reach (the truly important number in Facebook analytics) and following the sentiment through in a way that can guide future posts. Landing pages, video styles, advertising styles – all of these play important roles as well.
It does require attention and a system through which the changes and efforts can be tracked for true ROI. Facebook can be fickle, especially when the organic algorithm itself can punish pages for making the wrong moves, but you shouldn’t be too fearful of making a mistake or taking a step backwards. Viewing or receiving this information does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship.
I understood that to change your first name is okay, but to change your last name is not permissible. During the Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) time, he changed the names of a number of women whose names were too pious sounding, like the name Barra (ultra-pious). This, I think stems from a number of things, but something that I suspect is unique to the contemporary Western mindset. Anyway, I think I have made it clear from the beginning, because from my screenshot, you can see I tried to change the session name via command line.
From a business perspective, the only real winning strategy is to constantly be adjusting the practices, processes, and procedures used to find success. The benefits of a strong campaign or strategy greatly outweigh the potential negatives associated with mistakes, so by fearless but monitor and adjust accordingly.
Internet users and other readers of this information should not act upon it without seeking professional legal advice. I have two children whom now carry my last name now, and I am bothered that I may have made a mistake in giving them my last name.
I believe that we assume that there is something anit-Islamic about our past, when that simply is not the case. Anything short of regular monitoring and a willingness to change can result in the wrong results.
DeTreville Law & Mediation, LLC does not undertake a duty of confidentiality with regard to any communication sent to it without the express permission of an attorney in the firm. The Companions, as Ustadh Abullah said, only changed their names when they implied something pretentious or idolatrous. This same trend can be detected in the European and other traditions (although I plan to exhaust more research on the matter) such that last names that are familiar today originate in some sort of occupation, tribal affiliation, or regional ascription. So, in the end, you have not done anything inappropriate by giving your children your last name unless they are not biologically yours.

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