I just can't stomach anymore what individuals and groups of people are allowed to get away with.
The fact that the US hasn’t taken down Isil may be proof that they are really supporting them as the conspiracy theorists say.
But Obama has been more restrained in his response to ISIS, which is understandable considering the U.S. If the Jordanian leadership get to aggressive with military actions, there is a risk of destabilizing the country.
For ISIL - which is Extremist Wahhabist (Sunni) - to now take on Jordanian (Sunni) muslims is a mistake on ISIL's part. Saudi Arabia against them in a more significant manner than they already have it will only end badly for ISIL.
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Auwsat, Isis is the ultimate woman, mysterious, intelligent, powerful and magnificently beautiful.
According to the Isis legend, there was an ancient king, Assur, who was the first king of the first kingdom on earth. In order to resurrect Osiris for the purpose of having the child Horus, it was necessary, for Isis to learn  magic, and so it was that Isis tricked Ra (i,e Amun-Ra, Atum-Ra) into telling her his "secret name", by getting a snake to bite him and poison him, so that he would use his "secret name" to survive. Magic is central to the entire mythology of Isis; arguably more so than any other Egyptian deity. Following the meltdown of the ice Age (11-12 thousand years ago) our ancestors began turning to agriculture to supplement or replace their hunting and gathering economies. As all things in our reality have positive and negative polarities, so too does the feminine icon Isis. Coming from Egypt she would be portrayed as a dark skinned woman, though in modern times she is fair.

All feminine archetypes in all mythologies, are linked to one soul, be they goddesses, priestesses, Mary, aliens entities, etc. The Templars, imprisoned and awaiting death in the Castle of Chinon composed a prayer to Our Lady acknowledging Bernard to be the founder of her religion. And another “moderate” commander of the Free Syrian Army, Abu Khaled, also revealed they are collaborating with Islamic militants. It is all hype driven and unverified in its entirety and yet half the western world is screaming death to Muslims. Because a man who was performing a service to mankind by helping to stamp out barbaric, senseless and evil violence was killed. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Isis is a Greek word and in the Greek period 332-30 BCE and the Roman period 30 BCE-395 AD it was pronounced "Ees-Ees".
Yes, there were military conquests involved, but religion not war, built the pyramids and the civilization that was Egypt.
She learned her magic from Toth, although accroding to some legends she obtained her powers from Ra himslef by tricking him into revealing is name to her, thus acquiring his full magical knowledge.
This aspect becomes central in magic spells, and Isis is often implored to use the true name of Re while performing rituals.
His legend goes al;l the way back to the first civilisations following the metldowm of the Ice Age. The early agrarian civilizations of the Mediterranean region all traced their ancestry back to the ancient father god El by some path or other – although not all of them used that name. Therefore Isis is portrayed as having dual aspects of Light, the goddess, and Dark which links with magic, illusion, time, and alchemy of consciousness, the Trickster, Merlin, etc. In addition to the numerous hymns and sermons he addressed to her, he wrote about 280 sermons on the theme of the Song of Songs, the epithalamion of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, whose versicle 'I am black, but I am beautiful, O ye daughters of Jerusalem' is the recurring refrain of the Black Virgin cult.

By the late Egyptian history , Isis becomes the most important and most powerful magical deity of the Egyptian pantheon. Thus it is not surprising that Isis had a central role in Egyptian magic spells and ritual, especially those of protection and healing.
He and his descendants conquered and bred widely long before there were any written records.
Ba'al is a much reviled god of the Bible, but Ba'al means son of El, and Ba'al was the father god of the Canaanites of Abrahams time. Her works and the events of her life acquired supernatural characteristics, but there was a real person behind the legend. In many spells, she is also completely merged with Horus, where invocations of Isis are supposed to automatically involve Horus' power as well as, the sun god El, the ancient father god. Their greeness and blackness points to the beginning of the opus whose secret, according to alchemists, is to be found in 'the sex of Isis'. The enlightened and long enduring civilization that was Egypt wasn't founded on the imaginary deeds of fictional characters.
The resurrection of Assur was a religious renaissance; it was the restoration of a peaceful union of related kingdoms that had fallen into disarray, strife and war. Our word royal(real) is composed of Ra, the sun god plus El, the legendary founder of the first civilizations. It is the history of Egypt of many generations condensed into a simple story that they taught children who had no written education.

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