Change Management is a key component of ITIL best practices which include Problem Management,  Incident Management, and Configuration Management but even organizations that do not employ ITIL practices can benefit greatly by implementing just the change management software.  The Change Management tool stands on its own to provide excellent results in tracking and managing changes.
This entry was posted in Change Management and tagged change management, change management software, it change management. Change managementProjects are undertaken to achieve one or more deliverables (product, service, organization, methodology) that did not exist before. We can therefore safely state that projects deliver change, and sometimes projects are also subject to change during their execution. Change affects in varying degrees all projects stakeholders, that is the individuals or organizations that affected by the project.

The Project Manager must therefore have the knowledge and skills required to manage change in order to safeguard the chances of success of the project as well as those of all the stakeholders.
This model works extremely well when dealing with organizational changes that have a high impact on the personnel. This model is based upon lessons learned from practical experiences in more than 100 companies of various sizes and business segments that underwent various degrees of change. Continuous improvement is a very effective strategy to ensure competitiveness in highly dynamic markets affected by changing conditions and higher standards. The picture on the left side shows the four areas were the effects of change are typically concentrated and some of the topics related to each one.

It differentiates between change, that is situational and happens in any case, and the psychological transition process that each affected person needs to undergo to emotionally and logically accept that change is there to stay and that adapting to the new situation is a must. It’s a top-down model as it works best when the change is defined and implemented as a result of decisions at the top levels of the company but it can be applied at every level of an organization.
Organizational project management is one of the best approaches to it provided that it is built around the cornerstone of Orders of Change so that different degrees of change are addressed in different ways.

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