The Iyengar style of yoga is a static style that is known for it’s attention to anatomical alignment. We recommend that you repeat each class as many times as you like before moving on to the next class. This photo series captures the final images of BKS Iyengar's practice before he passed in August last year at age 95. I have practiced Iyengar yoga for 41 years, although my practice was sporadic in the early days. Iyengar Yoga Foundation Class 4Buy Now$9.25In this class, John integrates the poses from Classes 1 to 3, and introduces you to the basic movement in a Sun Salutation. YogaCurious is a leading yoga, health and fitness portal sharing best products, deals and knowledge about health. YogaCurious is celebrating BKS Iyengar’s 95th birthday by sharing his work with our readers.
This Iyengar yoga video is considered one of the most oldest video that was captured by McPetruk in 1938.
This yoga video includes some advance back-bend yoga poses performed by BKS Iyengar in 1991 at Pune. This Yoga video of around 2 hours and 15 minutes includes detailed interview and yoga practice of BKS Iyengar during his visit to Iyengar Institute in London in October 1985.

At the age of 96 BKS Iyengar is still healthy and active which shows how Yoga can help us to improve our life and health. By this point, you will be familiar not only with the fundamental poses and correct alignment, but also how these are referred to in Sanskrit, the ancient language in India. Ideal for those new to yoga, and a perfect re-fresher course for experienced yogis wanting to re-fresh on their alignment.
It is also known for the use of props which not only allow muscle groups to release tension and tightness, but more importantly, it accommodates for differences in body types and structure.
John Norris is a certified Iyengar teacher well-known for his clear verbal instructions, and his ability to bring students deeper in yoga postures.
The easy variation to Shoulder Stand is revisited and you are introduced to preparation work for other similar inversions. You will also explore seated forward bends in this class that work on your hamstrings and flexibility. Ideal for those new to yoga, and a perfect re-fresher course for experienced yogis wanting to refine their alignment. You can find useful information about yoga asana, yoga products, yoga and life, meditation, human body at this place. As a part of this celebration, here we compiled a list of our favorite BKS Iyengar Yoga Videos on YouTube.

In this Video, BKS Iyengar explaining the importance of Pranayama and some basic breathing process.
With over 3,50,000 views, this video is considered one of the most popular yoga videos on YouTube. In this video, he teaches many yoga poses with their benefits and different breathing exercises. He consulted a master class in classical yoga posture and also gave an interview that is included in this video.
It is also a rich resource for yoga teacher to expand their teaching technique and class plans. Guruji, as he is known by his students, passed away in August of last year. He would have turned 97 today.
Though he left us in form, he certainly remains for many of us in spirit, and for even more of us through his long legacy of teachings. The Indian tradition is the Guru Purnima festival, a celebration falling on a full moon in the month of Ashadh to pay gratitude and respect to gurus, as well as role models and teachers who have made a special impact in your life.

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