Join us Friday night at 5:30pm for a gourmet vegetarian dinner followed by the movie and philosophical discussion (satsang).
If someone is asking you to stay longer than the agreed duration of the event, they must sign this form so you can get paid. Download free document handling software and get advice if you are struggling with emails, attachments, digitizing and those techno thingymajigs. A few years ago my friend Bob and I attended a week long horsemanship workshop at Livermore Ranch.
I thought a moment about all those years of knowing Bob, and all the trouble he had with relationships.
Tough economic times can make us want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over our head. If you would like to experience a teleseminar, I invite you to attend one that I am hosting. In this day of increasing tuition and tightening family budgets, equine students are increasingly turning to student loans to make ends meet in their education. College graduates with student loan debt may not be able to find jobs that pay enough to service their debt. There is no question that being promoted with your current horse industry employer is the  easiest way to advance your career.
In my daily work at Equimax, I talk to people who are starting their own horse business and people who are giving up their own horse business to work for someone else. Establishing a new horse business nearly always takes more time and more money than you think it will. People coming out of their own horse business to work for someone else have found out that sometimes you make a better living working for someone else than you do working for yourself. Legal matters always seem like an extra annoyance to us horse people when things are going well.
For a while now, I have been talking with and surveying equestrians and what I found out has been most interesting.
When I ask, What type of holistic modalities do you use to optimize your life, health, and performance in the saddle? Eating a healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds is part of the picture but it’s not enough. Take what you know about helping your horse to be in top mental, physical, and emotional health and apply the same concepts to your own life. Did you know that most horse industry employers have very little idea  what students learn in an Equine Studies or other equine related degree? Every current and prospective equine employer is concerned about our tough economic times. Ashton is said by friends to have been 'rehearsing for hours and hours' before taking on the role of master computer salesman. Jobs then went on to marry Laurene Powell in 1981, and the couple had one son and two daughters.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly is best known for her role as Elizabeth Leefolt in the Oscar-winning film, The Help.
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In 2014, companies will need to really build a strong employment brand in order to attract good employees.  It will be the year that thinking outside the box makes the company hip to be the square peg. This is simply one idea to spark the discussions of creating an employment brand for your business.  What ideas do you have for sparking a discussion?  This next year, 2014, is the time to stand out from the crowd.
Monica Miller, CIR-PRC has worked in the healthcare industry for 12 years and transitioned from a C-Suite Executive Assistant into a Corporate Recruiter after completing a psychology degree. Meditation is taking the world by storm. The surge in the popularity or mindfulness and meditation has led to many new blogs, which can surely only be a good thing. While we love all meditation blogs, there are a few that we just couldn’t live without.
Remember,  when you talk to a prospective employer, talk  mostly about their needs and not about yourself. While teleseminars have become commonplace in many industries, they are just beginning to catch on with equestrians. The purpose of a teleseminar is to provide information from an expert, to someone who is interested in the topic.
Many teleseminars are free (except for calling charges from your phone company) if they are just a one-time informational call.
Today, most teleseminars are recorded and a downloadable MP3 file of the call is made available to people who register. Teleseminars are a great way to learn about the latest information from experts in the field, without having to travel to a convention to do it. Be sure you understand the job you want to be promoted to and you have the  qualifications. Determine if there are specific areas in which you need more experience, additional training, or perhaps even additional education.
Tell your supervisor that you are interested in a promotion, and ask what you would need to learn  to be considered. You must have sufficient capital to make ends meet and to house and feed yourself until you start making a profit. Most profitable horse businesses do not generate enough income to pay the debt on their facilities. Provide potential employers with confidence in your ability to accomplish difficult goals. Teach you useful skills related to horses which you can also learn through on the job training. Do I have ideas about how my boss  might save money on things like horse feed and supplies?

Is there anything that I or my co-workers are  doing that costs time and money and that really doesn’t need to be done? Am I getting any feedback from customers that suggests a new product or service my equine employer  should offer? Can I think of something  that my employer would sell more of, if  he or she  offered a limited time discount? Would there  be a way  to offer package deals to our customers at a discount to  increase  business? He returned home to California a Buddhist, complete with a shaved head and traditional Indian clothing.
But everyone will be hoping hope Ashton hasn't decided to go method in preparation for his role as the Apple visionary in the biopic of his life Jobs: Get Inspired. And in what is clearly a reference to Jobs LSD years, he added Ashton was picked to play Jobs because he can handle the 'psychological complexity' of the role. Her recruiting experience includes working with small and large businesses focused on behavioral and performance based interviewing.
Ladies and gentleman, let’s give a hand to the ten best meditation blogs in the world. On the site you’ll find guides and articles on all different kings of religions and spiritualities. Job experience with another employer who they know and respect is the best reference you can give them.
Written by Mark Dunn, a positivity coach, this blog is packed full of inspirational articles and guides to using techniques in everyday life.
It’s a blog all about peace and mindfulness, which advocates and inspires a love of nature and a love of self. I also run a fun meditation blog that I have written based on my personal experiences in learning about meditation. His buckskin mare is retired to pasture, but Bob has new horses and knows how to build real relationships with them. Because of these dual roles, she has strong understanding of the legal issues facing equine-industry professionals. Lear, PhD, worked on the Horse Genome Project, a project that resulted in the first map of a horse's genetic sequence. Don’t confuse the parts of the job you can actually do now with those that you would like to learn to do some day.

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