John Lennon Mind Games picture sleeve obtained in Philadelphia at Helping Hand Marathon appearance in May of 1975. While there is a long thread dedicated to the Beatles, I think John Lennon deserves his own one.
As I said in the Beatles thread, Plastic Ono Band (1970) is probably my all-time favorite album. The Perfect Chris posted:I actually got into his solo career first, and then went back and got into The Beatles.
I actually like Yoko's music, I bought the eight-disc boxset that expands her career and there is actually some great music on there.
Other than that, Sometime In NYC was weak, but Yoko and John really each did their own songs for DF and MAH. I'm a big Beatles fan, don't get me wrong, but I was never able to get into Lennon's post-Beatles material. Finally, my adoration of this man's message, caused me to move to Liverpool in my twenties. I went to the RRHOF Annex in NYC back in June and they had a special exhibit curated by Yoko herself containing a boatload of John Lennon's belongings. In an official statement to the BBC, YO explained that the re-releases will not only recognize the former Beatle's tragic passing, but also bring his music to a new generation. The re-mastered editions will include Lennon's 1971 classic Imagine, his early rock cover album Rock & Roll and his final release, Double Fantasy.

While his work with the Beatles is unquestionably terrific, his solo work is also great and to some extent, underappreciated. Focused and optimistic, John enters mid-life a new man, which makes the entire album rather tragic. Maybe not for the casual fan, but if you already own all his work it's definitely worth buying. They sound like demos--it's probable that John would have made overdubs, but the songs are fantastic.
I didn't even include it in my first post, but they made three albums together in 1969, Two Virgins 1 and 2 and The Wedding Album. He was my avenue into the Beatles and without whom, I wouldn't have cared as much for their music. I remember falling in love with him, his vision, courage, love of humanity and sense of justice, and humour. Thank you for giving the best of yourself to us and giving us a way to look at the world which we will defend for generations to come. Too bad the music he did with Yoko is sub-par and tarnishes an otherwise flawless, amazing career.
No one could ever dream of giving the entire world a bigger kick up the arse then he did with those three little songs.
I visited the house where he grew up, drank in the pubs where he drank, and met others who were in the city following the trail of their hero - John Lennon.

They had everything from his deportation papers, to letters from celebrities such as Dick Clark, asking the country to let John keep his citizenship. Anyway I remember being so moved by him that I cried for days that such a human was taken in such cruel and tragic circumstances.
One of those happened to be my current partner of 5 years- Peter, who I met in the Embassy hostel. They also ended the exhibit with the bag the coroner gave Yoko with John's clothes in it when he was murdered.
I was depressed, but began my journey into everything John Lennon, with the Beatles being an obvious starting point. He wasn't just a silly hippy, but had a sharp, focused, questioning- almost cynical- view of the world which we were being told to accept. It seems that after the Beatles, he almost turned his back on the hippy movement to explore more action orienated avenues for his displeasure with the system. He was a vital activist- and with his art encouraged us to seek truth, find balance between good and evil, and accept and love all of your self - keeping mind and heart open and receptive.

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