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Of course it was limited to myths, stories, faith and belief till today, because we were not able to prove it as a factual subject, it was regarded as a mere baseless theory. Guru Siyag has proved it to be a Practical Science; he has discovered and disclosed a new formula or Practical experimental Method, using this Method every Positive minded curious Human Being of the World can himself do this experiment to realize and visualize the truth of spiritual science, leading to spiritual evolution and holistic healing. Guru Siyag has proved that through Siddha Yoga method of Meditation it is possible to get rid of even the so called incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, Insomnia, and Mental Stress and so on. The Practitioner also gets rid drug and other addictions like alcohol, tobacco, Brown sugar, Morphine, Opium, Heroine etc.
These results are nothing but the removal of hurdles in the way to complete development of Human Beings, to attain a Divine Bodily Form, in other words we can call it the journey from man to superman.Another surprising Disclosure by Guru Siyag is the Method to prove whether the Comforter, Next Prophet or kalki Avatar of Christians, Jews and Hindus has already arrived on Earth or not, yes we can test the truth about presence of that supramental force on earth. Make a Mental Prayer to that Supramental Force, saying that if the Comforter, Prophet or Kalki is Present on Earth, then I must get the proof, if the Supramental Force is Present on Earth, then I must go into automatic (Kundalini controlled) Spiritual Meditation for 15 or 20 minutes.4.

Continue this process and within a few minutes you will be induced by automatic spiritual meditation, might even hear and see visualizations during this state of meditation.6.
Don’t panic if your body starts moving automatically during this process, these are the Yogic body movements (Real Yoga is induced automatically by inner spiritual power Kundalini), required to free the body from physical, mental and spiritual diseases of all kinds, these will stop automatically after 15 or 20 minutes, and you will come out of spiritual meditation into normal state.7. To get complete results and benefits, it has to be practiced regularly in the morning and evening at any convenient time, empty stomach, before having food.8. The time taken to get the results is totally dependent on our Positive approach and curiosity to realize the truth.9.

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