What would you do if you stumbled upon that finger-lickin' recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken? Photo: Roger Eaton, president of KFC USA, holds a commemorative representation of KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices.
I think the packaging is likely to be the least of the problems with KFC - surely it would be better not to eat KFC at all? Also seems as your approach to dealing the situation is as Greenpeace already practices, I really do urge you to follow their campaigns, support, and put your money where your big mouth is! Our recipe calls for a special blend of six herbs and spices, including Hungarian paprika, crushed garlic, kosher salt, rosemary, cayenne pepper and thyme. Massive Coorporate companies like KFC have been running long enough to know they have to take resonsibility, when it comes to any decisions about purchasing or anything else!

Greeenpeace has been tackling both the supply side and demand side for years; demand side campaigning has brought great results with major buyers like Unilever and Nestle starting to put not just moral pressure but commercial pressure on APP, and some bits of APP (which is a giant corporation) have started to respond. Imagine if they were purchasing from a company that funded terrorism or sex trafficing, would it be ok for them to  say "oops, sorry, we didn't know!", I don't think so!!
Would you try to improve upon it -- and then open up your own chain to rival the fried-chicken king?
Calling on KFC to clean up its packing is like asking for a freshly painted sign outside a concentration camp. This new campaign brings to light their complicity with rainforest destruction, but there's also their abominable animal welfare standards, their complete disregard for rising levels of obesity, and the part they and other chains have played in cultivating demand for "fast" food - a business model based on getting everything bigger, faster, and cheaper to the detriment of animals, people, and the environment. Come on ADP, really?  Also Greenpeace have been working to expose APP for YEARS now if you had looked at any any campaign relating to the Indonesian Rain Forest, the Barbie and Ken campaign, KitKat, Lego, the list goes on and on, you would know!!

APP has such enormous clout with politicians and corruptible people in its source countries that supply side campaiging is unlikely ever to be enough. Sadly, historically, KFC and its parent Yum (!!!) have been among the slower to respond to the moral challenge. KFC's original secret blend -- handwritten by the colonel himself, on a now-yellowed piece of paper -- was moved temporarily to an undisclosed location to make way for security improvements.
Here are more details about the safekeeping of one of the world's most famous corporate secrets.

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