DVD-Forum.at - Das Entertaiment Magazin - News, Reviews, Filmkritiken und Infos rund um DVD, Blu-Ray und Kino. Während der Film hierzulande zwar schon auf DVD und Blu-ray vorbestellt werden kann, gibt es bis dato keine Informationen zu einer potentiellen Sonderedition. Weitere Diskussionen zu diesem und vielen anderen Themen findest du im Forum von DVD-Forum.at. Following-up on KINGSMAN’s recently released second trailer, which kicked all kinds of ass (see what I did there?), comes four new character posters from the February 13, 2015 release. This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. Eggsy (Taron Egerton) ist ein Troublemaker, der immer wieder in Konflikt mit anderen Jungs im Londoner Viertel gerat. The astounding Kingsman: The Secret Service has announced plans for Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download.
Colin Firth stars in the Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) directed film, based on the limited edition graphic novel series.
The bonus features sound glorious, especially the 90-minute Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed documentary that takes viewers inside the gadgets, fight scenes, the impeccable style and so much more.
Here’s the full list of bonus features for the Kingsman: The Secret Service DVD and Blu-Ray below.
Some might meet the news of yet another comic book adaptation with an exasperated sigh, but there’s not a superhero in sight this time around. Colin Firth – looking dapper as usual – is Harry Hart, a member of the Kingsman secret service. With its tongue planted firmly in cheek, Kingsman turns the spy action genre on its head, while still respecting many of its conventions.
The casting initially seems almost too obvious, with Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Mark Strong all seemingly type-cast upon first glance. Kingsman doesn’t hold back in the violence department, and those hoping for another prim and proper Colin Firth vehicle may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
While Kingsman certainly carries on the tradition of the suave and debonair secret agent, it manages to keep a foot in both camps by tying in the British working class through the likes of juvenile delinquent, Eggsy.
Kingsman is mainstream enough to be widely popular, but avoids the usual tropes of the genre to offer something fresh.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is in Australian cinemas from 12 February through 20th Century Fox. Tags from the story20th Century Fox, at the world's end, blerg, claire robson, film, film blerg, Film review, Hot Fuzz, james bond, jane goldman, kick ass, mark millar, mark strong, matthew vaughn, Michael Caine, review, Samuel L.
Film BlergFor writers: Film Blerg gives opportunities for new and aspiring writers to develop their writing skills through screen criticism.
For readers: Film Blerg is a compendium of accessible and substantial reviews on as much screen content as we can get our hands on. Man benötigt demnach einen Kontakt vor Ort oder eine Sammelbestellung, um an das Steelbook heran zu kommen. Als er eines Tages dank des geheimnisvollen und eleganten Harry Hart (Colin Firth) aus dem Gefangnis entlassen wird, beginnt fur Eggsy ein anderes Leben. Every film fan should take note because one of the best movies of 2015 will come home on June 9 with digital download getting an early release date of May 15. The story follows Firth, who is a member of an ultra-secret spy organization that exists without the guise of any government organization. Vaughn had long said that he dreamt of being a James Bond director and we think he has achieved that with his latest, and then some!
Following on from the subversive Kick-Ass, director Matthew Vaughn teams up yet again with screenwriter Jane Goldman to bring another Mark Millar work to the big screen. When one of his fellow Kingsmen dies during a botched mission, a vacancy arises for a new member. While the secret service may be drinking scotch in their finest suits, the pub locals guzzle cheap beers in their trackies, and are reminiscent of characters seen in the likes of Shaun of the Dead (with the comical violence to match).
With a clothing tie-in and a possible sequel in the works, a Kingsman franchise has clear money-making potential. Harry gehort zu den Kingsman, einer supergeheimen, elitaren Agentenorganisation angefuhrt von Arthur (Michael Caine), die vielversprechende Teenager fur ihr hochqualifiziertes Nachwuchsprogramm rekrutiert.
He sees something in young Taron Egerton and takes the kid off the streets and enters him into a training program to find the next group of Kingsmen (and women!). He’s allowed to do things with Kingsman: The Secret Service that he could never do with a James Bond movie.
Fulfilling a promise made seventeen years earlier, Harry takes on troubled teen ‘Eggsy’ (Taron Egerton) as his protege, who must undergo a series of tests against fellow pledges to win the prized position.

Instead, the threat is amped up to doomsday proportions, with a more accessible plot that leaves out the boring political details. Taron Egerton transforms from ugly duckling to sex-on-legs swan with a giant wink, while Samuel L.
While it’s easy to make cracks about this socio-economic group – and the film does – Kingsman also involves a valuable message about any man being capable of being a ‘gentleman’, regardless of whether or not they were born with a silver spoon. Though history would suggest that this could result in the death of originality, one can only hope that Kingsman continues to kick major subversive arse well into the future. Und Harry hat Eggsy ausgewahlt.Das Training beginnt - zur selben Zeit als die Welt von dem verruckten High-Tech-Genie Valentine (Samuel L.
The best of both worlds, it is espionage in the most hilariously violent fashion imaginable.
Harry meanwhile embarks on a mission concerning American mobile phone mogul Richard Valentine (Samuel L. There is still much to please the Bond fans – with gadgets galore, sharp suits, witty one-liners, and action sequences that will have viewers on the edge of the seats.
In one particularly memorable mass culling, it’s difficult not to guffaw at the group chosen by Valentine – but really ultimately by the screenwriters – to meet their grisly end. It certainly doesn’t let the upper class get away without criticism either, striking a clever balance. Im Gegensatz zum stählernen Pendant aus Italien gibt es zur kanadischen Sonderedition schon jetzt ein erstes Bild (siehe unten). Kingsman’s self-referential nature only serves to improve upon the genre by challenging the audience’s expectations – in multiple instances Harry and Valentine discuss what would happen “if this were a movie”, before doing the opposite. Straying from the source material (which may have taken itself a bit more seriously), Vaughn and Goldman choose perfect targets, and clearly had a hoot making this consistently ludicrous piece of comedy.

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