Thus, a big and important question all leaders face is: How can I ensure that my change program is successful? Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model is one of the best known and most often applied models for leading change. It is necessary to create a sense of urgency around the initiative in order to maximize your chances of success. It’s not enough simply to try and push true a major change by yourself, you need to form powerful coalitions with key people in the organization. A clear vision of how you see the future organization looking and why that’s beneficial, will help everyone to clearly understand why you’re asking them to action or assist this change. Without credible communication, the hearts and minds of those who have to execute the change will not be won. Until now you’ve been painting a picture of the vision to inspire the team, now it’s time to remove any blockers or barriers so that the team can get on and implement the vision. Major transformation can take a very long time, but without quick wins people will lose faith or give up altogether.
Remember that the focus and style of your communication should adjust according to where you are in the 8-step process. It is a top-down model, so opportunities can be missed because not everyone is involved in co-creation of the vision.
The Kotter 8-Step Change Model provides a step-by-step process you can follow to affect change within an organization. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I thought I would talk to you all about Change Management and what I learnt in a few workshops I attended. Change Management is focused on the activities required to help transition business people impacted by the change from their current state by a new way of working. Techniques commonly I use are; Stay positive and assertive, never let their negativity towards the change get you down. Unfortunately as trainers we can not choose who we train but I have found the best people are those who embrace change and look forward to the learning experience knowing the results they will achieve. Hope you all are dealing with the change of juggling work and your tafe diploma…if not hope this helps! Meanwhile, I believe in combining expertise instructional strategies and methodologies, research skills and regular communications with our participants, which it creates tailored learning that is consistent, connective and audience appropriate.
In summary, in educating these generations is the primary objective in providing training, on its own, the sole contributor to a success learning program. Thank you Liv certainly is relevant i am sure just not me who is marking end of term papers and entering comments to students who are hopefully graduating soon. Kotter Change Management template for PowerPoint presentations is a free PPT Template featuring the Kottler Change Management Framework design.

Kottler change management model used in this template contains a nice bar chart design with 3D bars and captions with a big arrow in the background of the slide. You can download free business models and PowerPoint templates for change management slide designs as well as other management and business presentation templates. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. The aim of every major change initiative is to reap rewards for the organization in some form. The leader might know what they would like the eventual outcome to be, but how do they go about delivering it? The Kotter model can be applied to any top-down change initiative, that is, any change that is initiated by the top level management of an organization. Kotter estimated that 75% of management need to back an initiative in order for it to be successful. By getting powerful and respected people within the organization on side, you are far more likely to drive the change through.
Every member of the change coalition should be able to describe the vision in less than 5 minutes, and it’s a good idea for you as the leader to practice you’re vision speech often, as you’re trying to inspire and lead the team to get behind you. If you think about all the different communications that happen on any given day in a typical organization, it should be obvious to you why your communication needs to be very clear and strong.
Create the organization structure, either permanently or a project or program structure, so the work gets done.
You need to structure the transformation so it contains short term targets, remembering to communicate widely your successes. Until new approaches have sunk in deeply, there is a high-risk of people reverting to the old practice or way of doing things.
In this step we aim to show how new systems, approaches, and behaviors have benefited the organization. It can serve as a reminder that you need to get buy-in from senior stakeholders to ensure effective change.
I will not go through all aspects of change and the management of change but have found recognising the transition process and how individuals deal with it is the first step to manageing it. In my line of work this is applicable to every job that I and my team do on a daily basis as changing to or starting a new software operating system involves changing their daily tasks, procedures and sometimes their whole job role and responsibilities. In each of my training sessions, I use this diagram and explain the different ways different people cope with change and the different stages. Show empathy and affirm the results they will get if they stick with it but don’t let your guard down as they will follow a leader and try and get out of it if they can.
All trainers have to deal with change to some extent and often have to console their students through the transition process. We are a team of training experts to create virtual spaces that engaging visual interfaces with effective instructional strategies to immerse and captivate every participants.

I would have to say like anything else prioritising would be a good start, finding the energy and time is my problem. You can download this free Kottler template for PowerPoint presentations to make presentations on change management with awesome slide designs and presentation templates.
There are also concepts behind each bar including the Increase of Urgency, the need to build the guiding team, get the right vision, communicate for buy-in, empower action, create short-term wins, don’t let up and make it stick. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. However, many change initiatives are unsuccessful, and in the worst case scenario, where everything is riding on the initiative, the end result can be the collapse of the organization.
What are the steps which we need to undertake to maximise our changes of a successful outcome? Bring all your key people together to form a change coalition or powerful change steering group. To counter this tendency, continue to set ever bigger goals to build on the successes and momentum you’ve already achieved.
When program managing a major change initiative it is useful to refer to the 8-steps to help identify any areas you may have overlooked in managing the change. In project that you see these links are missing is definitely going in the direction of failure. The process of change is very important for a trainer to know, understand and prepare their clients for. Depending on their company and role, effective change management can be part of effective Project Management; another role which I believe most Trainers attain without getting the title, but this would be another blog story.
This allowing us (trainers) to ensure our training translates into tangible performance outcomes in the long run. In this step what you’re really trying to do is build lots of support for your initiative, so that the sense of urgency builds and reinforces itself. Aim to have as diverse a group of powerful people as possible, from different functional parts of the organization.
Keep a watchful eye for those who are resisting or blocking the change, and give them special attention to bring them on side. The Change Curve can be used to help you tailor your communications as you move through the Kotter change steps. Further, optimizes a greater collection of tools for managing and developing skills and competence that drives improvement in learning and training environment capability. Every time you speak or communicate in any way about the initiative remember to tie it back to the vision.

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