John Paul Kotter (born 1947) is a professor at the Harvard Business School and author, who is regarded as an authority on leadership and change. Take 10 minutes to visit the following websites and educate yourself on Kotter’s 8 step change model.
As I thought about Push in the context of Kotter's model, I imagined the table you see above.
I found it ironic that what Kotter envisioned as empowerment is often the stage where resistance takes over. Because participation is normally restricted in steps 1, 2, and 3, the Middles & Bottoms lack ownership. Kotter Change Management template for PowerPoint presentations is a free PPT Template featuring the Kottler Change Management Framework design. Kottler change management model used in this template contains a nice bar chart design with 3D bars and captions with a big arrow in the background of the slide.

You can download free business models and PowerPoint templates for change management slide designs as well as other management and business presentation templates.
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Organizations are unwilling, or reluctant, to reduce the number of performance criteria against which individuals are held accountable, which is a guarantee of poor performance. Although each step is absolutely critical, and none can be reordered, skipped or dropped, we will not review all these points here, but simply comment on points not already covered elsewhere in this framework.
First, the Board of Directors and the CEO need to fully understand the existing culture, decide what are the expected culture and behaviors and plot a plan to change it. Please become familiar with all 8 steps as you will need to apply these in the next learning activity.

Change Whisperer) from Conner Partners the other day and found myself mentioning Seely Brown's Push-Pull concept again.
You can download this free Kottler template for PowerPoint presentations to make presentations on change management with awesome slide designs and presentation templates. There are also concepts behind each bar including the Increase of Urgency, the need to build the guiding team, get the right vision, communicate for buy-in, empower action, create short-term wins, don’t let up and make it stick. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
Kotter proposes an 8-step change model (Figure below) to assist organizations in successfully implementing change initiatives.

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