Kundalini is a spiritual energy, so it is viable to elaborate from the philosophical point of view. Doing spiritual practices (unreligious & non-psychical) and indulging in unethical activities does not bring him any values or progress in spirituality. Mostly, when one awakens his kundalini power without much of spiritual background as in the case of shaktipat transmission, then, it does not have much impact in his earlier stages of life where he will be in the initial state of development. H P Blavatsky, who studied and interacted with the yogis in India, noted that there are seven levels of development in each chakra and a total of 49 levels to reach the higher state of spirituality. But, those who awaken the kundalini with years of spiritual practices as like in kundalini yoga are endowed with much of spiritual energy and are at the higher stages of development in the spirituality. Nowadays, there are lots of people receiving the shaktipat initiation and does not have substantial apparent changes in their life in its initial stage. I got Initiated and have been practicing Kundalini yoga meditation for more than 12 years and used to meditate for about 2 – 3 hours daily from the beginning and could compare the changes with others who also got initiated for same periods with less spiritual activities. A friend of mine got initiated for the same time and failed to put any effort in its progress has resulted in him to remain in the initial stages of development. The person with higher spiritual energy could analyze and compare the changes in his life with the spiritual and psychological development of an average person.
Feeling of the compassion, kindness and genuine love towards the fellow creatures will be developed that leads to the natural and unintentional practice of the virtues of nonviolence ‘ahimsa’ which makes him a vegetarian (Sattvik).
The actions and morality have the basis of the circumstances where protection and survival of one’s body are significant as if it is required to consume non-veg in some locations.
If one doesn’t have control over his senses and mind, it 's hard to abstain from certain foods that he unconditionally loved. A sense of tranquility will develop, and the person is not much affected by the sorrows that are inevitable in human life as the aspirant will comprehend the life from the outer sphere. When a person subjected to the various stages of development of kundalini can experience the increased awareness, enhanced mental clarity increased creative imagination, possess the attribute of infinite intelligence and extrasensory perception (ESP). One will become neither theist nor atheist and will have an intellectual agnostic approach towards the life. The articles on this website have the basis on the various aspects of Yoga and meditation practices, health and wellness, self-help and spirituality that are backed up with psychological, philosophical and scientific studies. I found this excerpt from a Children of the Sun (COS) newsletter quite fascinating and want to share it with you. As we do this together from the Crystalline Grid, the very substance of our new I AM Avatar Blueprint has now been drawn in and up, woven throughout our etheric body template as ONE toroidal field of unified light and cosmic consciousness. We have heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and the union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. Instantaneous results can be achieved by those who are prepared with a healthy body, an even breath, stabilized mind and balanced emotions. This is why so much attention is being place upon the Sacred Fire as a way to accelerate the deeper purifications, on all levels and layers of our multi-faceted being. Note: The Kundalini cannot be raised into the Pineal Gland if any of the chakra energy centers have blockages. Within the sacrum at the base of the spine are charged bolts of intelligent liquid fire coiled like a serpent. The caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and was carried by the Greek god, Hermes, who is said to be the messenger of the Gods. In this Kundalini practice, we keep our gaze held within the chakra energy center between the eyebrows, the meditative access point to the Pineal Gland.
Our intention is upon the very quick movement of the kundalini serpentine fire through one long inhale…. Keep the tongue up touching the roof of the month just in front of the teeth and the gaze upward and fixed on that interior 3rd eye.
The platinum light that is bursting out of your crown forms a Tube Torus geometry around your entire body.
Recently, there are few persons like Gopi Krishna, JJ Semple, who were successful in awakening Kundalini with such systemized techniques.

And the success in its development owes to their effort, as nothing is possible without effort. Kundalini does not interfere with the married life as there are certain principles in sex and kundalini as mentioned in the yoga texts.
While Kundalini is well-known in Eastern yogic science, it is only just beginning to gain recognition as a scientific reality in Western medical circles.Kundalini energy can be activated by various means like yoga, breathing techniques (pranayama), certain herbal preparations, creating particular vibrations in the body through the chanting of mantras, and through initiation (energy transmission) by a yoga adept whose Kundalini is already awakened.
In the past, serious aspirants of the Kundalini awakening have engaged in extensive practices such as physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and much more to prepare themselves for the awakening. Kundalini is a magnificent power and it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience.
Additionally, the etheric envelope of the body has to be pure before the upgraded DNA configurations can be opened into the physical body matrix. This can happen very quickly or slowly depending on the quality of a person’s practice, acceptance and surrender.
This exercise, our Crystalline Grid attunements and any personal sessions greatly assist to clear, balance and accelerate the chakra centers.
There is a negative charge stream which can be imagined as a silvery serpent of light, representing feminine energy. As you breathe, see your sacrum expanding and contracting, becoming alive as a rhythmic pulsation. From your sacrum, see the gold and silver serpents energy moving quickly up the central spinal column of platinum light.
Morality (dharma) is self-existent and biologically driven behaviors that are independent of religious precepts and is apparent to the higher sensible living beings.
But, indeed, some are not destined for the higher levels with same effort in their lifetime are evident from the history.
The technique such as kayakalpa yoga has practiced by the yogis that have been intended to rejuvenate the spiritual energy. Of these, initiation is the fastest, easiest and safest way of awakening Kundalini .Once awakened, Kundalini brings about extraordinary transformation in the body-mind system of the individual, including a huge surge in energy levels, the healing of chronic diseases and enhanced mental abilities. If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse and you can overload the circuits. Also coiled here in the sacrum is a positively charged bolt of fire, which can be seen as a golden serpent of light, representing masculine energy. This is the central rod of power from which these serpents intertwine, intersecting at the chakras.
The outer sphere of the morality is clear to the humans but obscured in its deeper and subtle aspects. If one could ignore the religious principles of consuming the meat as a sin but, from another perspective as the true love towards the animals this becomes apparent.
Beyond this, a host of other changes have been observed but had yet to be systematically studied or quantified.STUDIES ON INNER AWAKENING PARTICIPANTS - 2011In a breakthrough series of studies conducted in 2011, Kundalini awakening and its benefits were systematically recorded under controlled conditions in close to 600 individuals attending an intensive yoga and meditation retreat at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam’s international headquarters near Bangalore, India. This column is platinum light which bridges the dual aspects of the serpentine fire into a unified field. The serpents merge together at the Medulla Oblongata as one unified stream of energy penetrating up into the center of your brain reaching into your pineal gland. As you reach the top of your inhale, a beam of platinum light surges up and out the crown chakra. Mitochondrial activity in the cell is a precise indicator of the individual’s metabolism rate and energy levels. In this study, blood samples from a group of Inner Awakening participants aged above 50 years were subjected to a well-known protocol called MTT Assay for assessment of cellular energy levels. 100% of the participants in this particular study recorded a drastic increase in energy levels, averaging 967%. Human beings have about 25,000 genes,of which only 5% are actively expressed and functional.
In the only known instance of materialization on our planet today, a vast range of objects were materialized by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, channeled through the bodies of receptive individuals.

Materials ranging from vibhuti (sacred ash) and kumkum (holy vermilion) to solid objects like diamond, pearl, solidified mercury, etc. Why, for instance, does initiation or the transfer of energy result in physical levitation? To answer these questions would require an understanding of the vast scope of the phenomenon called Kundalini, as well as a penetrating insight into the subtle workings of the human body-mind system.
There is now growing evidence that our thoughts - which are no more than electrical signals whizzing along our neural pathways - are stored in our cellular and somatic memory, resulting in permanent changes in the way our body and mind influence each other. Muscle memories are also responsible for our performing repetitive mechanical actions that do not require our conscious intervention, like typing or cycling. They carry hereditary memories, past-life memories and memories that have become part of the very fiber of our current personality through constant repetition for years. Mental states like depression and anxiety can quickly become part of our bio-memory if we are not careful. Bio-memories are not only unconscious, but are usually untraceable to any particular source incident.
An everyday example of how a simple thought can become an engram or a bio-memory is illustrated below. How does a thought become an engram or a bio-memory? For example, if a thought comes you  - I would like to have a coffee - that is just a thought, not a pattern or engram. This means that this thought is solidifying like water becoming ice - it has become part of your muscle-memory.
After one year, if you keep pursuing this habit, one day if you don’t get your coffee in the morning, you will ACTUALLY get a headache!
When a pattern becomes so solid that it starts affecting you physically, it is called bio-memory.
Bio-memories are tough like crystal and are very difficult to break! Can Kundalini Awakening alter our thought-patterns?Ye and no. Everybody has experienced how we feel heavy on certain days, and light as a feather on certain days - even though our physical weight remains the same!
Kundalini awakening or initiation have the power to temporarily free us of our binding engrams.
Which means that the state and actions of one of these particles can influence the state and actions of the other through the process of interference.Entanglement is the principle behind all processes involving energy transfer, whether spiritual healing, kundalini awakening, levitation, teleportation or materialization.
An enlightened being has the power to raise others into his own elevated state by the subtle pressure of his presence. When the mind of the receiver comes in touch with the no-mind (thought-free mind) of such a being, a process similar to entanglement happens, and thoughts subside in the mind of the receiver. Entanglement happens when the receiver is mentally in tune with the source and is open to receiving the energy. When entanglement happens at the deeper level of muscle-memory, Nithyananda gives it the name ‘Entrainment’.
During Kundalini awakening, entanglement can happen irrespective of the mental state of the receiver. Nithyananda calls this Enlightenment, in the sense that during the moment of initiation, the receiver actually experiences a space identical to that of the enlightened being.
But lacking the yogic body and nervous system to retain this space, the receiver gradually loses the experience through energy ‘leaks’. With repeated initiations, the experience becomes bolted into the system, and the receiver moves closer to being established in the state of enlightenment. This downward pressure produces an opposite force that is powerful enough to defy gravity and lift the bird into the air.

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