As the title to this post suggests, I am going to give you a very simple meditation for moving kundalini. Although the Zohar is speaking of the narratives in the Old Testament, the same truth applies to the New Testament. Most religious circles today get too caught up in the narratives instead of looking beyond them.
Beneath the cloak of the Biblical narratives are the keys to unlock how powerful our bodies really are what sort of potential lies inside of us.
Even though it seems like I knock religion a lot on this site, it is not really my intention. We should take note to the fact that the ultimate goal of religion is to transcend the ego to experience a union with the divine.
For the past few months I have been going through the Book of Revelations in order to delve beneath the cloak of John’s visions. In the summer months it is more convenient for me to begin this meditation soon after rising from bed. I will rinse and repeat the above pattern a few times before getting up and continuing with my day. If you are faithful with the above exercise for a few weeks, I am willing to bet you will feel tingling sensations as you move subtle energy in the body. These subtle energies are actually moving within the etheric body, so you probably won’t notice much at first.
Excellent post Josh, I’m tempted to share this technique as well as your meditation page of your site at my blog. I’m curious, what are some of the benefits that you have noticed to come with this practice?
The main thing that I have noticed in my short practice of meditation is less anger or better management of that anger, as well as the increased brain function. I think the main thing to do in order to cleanse one’s self of negative emotions is to confront it all head on.
I will want to know if one will term you to be judgmental, even if it is your intention to make truth be known by knocking religious doctrines that will allow our fellow extensions to enjoy the meaty side which will ascend their consciousness instead of leaving them to suffer in the hands of traditions considering ….
I am a bit ambivalent about this meditation that is purposefully meant to raise the kundalini. I sometimes have the feeling that I have never fully incarnated and more or less never felt at home here on earth or in my body. All is all I prefer to take another way where I meet my challenges when they appear in front of me and concentrate on meeting everything with a loving approach.
I had already guessed that your were probably Dutch, although there are of course also many people with Dutch names and Dutch roots living in the USA, Canada and Australia, who do not speak Dutch anymore. I understand what you mean when you describe your feelings about the lower chakras although I do not experience it in quite the same way. A practical guide to kundalini meditation – awakening powerful and transforming energy through chakra-focused meditations, mantras, breathing exercises and yoga poses. The term ‘kundalini’ is an ancient Sanskrit word referring to the powerful life force present in us all.
A special feature of the book is the guided meditations targeting common problems and issues – for example, releasing anger, lifting depression, promoting healing and inviting love into your life.
Kathryn McCusker is a certified yoga teacher with the School of Kundalini Yoga and has taught in leading yoga studios including Triyoga and Alchemy in London.
Meditation is one of the most vital elements of occult and esoteric practices, especially in the study of the Kaballah. The main reason why the modern person usually assumes they have little to no psychic sensitivity, is because they are not in touch with their feelings.
Kundalini meditation is a complex practice that is usually undertaken with the help of a trained teacher.
As someone who has dabbled in everything from yoga to meditation to text therapy, I wondered how Slawuta's events might compare. Meditation and emotional release prepares for Kundalini AwakeningDuring meditation the individual gets increased conscious access to lower levels of consciousness – he is confronted with his subconscious or unconscious mind. The increasing access to the unconscious may be facilitated by both meditation and feeling releasing therapy, which tend to elicit the same kind of brain wave changes (slower frequency, higher amplitude). Deeksha facilitates Kundalini awakeningOur research has shown that direct transmission of energy (Deeksha) from an awakened person can stimulate Kundalini awakening in another person very effectively. The Kundalini energy reaches the brain’s prefrontal areas approximately 12 seconds after the command was given and builds up to a maximum in both hemispheres after 37 seconds.
This meditation is good because it increases concentration power and helps transform potent sexual energy into spiritual energy that will help strengthen the body and mind.

If this is your first visit to Spirit of the Scripture, you may be wondering why a Bible blog is using terms like kundalini and sexual energy. All the narratives of the Bible are there to build concrete images and concepts in our minds so that we can then learn deeper mysteries. I have already discussed how the ultimate goal of Revelations is to explain the process of having this intimate union with the divine. Once you get the subtle energy to this region of the brain, you must bring it back down the body to the navel again. It comes from the Taoist tradition, but don’t let this scare you away if you are a Christian.
Let this be your gage as to whether or not it’s working for you should you decide to try it. I thought going deeper into meditation would bring changes I would notice to me personally.
But i have also been wondering about the initiation that was said to have taken place in Lemuria by Maitreya.
Elsewhere you yourself warned about trying to raise the kundalini too early because that can be dangerous.
So when people are talking about all these basic animal instincts and needs, I get the feeling, what are you talking about? I have always been independent in what I believed, even as a kid, and once I concluded that something could not possibly be true, that was that, no matter what any pastor might say. I’ve had an interest in raising the energy, but have been doing it while chanting corresponding chakra sounds as I go up and down from root totoop of head.
The purpose of kundalini meditation is to open up this life force, helping it flow through each of the seven chakras, the energetic centres of the body. First you must become aware of the energy channels running along the spinal cord – the nadis – and the chakras or energy centres which are strung along the nadis like jewels in a necklace. This beautiful, inspiring yet practical book will bring you to a whole new level of awareness, inner peace and insight. Her private client base includes actors and musicians and she leads workshops and retreats around the world.
Kathryn McCusker shares her many years of experience from around the world as a Kundalini teacher in a way which provides a very thorough understanding on Kundalini and how it can be used to improve your life.
See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Kundalini Meditation.
I've heard it said that prayer is talking to the Divine and meditation is listening for the answers. The goal is to awaken and use the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. This process is associated with a lowering of EEG frequency and an increase of amplitudes (more alpha and theta waves).
Meditation may increase attention, sensitivity and access, while the expression of feelings during psychotherapy can promote the actual release of physical and mental blocks in the body and nervous system making the person more whole.
This hypothesis has been supported in our research by both subjective observations and objective EEG measurements.
Consider that the word for religion comes from the Latin religare, which ultimately means union. I will continue that study, but I decided to take a break from it today to discuss this simple meditation that I have been practicing. I plant my feet flat on the ground and sit near the edge of the seat with my spine erect (important). Beginning in the coccyx region, I draw the energy up (with the mind on each inhale) midway up to the spine and then exhale. We have already discussed how the religious traditions of the East and West truly do meet when we pull away the cloaks. In other words, they are so used to acting out negative emotions during certain situations that it has become a pattern and habit. I’m more aware of the abundant energies in our realm that I had never been aware of previously. I think this should only be done by people who are ready to do so and I am not so sure that I am.
And when bad things happened (I grew up in the shadow of World War II), I never blamed God but just concluded that the teachings of the church must somehow be wrong because how else could things like that happen in countries that were called christian. And I agree that it would be easier sometimes to express what you want to say in your native language. When kundalini is fully awakened you will feel amazing levels of energy with electric-like currents flowing up and down the nerves.

Next, by practising purification rituals, breathing exercises called pranayama, meditation, yoga poses and mudras (hand positions), you can ensure that kundalini is drawn up through the spine, opening each chakra in turn and causing it to ‘bloom like a flower’. A professional opera singer, Kathryn McCusker brings her special understanding of the power of sound to her teaching of yoga.
In deep meditation more and more neurons of the brain work in synchrony at a slower and slower pace directed by bodily and subcortical mechanisms, This is an attempt by the brain to confront, contain, and eventually integrate blocked feelings and traumas at deeper levels of consciousness. We found that immediately following Deeksha, the receiver increased her alpha and theta activity in the whole brain.
It’s interesting to note that the left frontal area takes the lead since it responds slightly faster than the right and climbs to a higher maximum (mean Gamma 17.5 uV for the left side vs.
Within a few weeks I began to feel concentrations of energy (tingling, etc.) in different areas which let me know that kundalini was truly on the move within the etheric body.
Within a week I noticed strong tingling at the bottom of my spine when I placed my awareness there. Therefore, the next time a similar situation occurs, they unconsciously react with the same negative emotion. Of course, discernment is always necessary, and personally, before I meditate, I pray to God for protection and to only allow interactions with positive entities.
And someone who is able to see the chakra’s actually told me that my higher chakras are opened further than the lower ones. You will experience inspiration and insight during meditation and doubts and anxieties will disappear. These old repressed traumas encountered in the process must be confronted, felt, and consciously integrated. In some subjects the increase of alpha was most significant in the frontal area where it increased from 20% to 100%  (see also Deeksha and the Brain). But if you are able to understand what’s under the cloak of this story you would realize that the story of David and Goliath is really about slaying the ego of man. As you can see, underneath the cloak of the West’s religious mindset the West truly does meet the East.
After touching the roof of my mouth, I concentrate on the energy coming into the tongue and down into the throat region. Since going deeper into meditation, my environment, including others close to me, have drastically changed. At the time of maximum energy, the phase synchronization of Gamma waves between the left and right side goes up to a very high level. That’s why the fight with Goliath is emphasized over other much more impressive feats that David supposedly accomplished.
After inhaling deeply but slowly for a few moments, I place my left hand over my belly button and my right hand on top of the left. After exhaling, I take another deep breath and use the mind to push the energy into the heart region.
It’s almost as if people and situations are reacting more to the meditation than I was.
A person becomes more conscious when they can learn to act without reacting automatically, thereby purging the negative emotional patterns that emerge through certain situations. Sometimes I can feel the warmth from all the energy in the solar plexus region, especially after taking the time to breathe a bit. The changes were quite serious because it caused me to evaluate myself and my relationships with others. I can promise you, even if Goliath were a literal 9-foot giant that David slew, it would be much more impressive to slay a lion as a young boy! It is important for me to say here that another equally important aspect of moving and feeling subtle energy is the mind.
Recently I went through a sort of emotional cleansing, especially negative emotions that I didn’t know were deep inside. Meditation and the breath go hand in hand, so after breathing and relaxing for a few minutes, I place all my awareness on the energy in the solar plexus region behind the belly button and I extend my focus down to the perineum area of the body.
Then I take another deep breath while using the mind to draw the subtle energy into the brain. Picture it spiraling in the third ventricle of the brain and bathing the pineal and pituitary glands.
Deep meditation will make you confront some issues for sure, whether they come up in your own mind or in your personal life.

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