The Gong Yoga and Kundalini Sadhana week is for yoga students, Kundalini Yoga teachers, sound healers, and everyone interested in exploring the healing and transformational power of the Gong. Mehtab Benton is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book on using the gong in the practice of yoga. Siri Bahadur began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 1974 and served as the leader of the Kundalini Yoga ashram In Dallas, Texas.
Kalani retreat rates are all-inclusive and provide access to all instruction and course activities, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including our 25-meter pool, hot tubs and sauna.
Additional lodging options may be available; please inquire upon registration if your preferred lodging type is not listed above. Additional nights can be added on to the beginning or end of this package at special discounted rates for retreat attendees. If you require airport shuttle service, please contact Kalani Guest Services at 800-800-6886 or [email protected], at least one week in advance. Because of the structure of our retreat packages, we are unable to pro-rate retreat fees for shortened stays. Participants can chose from twice daily Kundalini yoga workshops as well as basic trainings in how to play the gong, an advanced workshop for experienced gong players, and a certification training in Gong Therapy.

He has trained hundreds of yoga teachers, therapists and musicians in the art of playing the gong, and created the DVD course How To Play the Gong for Yoga, Meditation and Healing. He completed the inaugural Master's Touch Teacher Training by Yogi Bhajan in Espanola, New Mexico and participates as a KRI Professional Trainer in Kundalini Teacher Training programs in Texas, Illinois, Louisiana and Utah.
Your stay here supports education, community arts programming, and Hawaiian culture preservation within the District of Puna.
A valid Hawaii state-issued ID or driver’s license must be presented at retreat check-in to receive kama'aina rates.
Participants have plenty of free time enjoy group outings to warm springs by the ocean, snorkeling in tidal pools, exploring black sand beaches and lava fields, visiting local Hawaiian markets and music events (including a community gong concert) as well as experiencing the Healing Ring of the Tantra meditation on the evening of the Full Moon. Mehtab has played the gong for 20 years in yoga classes, workshops and concerts, and is the inspiration for the Gong Yoga Mela, an international gong celebration and training festival. Kalani has grown to become the largest provider of services in Puna – thanks to the support from guests like you! The 8-day, 7-night vacation retreat is facilitated and taught by senior level Kundalini Yoga teacher trainers and organized by Mehtab Benton, the originator and author of Gong Yoga.
His recent book, Teaching Gong Yoga: Theory and Practice, is the first comprehensive book on using the gong in all practices and traditions of yoga.

Siri Bahadur is an accomplished guitar player and uses his music and gongs to create an augmented experience of yoga and meditation.
Cheryl was the aerobic program director for World Gym and won the 1990 Body Building title for Ms Vancouver- All Natural and studied Tibetan Buddhist meditation on The Big Island of Hawaii at the Nechung Temple in Wood Valley, where she lived for 13 years before moving to Springfield where she took her first Yantra Yoga class with Lama Lobsang. He has released several original collections of his guitar and gong playing, including a Kundalini sadhana composition (Jap - A Sadhana) and several volumes of gong concerts (Morning Star, Volumes 1 and 2). She also trained in Buddhist Theravada meditation with Aya Dipa, Tantra Yoga at Teach to Inspire, and most recently Kundalini Yoga with Ana Brett and Ravj Singh.
Her favorite quote is "the body is the physical manifestation of enlightenment if you can learn to actualize it".

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