In addition, at this retreat Yogiraj will uplift attendees on an Astral flight (out of body experience), bestow Spiritual Names and Personal Mantras upon souls. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. The prana apana yagya is the sacred fire ceremony of the yogi whereby he offers the oblations of pranic breath into apanic breath and vice-versa, to equalize the two life currents and enter the state of kevali samadhi.
There never has been nor will be a time when man’s own nature shall cease to demand his best and foremost attention.
The science of Kriya Yoga pranayam offers the inhaled pranic breath into the exhaled apanic breath and vice versa. Individual prana is an intelligent force but has no consciousness in the empirical or transcendental sense. Kriya Yoga pranayama arrests bodily decay connected with apana, manifesting in the exhaling breath, by fresh inhalations of life-force (prana) distilled from the inhaling breath. Kriya Yoga is referred to obliquely in Yoga treatises as kevali pranayama or kevali kumbhaka. Of the various stages of pranayama (such as breathlessness), kevali is extolled by adept yogis as the best or highest (remember that Kriya Yoga is not breath control but life-force control). The Gita advises us to practice pranayama (life-force control) to enable us to realize that we are not made of flesh, but of life-force condensed from the thought of God!
I first heard about Kriya Yoga in 1984 after I had the good fortune of meeting a sannyasin disciple of Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati. Prior to that day I had done lots of intensive preparation with my previous yoga teacher in the yoga basics which mainly were classical hatha yoga asansas. At my first Yoga class with the Swami I purchased a book which she had which was the teachings of Swami Satyananda Volume 1.
I started practicing the Kriya Yoga Sadhana at home straight away, through studying the Kriyas as enumerated in the Kundalini Tantra text of Swami Satyananda (which was released to the world in 1984) and learning the practices one after the other. Apart from meeting about fifty other very keen Kriya Yoga students it was a time to tune into myself and my teacher, who turned out to be Dr Swami Nadamurti Saraswati an experienced disciple of Swami Satyananda and a very articulate and compassionate teacher of Kriya Yoga. Since this week long course I must have fallen in complete love with Kriya Yoga, because it has been my staff, my best friend and companion throughout my love affair with the goddess within.
Now twenty years have passed since that instruction, and I can say that the most important ingredient in Kriya Yoga is having a Guru who can impart the inner connection and inner experiences. In this Kriya Yoga tradition, our Guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati (who has established an unshakable connection with the divine Maha Kundalini) is the transmitter. This Tantric Kriya Yoga system that was released fully to the world by Swami Satyananda Saraswati is partly described in the ancient spiritual Tantric Text, the Maha Nirvana Tantra.
It is mysterious how it works, but without being connected to a guru in the traditional way, you will only meet with disappointment, frustration or problems of many dimensions. The Kriya Yoga Sadhana that Swami Satyananda has been propagating since 1963 is an ancient Tantric Sadhana which has been tested for millennia by the masters of reality, the great Kriya Yoga Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, Sannyasins, Sadhus, Householders.
Tantric Kriya Yoga is an advanced Sadhana, which magically combines classical Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas, rotation of consciousness in the psychic pathways of Arohan & Awarohan, Mantras, Chakra awareness and Visualisations. In every Kriya Yoga tradition the core practice is development in Pranayama, which is an integral practice in most of the Kriyas. Kriya Yoga has an infinite degree of potential, the potential which is within us to explore our hidden birthright the light within. In 1998 I started to teach Satyananda Yoga fulltime, and during this year I decided that I needed to learn more about the body and mind, in order to become a better yoga teacher. Swami Anandakapila had originally trained in Psychology and Chiropractic, and had been a practicing Osteopathic physician for many years. In 2001 (after completing my Diploma course), I completed a year at Wollongong University studying Psychology & Exercise Science, and the following year 2002 I switched to Osteopathy at another University which I eventually had to leave after only one semester due to increasing yoga teaching commitments. Throughout this intensive period of practical and academic study which was happening alongside with my Yoga Sadhana, I discovered a relationship between the psychic passages of Arohan & Awarohan which we use in Tantric Kriya Yoga, and the Dermatomes (see the diagram below).
The picture below shows the segmented dermatome distribution of spinal nerves to the front and back of the body. There is a connection between the Arohan and Awarohan psychic passageways in Tantric Kriya Yoga, and the Conception vessel (CV) and Governor vessel (GV) of traditional Chinese Medicine, and the segmented dermatomes (distribution of spinal nerves to the front and back of the body). Chela Buddhananda states, that the ancient Chinese must have known about Kriya Yoga, because in one of the ancient Chinese scriptures called the “Tai Chin Hua Tzang Chih (The Secret of the Golden Flower) there is as meditation technique very similar to that used in the Tantric Kriya Yoga.
Yogi Dr Hiroshi Motoyama in Theories of the Chakras “Bridge to Higher Consciousness” also says that there is a Taoist meditation practice known as “Shoshuten” (the circulation of light) which ulilizes the governor vessel meridian or Sushumna.
Dr Motoyama also correlates the conception vessel meridian to the Alambusa Nadi, which is one of the ten major nadis recognized in the Yogic system.
We can now safely say that the Arohan path which is used in the Tantric Kriya Yoga which has been propagated by Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati utilizes and activates the Alambusa Nadi or the Conception Vessel Meridian.
If there is a balance of energy in these circuits which are full of the consciousness and mystical chakras, then we discover the TAO, KUNDALINI, THE MIDDLE PATH.
There is also further historical evidence of a link between the ancient Kriya Yoga tradition of India and the teachings of the Siddhas in China, through the ancient teachings of Siddha Bogarnathar's poem Bogar Inana Sagarama.
If you look at the picture of the human body above, and imagine cutting a line through the centre of the body from top to bottom (which is known in anatomical terms as the Median mid-sagittal plane) you would be focusing on two major psychic pathways.
You can imagine trying to move (and feel) your awareness along the surface of the skin (or slightly below) through the frontal passageway. Check this research into the existence of meridians by Dr Hiroshi Motoyama, and note on page 4 of the file hyper linked here his reference to the dermatomes. Imagine strumming a guitar or violin; when a string is strummed or plucked it effects the next string, and the next one etc, but to a slightly lesser degree of vibration. When I was born my parents lived with my grandparents for a couple of years, and I was deeply effected by my grandfather's playing of his Violin.
I can remember him very well pulling out his Violin every Saturday night and entertaining us grand children who were spellbound by his fantastic violin playing. Yoga Nidra which is another Tantric Sadhana that has been extensively propagated by Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati has a component of “rotation of consciousness throughout the body” that directly stimulates & effects (via sensory nerve messages to the brain ) an area of the cortex called the Postcentral Gyrus.
There is no doubt in my mind that in both Yoga Nidra's body rotation and Tantric Kriya Yoga's rotation of consciousness through Arohan& Awarohan, that the dermatomes (as well as the pranas) are effected. Daily practice of many rounds (circuits) of the Kundalini Kriyas of Tantric Kriya Yoga, hyper stimulates the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system, bringing into play the mysterious esoteric Sushumna in which lie the Chakras. A skeptic who doubts the potential potency that lies dormant within the human body only has to practice sincerely to perceive more. To remove skepticism practice Yoga, specifically Tantric Kriya Yoga, and your awareness will move deeper. It is the divine and ancient Sadhana (spiritual practice) that has been passed on to us by LORD SHIVA & BABAJI, so that we may evolve our connection with our dormant faculties, the world around us and the supreme. Above is some of the introduction to the above book by Himalayan Yogi, Sri Gorakh Babaji who is one of Pilot Baba's (Mahamandaleshwar Somnath Giri of the Juna Akhara) Gurus.
You might be interested to know that there is also further historical evidence of a link between the ancient Kriya Yoga Siddha tradition of India and the ancient mystics of China. Anyone can practice Kriya Yoga on the grounds that it is a universal science, the science of the soul.

Traditionally it has been taught that a synthesis of Sadhanas makes for good all round development. Swami Satyananda Saraswati says that any Yoga that awakens your Kundalini is a form of Kundalini Yoga. Kriya Yoga is a scientific Sadhana based around the breath, which is the universal key to unlocking the Chakras, Sushumna and Kundalini which is the divine evolutionary force of the cosmos. Focus the rays of your thoughts into the Sushumna and circulate your relaxed tranquil breath up and down the psychic passageways by practicing the scientific Sadhana of Kriya Yoga.
As soon as she rises and enters the Brahma Nadi (the inner sanctum of the Sushumna Nadi, or in anatomical language the Central canal or the Canal Centralis of the spinal cord) properly which will be felt intensely within the sacral region of the spinal column an historic event begins to unfold as the inner lights are switching on. Albert Einstein must have been a Yogi ~ E = MC2 because the energy erupting converts to light.
One of the hardest tasks for a Sadhak during this Sadhana is taking the awakened Shakti from Mooladhara upwards into the finer than fine entry or pathway into Swadhisthana Chakra. You may also see the subterranean movement of prana below the skin moving up from mooladhara to swadhisthana, as if you are viewing your body from outside of it, and witnessing the constant movement of the rising prana entering the sacral area of Swadhisthana Chakra from Mooladhara Chakra.
If you have prepared yourself properly, this is where the Guru will appear and warn you about Siddhis.
Don't blow the fuse, just be patient and work on your Sadhana a lot, before tackling Sushumna.
You must wait for the Guru's inner form to appear, and be able to hear the Guru's instructions clearly before venturing further. The Brahma Nadi extends from here to the Brahmarandra ( the fontanel region of the skull) and the Sahasrara. When she descends back to her slumber, you will silently weep, until you feel her once more alive in Sushumna. Years go by, even decades as you try to invoke her blessings again and again through Sadhana and self effort.
You could only think about one dominant thought in your mind, as if you were possessed with the Divine YOGA. Infused through Sadhana, and with deeper meaning now in your life your journey will continue to produce visions and experiences which are like signposts along the way, but still you will say to yourself, not this, nor that experience (Neti Neti). Remember what the great Yogi Swatmarama, a famous Nath Yogi said in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. There is no asana like Siddhasana, no Kumbhaka like Kevala, no Mudra like Kechari and no Laya or dissolution of the mind like Nada, the inner sound. There can be no perfection if Hatha Yoga is without Raja Yoga or Raja Yoga without Hatha Yoga.
Ten zestaw wykonywany przez 40 dni wzmacnia trzecia czakre zwana Manipura (Manipura oznacza Miasto Skarbow).
Benefactors will have the rare privilege to spend an extra day with Yogiraj for the first time. The Kriya Yoga pranayama called the prana-apanic fire rite by the yogis, teaches man to untie the cord of breath that binds our soul to the bodily cage. It was a meeting which made an inner connection to my inner being, and I consider the auspicious meeting with this Sannyasin disciple of Paramahamsa Satyananda as a real milestone in my spiritual journey. Although it was just asana training initially, I explored it to my fullest ability for three years putting in at least 2 hours per day seven days per week.
In that book there was a lot of in-depth clarification of what Yoga was really about, and I was especially drawn to the Satsang's about Kriya Yoga which at that time in the Satyananda Yoga Ashrams around the world was "the major Sadhana" which was being propagated.
There was no point waiting for the teacher to appear on the doorstep, but soon in 1985 a week long Kriya Yoga course was offered at the Satyananda Yoga Ashram at Mangrove Mountain which I gladly attended.
Throughout the course, whilst learning the Kundalini Kriyas of Tantric Kriya Yoga I could feel a strong awareness in Ajna Chakra which left me with a joyful blissed out feeling (an extreme natural high) for the week long introduction to Kriya Yoga.
Kriya Yoga has uncovered throughout the last 23 years of my life (although only momentarily) moments of transcendence into inner experiences, intense moments of bliss, devotion and extreme tranquility. Swamiji gave me an important personal instruction which was "Mounamurti you can, if you wish continue with Kriya Yoga, as it is better than not practicing any Yoga Sadhana at all, but the most important thing for you is to be innocent". I also feel that the most important attribute for a Kriya Yoga teacher is to have that ability to drop the ego, be innocent and tune in to their guru who is the immortal light within. Swamiji says that there are six Kriyas mentioned in an indirect way (as was to custom) in this classical ancient Tantric text. Through devotion to pranayama practice, the sensitivity is increased to both the inner and outer dimensions which we are a part of.
With regular practice over a period of time, Kriya Yoga brings us face to face with a cascade of energy and light which resides within.
This combination of studying mind and body interested me very much, and through my Diploma I earned a ticket into University, so that I could follow these studies. Although I did not complete my degree, the time at University was a fantastic time to investigate what I was deeply interested in, the human body and mind. Dr Motoyama also states that in the conception vessel flows YIN energy & in the governor vessel flow YANG energy.
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture) says that the CV is a store house of YIN energy & that the GV is a storehouse for YANG energy. Therefore we tread the mystical and scientific middle path of the Tao and Kundalini by practicing Kriya Yoga, an ancient and divine Sadhana which has been practiced by sincere Yogis for aeons of time. In Tantric Kriya Yoga you slowly move your awareness and consciousness through the Arohan and Awarohan passageway. You can easily picture this using the diagram above, and think of your awareness rising through each of the dermatomes.
It sets in motion the sound vibration, and the sound can be felt (and heard) by this human organism. Before the Second World War my grandfather was the second string Violinist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. To me he was like the Jimi Hendrix (The Lead Guitar Legend) of Violin, and I was transported during the time listening to him to another realm. The practitioner of Yoga Nidra begins at the other end of the nerve pathway by heightening the awareness of the body, in order to stimulate the brain. Through these Tantric Sadhanas which send abundant “specific” sensory nerve imputs to the spinal cord (which eventually, stimulates the central nervous system) Pratyahara and Dharana is induced allowing the consciousness to shine forth. Skeptics and many non Yoga practitioners only have a superficial awareness of the gross body. The introduction by Himalayan yogi, Sri Gorakh Babaji says, "The writer, Romola Butalia, given the name of Sriji at the Kumbha in Ujjain, has made incalculable effort through varied and often difficult terrain, visiting many ancient sacred temples, teerthsthansor places of pilgrimage and tapasyasthals where tapasya or austerities have been performed.
This was through the ancient teachings of Siddha Bogarnathar & Siddha Kalangi Nather (from the lineage of the Nava (nine) Nath Siddha Yogis which descended from Adi Nath Shiva).
The effects of this preparation must be assimilated on many levels of being, so be patient. If you are not experiencing continual transcendental LIGHT within, Yogis take recourse to Sadhana to better facilitate the transforming light.
So even if you practice Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Swara Yoga, Nada Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yantra Yoga, or any other Yoga, Guru Yoga, still you should take up Kriya Yoga which has been practiced by the Siddhas for millennia ( At least as far back as the era of the Mahabharata) as the ultimate Sadhana to remove the barriers and facilitate union with the infinite cosmos.

Kriya Yoga is the form of Kundalini Yoga that is the most suited Sadhana for the modern Homosapien that is trying to understand themselves and their place in the cosmos. Through the course of time your awareness will begin to acutely concentrate like a Laser beam, as mooladhara chakra erupts (concentration or dharana begins here at the event horizon - spontaneously) from aeons of sleep. Whilst Kundalini is inside switching on the Chakras, and they can intensely be felt radiating from their now connected nucleuses, the inner journey continues to unfold before your inner gaze and senses. Many mystical experiences confront the Sadhaka during this stage, such as the animal instincts (from the animal kingdom).
During my sleep one night I was alerted by a strong powerful vibration right in the centre of my brain. You will experience your inner power then grow, and you will play with that power to create your hidden desires (Vasanas). This means fulfill the prerequisites, as a full burst from the unconscious may be too much for you to handle. It is extremely subtle pathway, and this is where Kriya Yoga comes in as the path of Light unfolds. Only you know the conditions present when she first introduced herself to your conscious mind and awareness. As if now caught up in the spiral that is the Goddess within, your life forever more has a direction mapped like a star in space. Read below some important verses, and if you would like to read about the philosophy of the Nath Yogis then this file is worth a download.
By retention Kundalini is aroused, Sushumna becomes unobstructed and perfection of Hatha Yoga takes place. If you are looking for spiritual knowledge and experience transform through the light > Kriya Yoga. Jest to centrum energetyczne zwiazane z sila woli, ogniem wewnetrznym, pasja i dzialaniem oraz trawieniem.
The soul is then released to fly and expand into the super-conscious skies of omnipresent spirit and come back at will into the little body cage. In the larger sense, the whole world is filled with the universal life-force energy called prana. You might have heard it mentioned in some of the classical texts that at the proper time the guru appears to the disciple, and in this instance the disciple of the Guru made the connection with me.
It turned out to be a good preparation for the in-depth Sadhanas which followed the meeting of the Swami, which was like throwing petrol on a fire just waiting for fuel. It was a different kind of high than that of a drug, as I was clearly understanding the instructions, and felt a greater clarity beginning to emerge from my mind. The remaining Kriyas he was initiated into (transmitted) by Swami Sivananda Saraswati, at the time when he was leaving Sivananda Ashram. It is an extremely practical, though subtle Tantric Sadhana and technology designed to deepen our experience of the Chakras, Sushumna & Kundalini.
It also allowed me access to the anatomy cadaver labs (UOW mainly), where I studied the human spinal cord with great enthusiasm.
When you do this with maximum awareness, the tactile sensory nerve receptors pick up your awareness, and the impulse is immediately sent back to the spinal cord.
This is where the ancient Seers of Yoga developed the science of Mantra & Nada Yoga, to help us uncover the mysteries of the soul.
It has an immediate effect on the human organism because we (and all matter) are made up of sound vibrations.
I grew up (from just a toddler until my grandfathers death when I was 16) listening to my grandfather fantastic violin playing. At this stage you will need an experienced Yoga teacher that has this practical experience that can help you gain the sensitivity.
The progressive movement of awareness through the parts of the body not only induces physical relaxation, but clears all the nerve pathways to the brain, both those governing the physical activity, and those concerned with incoming information.” Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Nidra Bihar School of Yoga 5th Ed 1993 p40-41. Those Sadhaks that practice Kriya Yoga will also benefit through the Sadhana of Yoga Nidra & those that practice Yoga Nidra will benefit by practicing Tantric Kriya Yoga. It does not require devotion to any religion, but persons from any religious faith can practice it irrespective of beliefs.
Anything that brings the light is useful, and you know that you are on a good path when the light stays constantly shining within your inner being. It takes Self enquiry to another level entirely, where you perceive the individual Self (individual consciousness - Jivatma) in the eyebrow centre whilst your connection with the higher cosmos (universal consciousness – Atman) SELF (beyond body & mind) evolves. With continued (intense) Sadhana of Pranayama and Kriya Yoga your Shakti rises slightly from her hibernation and enters the hole of Brahma in the Sushumna. Concentration (dharana) moves upwards and inwardly (Centripetal motion towards the nucleus- Nirvritti Marg) towards meditation (Dhyana & beyond eventually) as Nada (celestial inner sounds) and Jyoti (inner light) become the only support for the Sadhaka.
This transmission of shakti is directed into the recipients Ajna Chakra (for a reason known only by the transmitter). I now became awake but my physical body was still fast asleep in pratyahara (sensory withdrawal). Your body was young and tuned, and your mind was like fertile soil and detached from mundane affairs. Dive deep, and do not be satisfied with reading about it only, be satiated through the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga.
Poprzez prace z tym zestawem wykorzystasz swoj wewnetrzny ogien do pozytywnego dzialania w zyciu.
Jesli lubisz Sutre Serca i chcesz wesprzec mnie w jej tworzeniu – postaw mi herbate jasminowa :) [mozesz przekazac dowolny datek przez PayPal] Dzieki bardzo!
3rd Sep.) In addition to the Regular program, Benefactors will enjoy the rare privilege of spending an extra day with Yogiraj in a private small group setting - an opportunity to make personal contact with Yogiraj and get answers to spiritual questions, which may be deeply personal.
This is done by rejuvenating the blood and body cells with life energy (prana) that has been distilled from the breath and moved into the spine and the brain. Their also are no caste barriers, beggar or king, male or female, rich or poor, it matters not. Participants will receive spiritual blessings while meditating in the direct Aura of Yogiraj and participate in a special alchemical tea ceremony. When you slowly move your awareness along the skin (or slightly deeper if you can) through the Awarohan psychic passageway the sensory nerve receptors within the dermis fire the stimulus back to the spinal cord. Kriya Yoga does this by slowly vaporizing the barriers that temporarily keep the Microcosm (Individual Self - Human Being) from union with the Macrocosm (Universal Higher Self - Divine).
You will start to perceive sounds (nada) or frequencies never heard before in your life coming from within you.
This is the only part of my physical body that I could feel, the line of the Maha Nadi and the energy moving between the two points.

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