Some people call Landmark the brainchild of a used car salesman who sold up his dubious techniques on to a an organisation which now passes them on in a watered down form for upwards of $500 a pop, but let’s not do that.
I just did a Landmark Seminar and it was a horrendous weird money-grabbing snake-oil shouty bullying nightmare.
Such a wide ‘change your life’ promise obviously invites some questions, among which ‘Is it a cult?’ is probably the foremost. Landmark offers "transformative learning", which is basically, changing the way that you look at things, including yourself.
Look, if I want spend money to watch people cry and have a breakthrough, I’ll give them complimentary tickets to my comedy shows. I enjoy the way they’ve used the word ‘technology’ here to mean ‘y’know…stuff’ rather than the classic meaning of ‘technology’, which is ‘technology’. Landmark has tried to dodge the kind of legal trouble daddy Erhard got himself into after some complaints by the (apparently not insignificant number of) people who’ve suffered proper actual psychological medical breakdowns in response to their ‘let’s all have a breakdown’ technique. Certainly Landmark benefits from the thrill of having a big ole confront-and-cry at your own weakness; it delivers the kind of euphoric ‘life changing’ endorphin kick you get when you finally stand up to the school bully (but YOUR BULLY WAS YOU ALL ALONG).
I’m sounding cynical, but I feel a lot like ‘it changed my life’ is often a euphemism for ‘it changed my feelings’, which, to be honest, happens to me every time I read Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson’s twitter feed, and that doesn’t cost me hundreds of dollars.
A good idea for a self help book would be 'How to write a successful self help book', it'd be a real seller.
Also, though I’m pointing out the problems with Landmark, the thing is, much like capitalism, it works. So it’s either something really cool that everyone should try or a fungal bloom of rapacious capitalism overlaid with new-age buzzwords and trite observations marketed as deep insight.
Comedian and SBS dating advice expert, Brydie Lee-Kennedy, gives you a guide to threesomes for the fundamentally lazy. Movie synopses' often make big claims about their films but is that always what you end up seeing? Despite opposition from expert economists, scientists and even the United Nations (you know, of the whole world) Tony Abbott is still trying to go his own way.
Remember the brass band scene in '10 things I Hate About You'?, The dognap in 'Ace Ventura'?
The research, already partially funded with a grant from Pfizer, will measure the impact of educational and non-educational interventions on practice.
These data will then be used to set the standard for comparisons of other assessment methodologies, including self-report, competency assessment and chart pull techniques. Pfizer has supported 50% of this grant as a challenge to other commercial supporters to step up and support this important research. Besides the countless incapabilities already proven by vast number of researches, people still think that frequent marijuana use is helping them someway. Many people confuse marijuana with cannabis oil, or even worse, meditation, which I found personally by asking couple of weed smokers. However, I am not here to give my opinion, but to share the answer through the eyes of a mystic. I enjoyed hearing this guy speak out his opinion on smoking marijuana, and I know you will enjoy it too!
A principal works with Student Voice Collaborative students on how to use the organization’s rubric to assess and improve her school. Two years ago, Zak Malamed and a few friends held their first Twitter chat for students who were feeling frustrated about how little say they had in the school reform debates going on all around them.
The group has grown in numbers and visibility, recently moving from grassroots effort to official nonprofit. Quaglia surveyed 66,314 sixth through twelfth-grade students across the country as well as conducted focus groups in order to put together the 2014 My Voice National Student Report, an in-depth look at what it takes for students to feel like they matter.
The other thing students told him in the survey is that they want teachers to value them as individuals and as a group, but also that teachers matter to them. Using students’ answers, Quaglia and his researchers created an odds analysis to try to predict school behaviors.
Yet Quaglia is beginning to understand one of the issues to bestowing self-worth and engagement on students – the teachers. At Landmark High School, students organized a school improvement campaign to improve attendance and engagement. The first thing high school kids who sign up for the voluntary, after school program are shown is how the system already works.
Student Voice Collaborative participants present their proposal for school improvement: a forum where students provide regular feedback to teachers to improve communication and instruction. But even if districts and schools don’t have the resources for an attempt at a system-wide overhaul like SVC, Malamed said they can take action with small steps. Sussman brought some of his students to Student Voice Live so they could get an up-close look at the work of Malamed and his partners. If you’re interested in student voice and youth participation in decision-making around the world, I have a whole website devoted to this topic. Holly Korbey's work on parenting and education has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Babble, Brain, Child Magazine, and others.
Erhard had no educational or counseling credentials to guide him, but rather his personal experience dabbling in fringe self-improvement groups like Scientology. Landmark turned Erhard’s concocted philosophy into LGAT gold, making millions of dollars every month in fees.
First it recruits parents to take its courses and then the company gets them to enroll their kids.
But kids have become lucrative for Landmark, which runs programs in the US for children 8-12 and teens too. It is unclear what educational requirements Landmark requires or expects from its seminar leaders, who are typically neither mental health professionals, nor licensed or accountable to any government regulatory or accrediting body. Cushman goes on to explain that ”according to this ideology all defenses are bad and must be destroyed. Cushman pointed out more than a dozen serious problems that frequently pop up wit LGAT groups like Landmark. They sometimes teach the covert value of total exposure instead of valuing personal differences. They sometimes ignore stated goals, misrepresent their actual techniques, and obfuscate their real agenda.
They sometimes focus too much on structural self-awareness techniques and misplace the goal of democratic education; as a result participants may learn more about themselves and less about group process. Cushman warns specifically ”as a result, participants and leaders may unconsciously distort their feelings and responses when reporting to researchers about the group or recruiting for future groups. Does this sound like something that an 8 to 12-year-old child or teen should be involved in? Landmark is good at persuading people that its courses are positive and that they somehow produce benefits.
However, these are subjective responses about how participants feel, not objective results that have been scientifically measured. Leaders [have] rigid, unbending beliefs about what participants should experience and believe, how they should behave in the group and when they should change.

Leaders [have] no sense of differential diagnosis and assessment skills, valued cathartic emotional breakthroughs as the ultimate therapeutic experience, and sadistically pressed to create or force a breakthrough in every participant. Leaders [have] an evangelical system of belief that was the one single pathway to salvation. Werner Erhard the seminar guru that concocted this LGAT claimed that he received a revelation while driving on a California freeway in 1971, he realized that he knew nothing.
Recently there has been criticism from some Legislative Council and District Council members about the imposition of rules and systems for approving publicity materials for display on the notice boards in the common areas of our public housing estates.
The primary objective of the HD in managing public housing estates is to provide a safe, clean and tranquil environment for our tenants.
To uphold the basic principle that publicity materials should not be used to criticise any individuals regardless of their position, we have further clarified the guidelines on the arrangements in 2011, making it clear to all front-line staff that publicity materials shall not carry any negative or derogatory remarks against individual persons or parties. One of the criticisms is that our guidelines allow us to censor the content of publicity materials. Our only objective is to provide a simple channel through which our tenants may seek and be given information of interest to them.
A number of public housing estates in Hong Kong were built as far back as the 1950s or 60s. Sai Wan Estate in Western District, with its residential in-take in 1958, was the third public housing estate to be built on Hong Kong Island, after North Point Estate (now demolished) and Model Housing Estate.
Today’s product diversification of apartment condos, townhomes, duplexes, bungalows and single family homes allow us the opportunity to bring various new home developments to the communities in which we build.  Introducing Edmonton to the concept of multi-generational design, our communities are developed to foster roots for families and individuals both young and old. Today, the Landmark Group is one of Alberta’s largest, award-winning, home builders and developers. The mission of the Landmark Group is to be a major housing solutions provider recognized for sustainability and for leading a revolution in the way homes are built.
For over 36 years, Landmark’s dedication to sustainability and energy-efficient features – both inside and outside of the home – has helped to redefine an industry-leading level of energy efficiency. Since 1996, we have donated over $10 million dollars, aligning to Landmark’s company philosophy of building stronger and healthier communities across Alberta. It’s a company that sells self-help seminars, along a sliding scale of increasing expensiveness, and it promises to change your life. All they want is your money, and they’ll never stop calling you once they have your number. Positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life in just three days, with no mention of risk. I mean, by all accounts Landmark courses involve a lot more shouting and crying than legitimate enterprises normally do. Now, as everyone who has ever taken a selfie knows, there are many different ways to look at yourself, and the person who purses their lips in the mirror at you in the morning is also the one that looms fat-chinned out at you when you accidentally hit FaceTime instead of the call icon. Landmark uses the term ‘un-coachable’, as a euphemism for non-pliable, which unless it’s in a yoga class, feels to me like a compliment.
EST) is the sort of mash-up of eastern philosophies and grinning American optimism that was forged the self-awareness movement of the 1960s and '70s and like many things from the 70s, maybe hasn’t aged as well as it thinks it has. They require participants to sign a waiver asserting that they’re emotionally stable before they try to solve all their emotional problems with a self-help course. The act of breaking down in tears can feel like you’re achieving something significant, and feeling like you’re achieving something is an addictive thing.
Why compartmentalise ‘the self’, which is already a pretty shifty and arguable concept (I think therefore I am?) into a soap opera evil twin scenario of ‘true self’ and ‘naughty self that’s getting in the way’. According to their press release, “the leading clinical informatics provider Forward Health Group, Inc.
Our goal is to give people latest information, make them think from a whole different perspective, and add new questions to their life, with ONE unique goal - to make themselves better at what they truly want to do in life! To ensure a better experience on our site, we recommend using a recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. At the time, Malamed and two other friends were still in high school, and one friend was in college. Malamed said that what began as a social media awareness campaign to promote the “philosophy of student voice in education” has become a way to connect students who long to be a part of the education process with the tools and organizations they need to get there.
Malamed said that there will always be the kids who want to change things through student government, but his plans go beyond student council. He has been studying and advocating for student voice for over 30 years – for much of that time feeling like the “the guy with the long hair who ranted” about how students needed to play a bigger role in their education.
The initial project began as an experiment in five city high schools; it has since expanded into seventeen high schools across five school networks. Students’ first assignment is to interview school leaders, then make a one-page map showing how decisions get made in their school. First, kids interview key officials in the Department of Education in order to see the landscape and how they fit into the bigger picture. To that end, Malamed and his partner, Carnegie Mellon senior Adil Majid, created Student Voice in a Box, a series of posts and videos made for students and teachers to give them ideas on how to incorporate student voice into classrooms. Sussman’s students were able to see a college student like Malamed connect, network, and create important partnerships. The early teen years are so hard to navigate, and our younger teens are using the same technologies as their high school counterparts. There are examples of effective programs and practices, research papers, a feed of youth participation news, and other resources. Valid, reliable surveys give students and school leaders the info they need to make schools work for young people.
They shape their group exercises in order to uncover and intensify the participants’ underlying conflicts and deficits. And the instant he realized that he knew nothing, he then realized he knew everything, and everything was good. The aim of setting up notice boards in common areas in public housing estates is to provide a simple and convenient information platform through which Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, non-governmental organisations and resident associations may disseminate relevant information, especially those of welfare or service-providing in nature, to public housing residents.
This is in line with the original aim of setting up such notice boards to be a reliable source of information, and not something that should be used to criticise individual persons or parties; or worse, a channel through which individuals or parties criticise each others.
Upon its establishment in 1973, the Housing Authority (HA) began to take on the management of these estates. With its colourful outlook, the estate has been a landmark in Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon for a good half-century.
It was the first public housing estate to be planned and built as a self-contained community, providing a full spectrum of facilities such as a shopping complex, market, parking areas, schools and a public library. From affordable housing initiatives to active adult communities, each project can be uniquely designed for its setting and market niche.
We have crafted over 11,000 Alberta homes while fulfilling the dreams of almost every type of homeowner — creating everything from duplex and townhomes, to attached-garage and estate homes.
At present, over 60% of Landmark homes receive an EnerGuide rating of 80 or above, where the industry average is between 72-76.
We recognize the need to create more attractive, affordable housing solutions for first-time home buyers, while fulfilling the needs of an ever-expanding population. It explicitly denies being a cult, though France has put it on a list of ‘dangerous cults’, which I can’t really tell what that even means.

According to the skeptic’s dictionary the two creators were pals for a bit before falling out in the late 70’s (“Cult fight!
The creator of Landmark’s force-the-breakdown-you’ll-feel-better-after technique, Werner Erhard, originally used much rougher, more physical methods in his original model (known as EST).  The EST method, like Landmark, was aimed at inducing those hysterically emotional moments of self-insight that are characterised as life-changing breakthroughs, and ended up selling the business to his brother and sister in the midst of a lot of nebulous legal claims, some of which were later withdrawn. I mean, I guess if it’s a useful conceptual placebo, go for your life, but I feel like the people who write self-help programs are mainly people who became successful by writing self help programs, so the only truly sincere advice they can give is “Have you tried writing a self-help program?
At least for some, Landmark’s near $600 entry-level fee is a worthwhile expense for a genuine improvement in their sense of control over life.
As far as I can find out though, nobody’s forced to stick around, which makes me feel like this is less on the level of problem-cult, and more in the realms of well-some-women-get-exponentially-more-expensive-beauty-treatments-whatever-makes-you-feel-less-empty-I-guess. If it’s for overly stressed day, getting away from your body (as Sadghuru says in the video below) it can have a tiny positive effect. But when they formed Student Voice, the group that rose out of that first chat, they agreed that “Revolutionizing education through the voices and actions of students,” in whatever form that would take, would be their mission. But now he sees, with the rise of groups like Student Voice and The Future Project, that students are taking notice and tides are beginning to turn. According to the report, students who feel “engaged” are 16 times more likely to want to do well; “having a sense of purpose” makes them 18 times more likely to be academically motivated. Then, members of the SVC are invited along on ‘quality reviews’ – one of the two forms of school accountability for the city, where students get paired with a quality reviewer and see how schools are judged according to officials. Some formal schools stunt such qualities as curiosity, creativity, wonder, and intrinsic motivation. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing.
It is essential for an organisation as large as the Housing Department (HD) to establish a set of criteria for vetting publicity materials. The guidelines are in place simply to help our colleagues to coordinate the display of publicity materials and to ensure a fair allocation of space available on the notice boards. The HA has ever since been making efforts to provide new facilities and improve the living environment of these estates, while also striving to maintain their distinct characteristics. One of the blocks, East Terrace, has its main entrance at the bottom of the hill while the other four linked blocks occupy the upper part of the slope.
The names of the avenues and blocks inside the estate are associated with the seven colours of the rainbow, with references to the red plum, orange blossom, yellow chrysanthemum, green crystal, purple crape myrtle, red sepal, etc. A home that is beautiful, efficient, and self-sufficient… homes that can generate their own power through renewable electricity. I don’t even have enough money to afford their entry-level course and do this report gonzo style. The only other risk-free promise I’ve met that offered so much speed and comprehensive life-improvement was a shonky boob-job salesman, and to be honest, I think he was lowballing the risk of nipple-loss (this happens, and is what it sounds like, and not to sound risk-averse but in my own life and in the absence of life-threat-level medical necessity, I feel any risk of nipple loss is probably too much risk of nipple-loss.
I’m uncomfortable with any insistence you can’t benefit from something without throwing out your doubts.
The quick-burn group-therapy break-through is an effective technique for some, whether because it’s a mash-up of manipulative psychotherapy techniques on speed, or because a shakeup is as good as a holiday, or because old Werner hit the nail on the head.
The question is whether it’s a deliberately exploitative, manipulative and financially driven pyramid scheme.
The group also hosted Student Voice Live, their recent all-student produced event in New York City, which gained sponsorship from Dell and Microsoft.
What about the underrepresented students who don’t necessarily sign up for student council?” He said that the traditional role of students coming to the institution saying, ‘this is what we want,’ should be flipped.
I flipped the whole thing on its head, and started looking at students as potential and not the problem.” He founded the institute to study how student voice affects both student achievement and schools.
For Quaglia, it’s clear: students who feel respected and have a sense of control and purpose over what they do at school have a much greater chance of doing well. Next, students conduct research and identify a challenge in their school, and come up with a student-led campaign to address that challenge. Futhermore schools began to resemble prisons: children are cut from society and social media is banned. Therefore, the discussion or mention of a group, organization or person on this page, is not necessarily meant pejoratively.
It is also worth bearing in mind that the guidelines have been in place since 1999 and have been operating smoothly all along.
The use of simple, fair and user-friendly guidelines helps protect our colleagues from accusation of favouritism or bias and avoid disputes amongst eligible parties. Since the guidelines are well understood by most people, it is very rare that publicity materials are not approved.
In 2009, the HA installed a new lift to serve between the ground floor entrance and the first floor of East Terrace, to provide easier and more convenient access for the residents.
The estate has recently undergone improvement works including structural repairs, construction of new lifts, re-pavement of pedestrian walkways, as well as enhancements to the landscape design and green areas. Wah Fu (I), in view of its proximity to the sea, was built in the Old Slab design, to enable more residents to enjoy the sea view; while Wah Fu (II) Estate was built in 1970, making a mark with its Twin Tower design. Currently, we are building this concept in Canada’s first, Net-Zero community in Sparrow Landing at Larch Park, in southern Edmonton. Is it a Cult or a game-changer, a dangerously effective technique for clearing out the rubbish of your life or a straight up waste of money? The first indicator of a pathological social arrangement is a lack of willingness to brook doubt or articulate, critical thinking. My cynicism at what feels like the greasily money-grabbing and bullying-for-your-own-good elements of the enterprise aside, it genuinely helps some people get over some of their stuff, at least for a while. Finally, they’re asked to set a city-wide agenda – things that will benefit all students, not just the ones at their school.
In order to ensure consistency we have now put in place a system to allow front-line staff to refer to Housing Managers in the Headquarters for advice on difficult cases.
Despite its old age, the estate has been maintained in an excellent condition as the peaceful ambience and general tidiness show. Residents have been enjoying easier access and a better living environment since completion of the improvement programme. Also, it’s doing something and there’s a tendency for anything that breaks the status quo of ‘doing nothing’ to be lauded as the cure for all your ills, (when the cure for all your ills was actually anything that was no longer ‘doing nothing’), there are enough people who do Landmark and sing its praises that it’s worth taking seriously. One group, Sussman said, came up with six recommendations for New York City schools and sent them in a letter to Carmen Farina, the New York City Schools Chancellor.
So instead of fulfilling assignments, students seek for dissertation writing services online. Anyone who is dissatisfied with a decision may also seek to have the decision reviewed by staff at the Headquarters. A sitting-out area covered in greenery and some recreational facilities have been put in place despite spatial constraints.

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