They support people in developing their own consciousness, and a greater understanding of the important role that deep, trusting relationships have in the healthy development of our culture.
Gotz Global Leadership & Partners Organizations have the potential to unfold visionary business models. There is an endless source of possibilities that foster a culture of potential unfolding - for the organization and for the people who feel connected to it. It’s frequently suggested that the world is changing at a rapid pace and businesses need to learn how to keep up in order to maintain their success, or they are at risk of being left behind. However, few people go into business in order to ‘keep up’; surely the majority of businesses are looking to get ahead? This is where ‘Change Leadership’ is essential.  This is the ability of an individual to lead a team successfully in a time where constant disruption is inevitable. Learning to keep abreast of trends in order to capitalise on them is essential in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

The cornerstone of a business’s success is to not only monitor change, but to be able to respond to them faster and more efficiently than ever before.
In the past marketing departments have been misunderstood as being ‘fluffy’ and individuals ‘just playing with pictures’, thankfully, this is no longer the case.
In a world where ‘agile marketing’ is becoming prevalent, are marketers ideally placed in order to step up to the role of being a ‘change leader’ and drive businesses forward to meet its objectives? Because each and every company has an integral nature, an inner compass that creates a lasting impact: a higher calling that goes far beyond the corporate balance sheet. In the current evolving climate, digital disruption in particular is rife as companies regularly launch new products and software. Marketing scanning should be an innate skill for any respectable marketing individual in order to be ahead of the game.
There is increasing call for marketers to be the brains behind a company’s big vision, whilst being able to implement this strategically.

Are they the ones who have the awareness, creativity and accountability that leads them to be poised and ready to become the change leader of tomorrow? Frequently these products or services are offered at a reduced cost to the user, adding pressure on companies to find innovative ways to compete in order to maintain their market share. It is the change leader’s responsibility to minimise this risk and be accountable for the outcome of decisions made. Methodically monitoring and evaluating the outcome is required and there is increasing emphasis on statistical evidence and ROI. By responding to the change leaders prepare followers to focus on learning and discovery instead of security and control.

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