Walthamstow Sahaja Yoga programme is a friendly meditation meeting, located in the Friends Meeting House, just off Hoe Street.
The volunteers who run the meeting try to create an atmosphere that is conducive for personal inner spiritual growth.
What is Meditation?Meditation is a state of mental silence or stillness, where we are fully aware, but not engrossed in thinking.It is known as ‘thoughtless awareness’.
A few minutes each day with Specialised Meditation will Significantly Improve the Function of Your Heart and Rejuvenate It with Love and Positive Energy. Even if the eating problems are not severe yet, the heart still suffers due to the misbalance in the autonomic nervous system. Most eating disorder sufferers experience some sort of misbalance in their autonomic nervous system when one part or the other gets overstimulated. Generally when the sympathetic nervous system (I’ll call it the “SNS”) is stronger than the parasympathetic nervous system (the “PNS”), people are prone to be tense, agitated, have a weaker appetite, suffer from insomnia, palpitation, arrhythmia and so forth. Therefore the state of a stronger SNS is not preferable, and neither is a state of a stronger PNS. You will have lots of benefits from the Specialised Meditation for Eating Disorders if you have lots of stress and your body produces the “fight-or-flight response” often. In cases when your PNS is over activated and you experience dullness, sleepiness, extreme salivation and slow pulse, you should focus on physical exercises first, and then combine it with meditation practices. A number of studies show that meditationstabilizes your heart rate and breathing rate, lower your blood pressure and decrease the number of stress hormones circulating in your bloodstream.
The other study, reported in The American Journal of Hypertension showed that meditation also offers heart-healing benefits to those who already suffer from heart problems.
People with eating disorders experience lots of stress in their lives and are prone to have heart problems.

Significantly increase your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly. Increase the production of brain chemicals related to your health, longevity, well-being, and quality of life.
Recent research also revealed that regular meditation dramatically affects production of three important hormones related to longevity, stress and health.
Regular meditation reduces the level of cortisol in the body about 45-50% compare to the cortisol level of someone who doesn’t meditate. DHEA acts as a buffer against stress-related hormones (such as cortisol), which is why as you get older and make less DHEA you are more susceptible to stress and disease. Regular meditationmake Melatonin levels increase nearly double compare to non-meditation group. It means that Meditation not only dramatically lowers stress, reduces the urges to binge, purge or starve yourself, it also means that meditation  slows the aging process, heals your heart and improves well-being.
You can have all the CDs Loaded on an MP4 the benefits of this method are easy too listen to, no distractions from outside, no outside noise, so you can access your subconscious much easier.
With easy-to-follow instructions, meditation teacher Jyotish Novak demystifies meditation—presenting the essential techniques so that you can quickly grasp them.
It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara. Autonomic nervous system is the system that regulates internal organs (heart, stomach, lungs, intestines, bladder, muscles and everything else inside the body). On the other hand, when the PNS is stronger than the SNS, people are prone to feel dull, have a strong appetite, overproduction of saliva, sleep heavily,high blood pressure, slow pulse and heart rate and so forth. According to the studies, a regimen of meditation resulted in a significant improvement of heart function.

The only way to avoid that – is to practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress and minimise the effects of ED on your heart.
This ability enables you to make better decisions, make the right choices and actually love your life.
How to Meditate has helped thousands to establish a regular meditation routine since it was first published in 1989. The programme consists of a guided meditation and a video talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. This can be tangibly felt, and manifests as a cool wind, breath or breeze, often felt on the palms of the hands or at the top of the head.
Sympathetic part is responsible for the stress response in the body and often it gets over activated in eating disorder people.
People get stressed on Monday morning (the beginning of the working week) more than on other day of the week. It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being. We make less of it as we age, and since during sleep many important rejuvenating substances are created in the brain, the inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly accelerate the aging process. This newly revised edition includes a bonus chapter on scientific studies showing the benefits of meditation, plus all-new photographs and illustrations.

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