In recent years, the issue of climate change - and what we can do to prevent further changes to the planet's natural eco-systems - has taken centre stage on the world political agenda. The Big AskIn the UK, Friends of the Earth have been campaigning since 2003 for a climate change law that would make it a legal requirement for the government to cut the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by three per cent year on year.
When people talk about global warming they say that we can't do anything about it, but in truth we can do as much as we want to.
Climate change is an inevitable thing but we cannot just stand there and watch the earth burn around us.
In my state we are trying to enact a law that will enable to reduce the effects of climate change.
To be quite honest to be able to stop climate change is going to be soo hard because like for example using other energy methods is not cheap. Weather and climate shapes the physical make-up of the earth - and this shapes how and where humans live in the planet. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the PreventClimateChange website.
Social media’s power to reach millions of people in mere seconds makes it a great tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!
You can watch our live stream on Sundays (8, 9, and 11:30 am EST), our Change Today Stream on Fridays (2 pm), or connect with us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or our text clubs! There's been plenty of talk, but what is actually being done to stop climate change?From the Kyoto treaty to smaller commitments people are making to do their bit for the environment, here we set out what is being done to help prevent further damage to the environment, and the big challenges shaping the debate.The Kyoto Treaty & International SummitsClimate change is a global issue, and so too has been the international move to support a long lasting solution to tackle the problems. So far, 200,000 people have registered their support for the campaign by contacting their MP on the matter.

If we get enough people we can help get the government to help us talk to the other governments of the world and see what the world is willing to do to stop global warming. Many may argue that global warming is a natural phenomenon but with humans, they bring forward the date of when the earth will end forward by centuries. Global warming is caused by methane from over populated cows (due to businesses force breeding).
Like installing solar panels, not everyone can afford to buy a solar phone or whatever and not everyone has access to this technology.
Buy products from cleaner countries pay a bit more, but safe and helping to climate change.
We even take one day a year to highlight all of our social media platforms during our services – we call it Social Media Sunday! We’re making it as convenient as possible for you to connect to spiritual resources that will strengthen and encourage you on your Christian walk.
You’ll find a wealth of products, including books, live stage plays, music CDs, conference series and teaching series on DVD and CD that will elevate your mindset and help you to fulfill your potential in Christ. A number of international summits - including the Earth summit in Rio and more recently Kyoto - have taken place in recent years to debate the principal environmental concerns and set out an agenda to help prevent further eco depreciation.Kyoto has been one of the most influential summits to date, as it sets out a binding protocol for reducing carbon emissions. As a result, a climate change bill was tabled in 2007 as a long-term commitment to tackling climate change.The Government's Climate Change BillThe climate change bill sets out the framework for the UK's long-term policy on climate change and in particular CO2 emissions. Every single minute a football field of the amazon forest gets taken down for cow farms and agricultural reasons. If he hasn't you need to get in touch with your relevant emergency health authority in order to get a diagnosis as it can be treated succesfully, if reported early.

Chinese people are not aware, the money for them is more important then global situation.We don't have to pay for them our lives even if they say that Britain burnt their coal and got rich and they are going to burn their coal and get rich. We are excited about the opportunity to reach the world and help people to get connected to our ministry and to the power of God! For countries in the EU, this involves a commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 12.5% by 2012.
The government has agreed to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 60% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels), a previous commitment that will now become legally binding.
While the protocol is binding, it isn't compulsory for countries to actually sign up, and, notably, several large counties including the US haven't committed to signing up to the scheme as yet, despite growing international pressure. The bill also proposes an independent committee on climate change to be established that would monitor and give advice on how to achieve these emissions targets. Renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal and building cleaner energy system are being put in place.
Finally, the bill sets out new powers to enable future governments to implement stricter emissions policies going forward.
However, it is agreed none of this is being done quickly of efficiently enough to currently make a significant difference, nor reverse the process. A small change individually equates to a large-scale change collectively, so turning around some of our bad habits around can make a lasting difference.

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