This training course shows you how to use the skills and experiences you have accumulated during your lifetime – to become a paid professional Life Coach. This is a SIX MONTHS comprehensive training programme (HOME STUDY) which leads to a diploma qualification. Complete the boxes below and click SUBMIT to download the Prospectus which will give you complete information including your Enrolment Application form.
FREE WordPress Course for ALL students who enrol.  Join the 'technical revolution' and take your newly learned writing and photography skills to the next level.
If you have a question about any of our home study training courses, call Registrar Carol on 0800 80 1994 . One of the great delights of seeing someone who is excellent at what they do, is also seeing them apply what they do in different situations. Watching her working with others helping them to develop better presentations skills and feel more confident in business is a real pleasure. The skills that a model needs: poise, concentration and the ability to call attention to yourself without appearing like a lunatic, but by being charismatic are in her blood.

And she has also trained as a Trainer in NLP, which gives her the ability to really identify and transfer those elements of her work which might otherwise have stayed intuitive.
On top of this, Michele has also learned through NLP plenty about stage craft, and about delivering lines.
And it's equally good fun to see her applying those same skills with another section of the market: brides-to-be. When she isn't teaching businesspeople the art of presentation, then with another hat on she is "The Bridal Coach". Michele takes excited brides through the rehearsals, not only helping them to concentrate on their emotional state to ensure that they have the best day, but also teaching some of the same techniques that she teaches to business people  in a new context. At the same time, with her years of experience in clothing and in looking right, she has unique expertise in helping brides select the dress that is the right body shape for them, buy shoes that will be comfortable - and teach brides how to wear them. Neither a business meeting nor a wedding day needs to be traumatic, and Michele's skills slot perfectly into both areas.
NLP Life Training's mission is to create and offer high quality NLP seminars, from brief introductory evening seminars through to advanced trainings.

You can take less than six months if you are able to devote more than five hours a week to your studies. We intend to tailor different kinds of events with the intention of meeting all our clients' requirements. Any mistakes you made can become helpful stepping stones of guidance for the people you coach.
What we offer are the best NLP trainers in the world, an amazing variety of seminars and a professional approach to individuals and corporations. Our seminars will provide you unique experiences, where you will learn some amazing techniques, and have lots of fun while your doing it.

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