The coaching industry is an interesting industry and depending on who you talk to, there are some interesting and different perspectives you that might surprise you. Long term dedication: Most life and business coaches indicate that it takes quite a long time to build up a client list that’s reliable enough to generate a full income for them. Some coach training companies state on their websites that paid clients are guaranteed after their training and that life coaching is a highly paid profession, but it clearly isn’t.
In terms of demand for the services of a life coach, Google suggests there is actually a decrease in the demand for life coaching services as indicated in the graph below that shows a slight downward trend since 2004. So the fact that thousands of new life coaches have set up businesses with the online demand remaining static, which is pretty amazing considering how online users have grown from 745 million in 2004 to over 2.1 billion in 2011. No Governing body for coaching: The coaching industry has no governing body to look out for the client, because there is no regulation. The International Coaching Federation is a sort of self-appointed body that tries to bring some standards and structure to the industry, but primarily in the U.S.
Harvard Business Review survey: The Harvard Business Review in 2009 conducted a survey of 140 leading coaches and got 5 experts to comment on the findings. Ten years ago, life coaching was all about helping to fix toxic behaviour but today it is more about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers. Survey results show that the industry is fraught with conflicts of interest, blurry lines between what is the province of coaches and what should be left to mental health professionals, and a lack of mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of coaching. Life Coaching Myth: some, but certainly not all coaches are able to help you reach your goals. The purpose of this article is to bring to light what many business people don’t know – MOST life coaches and business coaches are worse off and less capable than the people who are hiring them! At Life Playground Coaching, we meet with clients 45 minutes each fortnight by telephone or Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime. Coaching is a investment in you, your life, your career, your business, those around you and those you are responsible for.
Be held accountable to pushing you through blockages and taking action ie having your butt kicked!
Know as the Kick-Butt Coach, Janet McNally of Life Playground Coaching has extensive senior executive management and leadership experience in a range of multinational organisations and behind number of start up companies. Janet’s exceptional skill and precision as a coach comes from years of experience in an industry where results, transformation and seeing dreams turned into reality are the linchpin of your career. Within 5 minutes of speaking with  people, Janet clearly sees their strengths that MUST be capitalised on for exceptional results. How often do we just let life happen to us, without any idea of where we would like to end up. Once you have rated each area, the Wheel of Life shows you which areas of your life are out of balance. What do I need from myself and my environment in order to improve the areas of my Wheel of Life? Whether starting or building a small business or building a life, I am all about growth.   My goal is to help you see your impediments to success and then apply my proven principles to effectively overcome them. Because I have lived a part of life without being focused on my purpose, I understand lack of clear focus.
While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs. Even as a business coach, you still have a responsibility to a client to understand ALL the factors that go into making his business successful or not. As either a business coach or a life coach, you are involved with your client AND his or her business.
The difference between the two is this: a business coach approaches the problem primarily as getting the business straight so as to positively affect the life of the client. What’s interesting about business coaching is that you will likely apply both life coaching skills and business coaching skills.
Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client.

We help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life. The Life coaching division of The Vic Speakman Foundation seeks to educate and inspire the youth of today to aim for a future that will be impactful and financially sustainable in their perspective areas of interest. Additionally, The Vic Speakman Foundation seeks to encourage the parents to get involved in their children’s education and motivate them to succeed where many have said they are unable too because of their past.
Coaches through encouragement and accountability get their players or clients to work harder for peak performance.
Coaches enhance performance through more effective methods or skills they learned or figured out for themselves. Coaches help to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and help you focus on what you do best. Coaches help you brainstorm for ideas for needed changes and help you plan how to make the change. Compatibility-when speaking and spending time with the coach you should feel comfortable and able to speak openly. Professionalism-is the coach credible in the fact they are competent in the area of your focus and able to bring knowledge, skills, and good advice?
Most coaches offer a free introductory session to alleviate the fear of taking the next step and working with them. Request a FREE Grow Your Business Faster Strategy Session to see if coaching is right for you.
Greg Clowminzer offers advice and personal coaching for CEO’s, small business owners, and professionals who are stressed out and overwhelmed by the challenges of business, relationships and life. Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business? Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money? Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? It’s assumed that coaches are supposed to be successful if they are to make (you) their clients successful, but that isn’t always the case. Some of them feel that having a main career at which they are successful will help lend some credibility to their claim of being a good life coach, while others say it only takes the focus away from the main goal of building up one’s practice. An International Coach Federation (ICF) survey conducted in 2003 found that 70% of coaches earned less than $50,000 annually and 37% less than $10,000. One coach claims that being on the front page of Google brings in 3 or 4 inquiries irregularly and 50% of those inquiries are either time wasters or people who need therapy as opposed to coaching. Mathematically, it shows a significant decrease in demand for life coaching services rather than growth. The Australian effort has been underway for more than four years, but presents a massive challenge to coaches who have paid little attention to the emerging definition of coaching—and the “benchmarks” that clients may quickly adopt as the standard.
The commentators all had conflicting views as to where the field is heading and ought to be heading; this reflected the contradictions that came to light among the respondents. This in itself has created more fuzziness around issues such as how life coaches define the scope of their work, how they measure and report on progress and the credentials a company should use to select a coach. The bottom line is that coaching continues to grow but the fundamentals of the industry are still in flux. One of the main issues is that anyone can call themselves a professional coach, life coach, personal coach, etc.
We work with people in corporate, small business owners to entrepreneurs, sport and entertainment professionals across the globe.
Knowing that you are the highest species on earth shouldn’t you now be alive to the fact that your life and time is worth so much more. This passion for life is what will get you through those days when self-doubt and fear starts to creep in. Others attribute personal significance to you, it not something you seek – it is a consequence of how you behave. This dual focus may sound difficult, but think about this: when you help your client to succeed, you will inevitably benefit the business as well.

The life coach, on the other hand, approaches the same problem from the standpoint of getting the CLIENT straight so that the business will also prosper. In other words, you will be working on the personal goals of your client as well as affecting the overall success of the business.
The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.
We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.
There are life coaches, organizational coaches, business coaches, sport coaches, executive coaches, career coaches; you name it and you can probably find a coach to suit your needs. Having someone to guide you in the direction of your goals and give guidance for success is one of the greatest decisions a person can do for self-improvement. If your first conversation, phone or in person, is one-sided and mainly from them you may want to consider interviewing others. Take advantage of the offer and seize the opportunity to see if you are ready to be coached to reaching your ultimate goals.
While some coaches do well, the ICF study indicated that only 10% of them earned $100,000 and those were coaches to America’s Fortune 500. A governing and regulating body does not exist for Life coaching as it does for social workers and psychologists. Coaching is not regulated and many ‘coaches’ have no idea what coaching really is because they haven’t been trained or haven’t been coached by a professionally trained and credentialed coach.
Unlike in the past when men were laughed upon for having “impossible” and “unreasonable” dreams, people are now encouraged to be different. You tend to fill your days with the things you love instead of being robbed of your precious time by insignificant issues. Your realisation of how great you are can actually push you towards that big scary dream that you have,  Impossible is a myth, do not believe in it.
The greatest commonality with all of these types are their goal is to help you reach the greatest potential in the area of focus.
It is the coach‘s job to help you find your inner wisdom while giving guidance and advice but they can only do this if they are listening effectively. This study also showed that close to 100% of the survey respondents were primarily engaged in one-on-one coaching rather than group sessions. Believe only in your dream, in your ability to turn it into reality and the reason why you deserve it.
A Griff Coaching Experiencehelps you learn to know your purpose for the business or just for yourself. Real results take time, focus and a consistent, proven strategic approach to set and keep both personal and business growth in motion.
Even though these terms are often put in the same category as coaching, they are not the same. Whilst these figures are dated, they provide a clear snapshot of the coaching industry revealing that in the coaching world, a minority of individuals enjoy the lion’s share of earnings. Some people read a book or watch a TV program and decide “I’m a coach!” as a result the quality of coaches vary dramatically. What I have learned is that people often know what they need to do but lack the ability to focus on the issues involved in getting it done.
Clients experience positive results because I start your right where you are, focusing on what is most urgent to you, and, unlike a structured coaching program, I build an approach that uniquely fits you. Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks, relates, “A phrase used by one of the most organized and successful companies I ever worked for….Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance!
Sharing your appreciation for life, brings with it an abundance of life, friends, prosperity and happiness.
A Griff Coaching Experience helps you get to and stay focused on the really important issues that will drive you to business success and personal significance.

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