It is a step by step process that takes time and commitment from the coached individuals, as well as openness and continuity.
Having said that, whatever level of leadership you are at right now, there is always room to grow to both better lead yourself and to bring out the best in others. Celebrating success - the value of celebrating success and rewarding yourself; character-based movie based on a true story. Although it was extremely difficult to leave the family behind, she decided to choose to put her goals and dreams first, and to find out what was missing. Life may seem successful on the outside but inside we can’t shake that frazzled feeling that nothing we do is quite enough. So let’s be clear – the first thing to know (and this is good news) is that nothing is wrong with you! The second thing to know (and this is even better news) is that real and lasting change is possible. In fact, not only is real change possible, but it can be made with optimism, confidence and calmness – once you gain the right support and skills. You see, the truth is that you’re far more resilient, more powerful and way more awesome than you probably give yourself credit for.
It’s just that most of us aren’t born with the skills to deal effectively with the trickier sides of life, so it’s no wonder we flounder at times! Quite simply because they know that having a good coach is the key to helping them grow, develop, overcome obstacles and being at their best. This is because a good coach and counsellor will help you change how you think, how you feel and how you fundamentally respond to the challenges you face in life. The simple truth is that in order to make changes in your life, you have to change your mind first. Coaching encourages you to think highly and deeply as you gain some much needed head-space (and heart-space). You’ll quiet your inner critic, harness your inner expert and reconnect with the best parts of yourself.

You’ll develop a personal road map for building stronger relationships and a more deeply satisfying life. Our introductory transformational coaching offer is a great way to get started with some individualised support.
For a limited time only, receive a free 50% off your first session – which means you pay just $50, instead of the usual $100 fee.
Contact me today, I’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have about the process, and book you in for your first session. Guaranteed you’ll walk away from that very first appointment feeling more calm, clear, connected and confident about your ability to create what you want.
So here’s to overcoming any adversity you face and creating your authentically awesome life! Subscribe here to keep in touch via our newsletter to let you know when we have upcoming events or interesting news to share. Wikipedia defines counseling as a “provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties by a trained person on a professional basis.” Here, the counselor is the advisor, the teacher and the leader in determining the direction that the client should follow.
The coach’s role is to help individuals find their purpose to become more content, comfortable and at ease with their choices, circumstances and lifestyle. After 18 years of working for a family business, the realization hit her hard – she was merely existing in her career, not living a meaningful, fulfilling life. Georgie has a knack for getting to the heart of what’s been holding you back so you can step forward with a new sense of clarity. Good coaching equips you with the support you need to skillfully navigate the bumps and turns of life (rather than let those tricky times hold you back), so you can grow into a more balanced and stronger YOU.
As a transformational coach, counsellor, psychotherapist and naturopath I’m passionate about empowering you for positive change so you can build resilience and thrive. If you'd like more information about how Georgie Cooke and Quantum Lifeskills can help you overcome life's hurdles, grow through adversity and feel empowered to thrive - then call, email or fill in the contact form below.

The past plays a much greater role in this process and is often the point of emphasis in determining current situations. According to the Medical Dictionary, psychotherapy is “ The treatment of a behavior disorder, mental illness, or any other condition by psychological means”. According to the Free Dictionary, it makes things easier based on the Latin root “facil” (which means easy) and provides assistance in the progress of something. Through instruction and training the mentoring process is developed, resulting in the emergence of a person with a new “learning”, such as a skill, a trade, an attitude or behavior. Learn how to overcome any obstacle you face and grow stronger, calmer and more resilient – even through challenging times.
Yet sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed with stress that a genuine sense of contentment and wellbeing feels way beyond our reach. Georgie will get back to you to answer any questions you have and help you take the next steps.
Psychotherapy may utilize insight, persuasion, suggestion, reassurance, and instruction so that patients may see themselves and their problems more realistically and have the desire to cope effectively with them.
Here , the emphasis is more on the present and future direction of that person.I hope that this has been somewhat helpful! Much of the work done in this realm has to do with the present with an outlook on future outcomes.

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