Academy support starts with personalized coaching to help teach you the best practices for law firm success.
Your PBC is an expert on all the resources the Academy has to offer, allowing you to take full advantage of the wealth of technology, information, and collective wisdom at your fingertips. Whether your company wishes to train its managers in specific aspects of (project) management by means of an individual workshop, your university (of applied sciences) wishes to incorporate modules of study skills training into its programme or your organisation requires a complete and integrated series of communication training, New Life Coaching offers the full range of communication, management & study skills training.
Company departments that wish to improve specific skills, for example teamwork, communication, etc.
We will help you bring deeper meaning to your life, and personal transformation, influencing your family, organization and those you serve. Places Lived – Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Scottsdale, Arizona.
The mission of our Premier NLP Coach certification training program is to provide you with the finest and most practical life and business coaching skills possible.
This coach certification program combines traditional coaching practices with the clear how-to's of NLP.
The coaching profession is quickly growing, because the business world has finally discovered what athletes have known for decades: coaches can help you have, be, and do your best. Our Coach Training can help you become an extraordinary life coach - regardless of who or how you'll be coaching - by going beyond the skills taught in traditional life coaching certification training schools.
Pinpoint exactly what they want from life?and then tap the power of their mind to most easily and predictably achieve their dreams. NLP is the science of studying patterns of excellence in the world's most successful people?identifying the processes that produced such amazing results?and then "re?programming" the software of the human mind to replicate these successes.

This Premier NLP Coaching Certification Training Program is 160 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours ("ASCTH") by the International Coach Federation(ICF). Note: We reserve the right to deny entry into this life coach certification training program. The Premier NLP Coach is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.
New Oceans Coach Academy is in the process of applying for accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
Our mission is to show you how to envision your ideal firm, and then make that vision a reality. Just fill out the simple request form for us and we’ll send you a packet of information about the Academy services and programs that our Members have access to every day. Both modular and integral in design, we tailor the the training to your specific training requirements. Participating in it offers you multi-level life coaching tools that will tremendously enhance your ability to assist others.
It includes some of the latest innovations in the field of life coaching and personal consulting that take you well beyond the procedural methods offered in most life coaching certification training schools. And why, even if you're not or don't want to become a professional life coach, you're still expected to be one! Parents no longer take do-it-because-I-said-so-and-don't-ask-questions approaches; they're expected to coach. Without NLP, your coaching effectiveness will be limited by what our society believes is possible.

The Approved Coach Specific Hours designation is awarded to programs that meet professional standards for the coach training programs established by the ICF. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program.
Based on ICF?s current process and projected timelines, we expect to be accredited in 2009. Graduates of the Integrated Certification Program apply for their credentials through the ICF?s Portfolio Application process.
You will learn to help clients to gain clarity in their lives, and give them a deeper understanding of "what makes them tick." You'll know how to help them. You will gain skills necessary to build a professional coaching or a life coaching practice or enhance your current coaching practice. With this life coach training, though, you'll instinctively coach your "players" to success, regardless of whether they are your clients, your colleagues, your children, or your best friends. Graduation from an ASCTH program will meet the ICF's requirements for individual coach certification for student contact learning hours for the number of hours of the program.
Access the internal qualities they need to solve their problems and to develop the competency to fulfill their dreams.
ASCTH Approval does not warrant or guarantee the effectiveness of the training or the student's ability to build a successful coaching practice.

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