I’m attempting to find a way to travel with my dog, Miso, using public transportation to and from New York.
While he didn’t respond with an email full of pixie dust and solve my pet transportation dilemma, Mr.
Opportunity: His reply to me shows me that their company does care about their customers and even the canines that cannot ride them. Just like everyone needs a Wendy to tell them stories, everyone needs their customers to share feedback.
Feedback is an awfully big adventure–for the customers submitting it and the companies reading it.

Unless there is some shady underground railroad (or bus) that allows pets, Miso is stranded in NYC.
An umbrella and happy thoughts just don’t seem to do the trick to fly us over the city. I would LOVE to have a convenient way for him to travel with me instead of having to leave him behind. He took the opportunity to show that my suggestion had value and that there is a reason behind their decisions. With over a decade of customer service experience, Jenny has been recognized through social media channels as a thought leader.

And, it’s quite difficult as Amtrak, Greyhound and other bus companies do not allow pets of any kind on their vehicles.
Or, if each bus would allow 2-3 animals per trip for an extra fee, you’d make extra money. Either way, I think that this would be ideal as I know it’s very stressful for me to have to leave my dog behind.Thanks for your consideration!

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