The book of Philippians expresses the apostle Paul’s heartfelt desire for believers to experience the joy only found in following Jesus.
An update of the original LIFECHANGE series, this in-depth study of Philippians examines the source of all joy--Jesus--and equips students to follow Him more closely. This 12-week Bible study explores how Paul instructed the people of Ephesus to practice the skills of a God-fashioned life.
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This study will fortify believers who are pressured to deny their faith and help them stand firm through God's Word. Now slimmer and with added features -- including expanded intros, maps, topical index, and more -- the Remix 2.0 is now even more versatile.

Called the "joy book," Philippians became one of Paul's most personal and heartfelt epistles. The Apostle Paul wrote a second letter to the Corinthians to defend the gospel of Christ by forcefully reminding his reader that what he taught was God’s truth. Revelation unveils events between God and Satan in the end and describes the glory that awaits believers who endure suffering.
Pages can include considerable notes--in pen or highlighter--but the notes cannot obscure the text. In it, he shares what he learned about the joy, peace, and contentment that can be found only in Christ.
This Bible study of the book of 2 Corinthians shows how Paul provides an example to Christians today who must defend their own leadership in times of trouble.

You, too, can experience joy in your daily life through the Read, Think, Pray, Live method of study. As you grow deeper in your relationship with God, you'll see that nothing compares to the joy found in becoming more like Jesus.
God's Word slices away layers of pretense from our lives to show us how we can be more like Christ.

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