It’s a saying that has been around for way longer than my lifetime, and living in Southern California, there are days when life really does feel like a beach. So when my dear friend Yumi Shoji visited me from Japan, I made sure to show her at least a little of what the Californian beach life was like.
I took her to El Matador State Beach over in Malibu because, in my opinion, it has everything that a photographer and nature lover might enjoy seeing on a beach.
On top of that, there are some nice mini cliffs that lead down to the beach, and I knew that we would get a nice view of the sunset above the beach itself.
I could be wrong of course because after all, there are a lot of people that visit that and other beaches.

So after hanging around down by the water and enjoying some fun in the sun, we headed back up to enjoy the end of the day. But I’m going to choose that people are responsible about picking up their belongings and not leaving any trash on this beautiful beach.
As you can see there were still quite a few people out there enjoying the beach as much as we were, so as the sun just touched the horizon I grabbed this little slice of beach life with my camera.
We had a great time just watching the day end and the night start from this particular spot.
It was a hot day and the breeze was actually pretty nice from this height, not to mention that it continued on to give us a refreshing night.

We had intended to hang around much longer, but our appetites got the best of us so we headed back into the city for a great dinner and a relaxing evening with lots and lots of eats.

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