Schneider has appeared in many films and TV series, including 5 guest spots on Hee Haw and the miniseries 10.5. Schneider has also been mentioned in other media such as the South Park episode Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow, in which an episode of "Terrance and Phillip" was aired in place of the popular fictitious show "The John Schneider Variety Hour", causing outrage. In 2007, he was among a series of celebrities involved in television ads for the Zaxby's restaurant chain. In 2008, Schneider portrayed a villain (a rarity for him) on the series CSI: Miami, in the episode "Tunnel Vision". Schneider appeared in the first season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, in which his real-life son Chasen Schneider had a recurring role.
During the 1980s, Schneider parlayed his success as Bo Duke with a string of country music hits. Schneider has recorded 10 albums to date, including works on Scotti Brothers Records and MCA Nashville.
Although it's unclear whether Carrie Costigan or Vic Volberg is Griffin's aunt or uncle by blood, it's likely that Carrie might be his biological aunt and Vic his uncle by marriage, since Vic does not have a "G" name as per the tradition of male names in his family.
After the episode I Do and I Don't, Griffin was never seen again after that, so what happened to him is unknown. Ricky meets George at Geoff's where George reveals that he'd planned to elope with Kathleen, but her mother showed up, preventing their plans. Amy runs in to Grace in the hallway and notices that she has some very interesting jewelry on her left hand. Ethan is angry when Kathy reveals that she will be coaching a male student for a spelling bee.
Born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, Park began her acting career with small parts starting at age 6. Park's first major roles came with a guest spot on the Lifetime series Angela's Eyes and a minor role in the indie movie Charlie Bartlett. This season of ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager has been a lesson not so much in safe sex, like the first season, but a lesson in permutations: At the rate things are going, it seems nearly every guy in the cast will have dated every girl possible by season’s end. Back in the present, Amy's still stuck in the hospital, miserable and cranky as ever—so cranky, in fact, that she sends Ricky out to the Dairy Shack to get her a burger. Back in the now, Alice and Henry are IMing on laptops in the hospital waiting room, just like they were doing the summer before freshman year (minus the hospital waiting room). As Ashley and Ricky wait in the hospital for Amy to finally give birth (and to name that baby), Ricky asks Ashley to be nice to him—'cause everyone who sees Amy in pain must be hating him, and he needs a friend. He is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1980s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, and as Jonathan Kent on Smallville, a 2001 television adaptation of Superman. Also, from February to March 2008, he performed as Billy Flynn in the Musical Chicago on Broadway. His co-star (on The Dukes of Hazzard), Tom Wopat, also enjoyed success on the country music charts.
He is openly gay, just like his two older brothers, and his first name begins with a "G" just like all the other men in his family. Later, he set Ashley up on a surprise blind date with his cousin, Grant, who he sent to Ashley's house to deliver her pizza.

Ricky tells George that he and Amy have decided to get married the day after she graduates at Reverend Stone's church, and that he is invited. Ethan says that this guy is using Kathy and that he can't believe she's making this mistake again.
She is best known for her role as Grace Bowman in the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
She had a guest starring role on the popular Family channel show Life with Derek as Amy, a love interest of Derek and head cheerleader ex-girlfriend to Max. Despite surprise couplings like Grace and Ben and Jack and That One Friend of Amy’s, the big shocker came last week when Amy kissed – gasp – her baby-daddy, Ricky. We're suddenly there on the very first day of band camp circa 2008, where a younger and NOT pregnant Amy first catches sight of Ricky out on the high school field.
Ricky approaches Amy in the lunchroom to ask if she'd like to hang out, then promises to watch her play later that night—she's the freshman soloist. Ben tries to do something nice for Amy by bringing her a Kobe beef burger (fancy!), but she rejects it. Cue flashback to another band-camp moment, where Ricky's subtly hinting to Amy that what he's REALLY looking for is a girlfriend—and it takes every last cool bone in Amy's body for her to stay calm. John's life as an entertainer began at the age of eight, when he started putting on magic shows for his peers and their families.
Schneider is also known to television audiences as Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Clark Kent on the hit show Smallville, starring in 100 episodes before his character was killed off. Quinn, Medicine Woman and guest-starred on such shows as Diagnosis Murder, Touched by an Angel, JAG and Walker, Texas Ranger. He declined to continue through the second season, and his departure was written in to the script-Marshall Bowman dies in a plane crash. Schneider and Wopat sang several duets on the TV series, sometimes with co-star Catherine Bach.
At present, he seems to be dating Peter, for when Grant mentioned to Griffin about potentially ignoring Ashley in favor of Peter, Griffin denied it.
George is put off by the fact that Amy didn't tell him herself, and asks Ricky why she didn't, but Ricky claims not to know, other than Amy was at school.
Grace says that they haven't set a date yet, but that they won't get married before Amy and Ricky. In anger, he walks off, even though he and Kathy have algebra next, and always walk together. Sure, they were just “practicing,” but could there be more romance in store for the young accidental parents? Every single week the writers write something in the script for him where he says, like, “mama” and “dada,” and their mom has to be like, “They don’t even say that in real life.” So they haven’t had a lot of lines yet. She's so thrown off, she forgets to make a turn in the marching-band formation, which prompts him to laugh and wave at her. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren are at Grant High for orientation, where they first catch sight of Jack and Grace.
When we see Grace in the present day, Tom's grilling her about what happened between her and Jack at the baby shower.

We figure out that the two cheating lovebirds met at (where else?) George's furniture store.
And in another flashback moment, Adrian's getting that red convertible we all know and love her for. Marshall Bowman in the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager but left when his character died in a plane crash. This once got him into trouble, when he had himself chained up and tossed into a swimming pool with the intention of re-creating Harry Houdini's legendary escape act.
In fact, in the season 7 DVD boxset, the trio performed a remake of the show's theme song "Good Ol' Boys" in a music video as a tribute to their friend Waylon Jennings.
It also points to Griffin dating Peter because Ashley tells Griffin to tell Peter to say hello. She even comments how interesting it would be if Amy and Ricky, and Adrian and Omar all ended up in New York together. Flash-forward to present-day Amy, who's dozing off in the hospital room as she waits to give birth. The young couple has just gone on their first date, and Jack says he doesn't want to go out with anyone else.
We flash back to a conversation Grace and Marshall had in summer 2008: He's grilling her for details on her date with Jack. It's a present from Cindy, who managed to score it with a little negotiating help from George—though nobody quite knows about the affair yet, not even Adrian. Some Smallville episodes contain references to Schneider's other work in The Dukes of Hazzard. John's other stage-work includes Oklahoma!; he auditioned for, but did not get, the role of Erik in Phantom of the Opera.
I feel like the themes [on Secret Life] are realistic, but the way they present them are definitely artistically licensed. Schneider also guest starred for the latter half of Smallville: Season 5 appearing in the episodes 'Void' and 'Oracle'. Peter states that he is not ready for sex the night he has a sleepover with Griffin and Haley.
I think deep down they both know it’ll never be a romantic thing, but sometimes they want to test it out because they think they should. We definitely showed it was not glamorous, but I can’t believe what they go through on 16 and Pregnant. And over at the Boykewich residence, a pre-high-school Ben is excited to get his braces off, hopefully in time to score some chicks.

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