In the various music players on this page you can listen to a great selection of our free christian music online. The Secret Place has its own special niche in the realm of worship music, capturing a sound that is creatively fresh and unique. Listen to spirit soaking radio - Our best songs for spending time just soaking in His presence.
Listen to gospel music radio online - More easy listening christian music for you to enjoy.

These songs were not designed as entertainment but as expressions of a heart full of worship. Here, our prayer is that you would fall more in love with Him and be captivated in your pursuit for His Presence. We have made all the piano sheet music, guitar chords, tabs and lyrics for all the songs off this popular album available to you FREE OF CHARGE.
Some of these songs make excellent choruses for Sunday morning worship, and for this purpose permission is given to make copies of this music for distribution to your local church musicians.

All of them, regardless of their tempo and instrumentation call us to a greater awareness of Who He is.
God desires to fill every aspect of our lives, not just our Sunday praise and worship services.

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