This large-format volume contains approximately 400 archive and colour photographs, accompanied by comprehensive captions and an authoritative text. In an era defined by the threat of nuclear annihilation, Western nations attempted to prepare civilian populations for atomic attack through staged drills, evacuations, and field exercises. The Royal Observers Corps was the volunteer organisation that watched the skies of Britain during the dark days of Second World War, reporting and tracking enemy aircraft and helping to win the Battle of Britain. Very few people must have heard about the existence of Ministry of Defence’s Crisis Command Center.

According to Moore, he is the first photographer, who been granted permission by British authorities to take pictures of the Crisis Command Center. Londoner Paul Middlewick discovered an elephant embedded in the maps of the London Underground one day in 1988, on his regular commute home from work.
In his project, The Situation Room, David records a hidden secret, which for so long has been severely guarded and has been kept hidden from the public eyes. Davis investigates the fundamentally theatrical nature of these Cold War civil defense exercises.

Last but not least, and not for the fainthearted, is a collection of photographs showing the capital’s creepy Victorian cemetery catacombs.

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