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Gauteng city dwellers love the fact that the exquisite Mabalingwe Nature Reserve is malaria free and that they can experience all the thrills and beauty of an African safari within a matter of hours. Kanya Lodge is a luxury safari lodge and it is found nestling in the African bushveld within the great Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

Within the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve you will find different kinds of accommodation to suit a whole lot of ideas for a true African safari. The game reserve is home to the big 5, but nature lovers will be thrilled to know that other spectacular species such as leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and others are also found here, not to mention the amazing birdlife. Kanya Lodge is one of these, and whether you have camping on your mind or are looking at the luxurious lodges, you won’t be disappointed.

What can be better than sitting around a crackling wood fire in the African bushveld and preparing to feast on braaid meat and salads while the sounds of the bush serenade you?

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