The Local Employment Service is funded by the Department of Social Protection and works with job seekers who are referred from DSP under the National Action Plan. The service would bring together existing services and supports for the unemployed person in an integrated, focused and effective manner. It would provide a person-centred and planned response to meet the individual’s need and at the end of the day, must be able to place the individual in a conventional job or a special employment opportunity. The LES would have four broad priority groups for the service - the registered long-term unemployed, the registered unemployed for more than six months; dependent spouses of the unemployed, lone parents, young unemployed, NRB referrals.
Registration is voluntary but a pro-active approach would be adopted in reaching out to those most in need of help in getting back to the world of work.
A key aspect of mediation is the close links the service and  staff have with local employers, an invaluable resource when you are ready to start work again. Job Club  is your opportunity to learn and develop the skills that you need to successfully get a job. Providing a free and confidential placement service to employers and matching their recruitment needs with the skills and needs of our Job Seeker clients.

Providing relevant and up to date information to Employers by assisting them make use of the vast and complex range of employment incentives on offer through the Tax and Social Welfare system.
Helping Employers with their recruitment needs by distributing information on Employer vacancies through the existing local network of agencies that operate to assist unemployed people access employment opportunities, and by giving the Employer the opportunity either on a one to one or group basis to speak to interested Job Seekers. Facilitate local Employers to network with each other on common recruitment issues and needs. Facilitate the involvement of businesses in the community, across a range of activities including education networks, arts and cultural programmes, and community development programmes. The Louth strategy runs until 2020 and aims to build on the significant progress achieved in recent years in broadband connectivity across the county, and in particular in facilitating access to rural areas that currently have little or no broadband.To promote these improvements, Louth County Council has adopted a pro-business, pro-activity and a pro-jobs approach, which recognises that communities should also benefit from high speed broadband availability. It can also be tailored to meet your individual needs including delivering the training in modules, in a group or on a one to one basis. The Action Plan involves business, broadband providers and Louth County Council working together to achieve this.
It is based on a partnership approach to identify barriers to fast broadband, and to identify solutions to those barriers so that business, and communities, can access high-speed broadband.Actions outlined in the plan include putting in place user-friendly procedures for companies investing in new broadband infrastructure and encouraging a similar approach from other regulatory agencies operating in the county, as well as identifying business broadband blackspots in the county for remediation.

At present, it is the third best broadband-enabled county in Ireland, behind Dublin and Kildare. By the end of 2016, it is hoped that 85 per cent of premises here will have access to high speed broadband. While Louth County Council cannot supply fast broadband, it can put the processes in place to facilitate such access.
While the Broadband Action Plan concerns business and was developed by the Louth Economic Forum, good connectivity for business has a knock-on effect on residential connectivity. Every business in the town centre, and Ardee Business Park, has access to high speed broadband through the enet Fibre to the Business (FTTB) project.

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