DERNIERS ARTICLES :Dream HighLe lycee artistique Girin est une ecole incroyable ou l'on apprend le chant et la dance . Love Hina Advance: Shukufuku no Kane wa Narukana is a Love-Simulator game based on the Love Hina anime franchise, developed and published by Marvelous for the Game Boy Advance. Strictly following the events and storyline of the anime television series, the player plays as Keitaro as he attempts to survive the Hinata Hotel's residents and gain their favour while studying for Tokyo University. Presented as a visual novel, story-wise, Love Hina Advance is broken down into chapters, with different substories within each that follow each anime episode. The player must ensure that Keitaro makes it through the entire story by ensuring that Keitaro doesn't lose all of his health points while at the same time aiming to gain maximum Affection Points from at least one girl in order to receive a Happy Ending.

At the conclusion of each playthrough, be it a Bad Ending or Happy Ending, a collectible image will be issued and stuck into the Print Club Omake Photo Album accessible from the game's opening menu. The player has the option to save their progress at the end of each chapter, a staple amongst Love-Simulator games. As the game progresses Keitaro will talk with the Hinata residents and have to decide what to say. When the timer runs out, if they haven't chosen an option, Keitaro will lose a health point for taking so long. Depending on the option chosen Keitaro will either gain Affection Points from the girl or lose a point of health due to adverse reaction from the girl.

Il a ete interprete en Drama dans 3 pays differents ( Chine , Japon , Coree duDrama   Bonjour , je suis revenus ! J'ai commence les dramas et je trouve que c'est plus profond que les mangas car tu rentre vraiment dans l'histoire .

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