Every person needs someone who he can idolize and follow so that he gauges his own talents, achievements, and progress in comparison to that person and constantly improves. People with low self-confidence tend to think they have no talent or skill to complete a given task and be appreciated. People need some positive image about themselves so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses. They tend to lose focus, as they don't have any anchor left in their life who can stabilize them when they are getting adrift.

In fact, genuine praise for a good effort comes to them as a surprise and they perceive that as fake appreciation.
People with low confidence often lapse into a mental state where everything becomes a weakness and every observation appears personal. While interacting with others, reading about others, and putting their ideas in public to gain perspective, they constantly improve their skills and knowledge. When interaction with society is stopped, a person tends to think about himself and that reflects in the way he accepts criticism.

Even constructive criticism for his work will appear personal criticism for him, as his approach would have become extremely self-centered by then.

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