I didn’t have toys, nice clothes nor could I afford to go on school excursions to the zoo like everyone else.  I didn’t have money to buy candy at school like the other kids, so I would stay by myself out of shame.
I didn’t go on dates because I felt I wasn’t worthy of love.  I never thought anyone could love me because I had so little love for myself. I was a loner and very sad.  I bought myself nice clothes to make myself feel better, but I would have to be constantly buying things just to feel good about myself.
I cried a lot and became depressed.  It took professional help and hard work for me to get to a place where I could feel good about myself. Low self-esteem manifests itself in many ways and below are just a few of the many ways it manifests itself. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will realize that you are not at all nice to you.  You berate yourself constantly without even being aware of it. Do you find yourself punishing you or harming yourself in anyway?  Many people with low self-esteem even end up cutting themselves and doing other very harmful things to themselves trying to ease the pain they feel. Who are the people you call friends?  Are these people uplifting you or are they the ones who make you feel so much worst about yourself when you leave them.  You tend to hang around people who confirm the negative things you keep telling yourself about who you are. I often find myself looking up inspirational quotes for my little ones, because having a strong set of self esteem is essential to living in my opinion. The talk around finances can often be an emotional challenge in any relationship and this can become even more challenging when one partner is facing being laid-off. While it is normal to go through the emotional journey, it is very important to remember that you may be his only support during such a hard time. There are others who may be facing the same worries and concerns of subsequent unemployment of their partners. Being calm not only allows you to keep your spirits up but also allows you to maintain clear thinking through the pressures of an impending redundancy. It goes without saying that one of the things that causes panic attacks and anxiety when facing a layoff is the impending financial woes. You can start by slashing unnecessary spending and start on an emergency fund, if you do not have one already. The other important thing that comes with cutting on expenses is getting additional income.
It is important to accept that sometimes you cannot change anything, whether you worry and blame and become bitter. With the work load piled up on top of you exhaustion can set in and you can feel emotionally and physically drained… and maybe even depressed.
4.    Look for fun activities to take up for yourself and those that you can enjoy with the children. When you are in a relationship and concerned about someone deeply, the most dreadful thing you can encounter is being alienated from them. Here are four tips for you to follow which can assist to remove any bad feelings of loneliness during the time of absence from your partner. Being home alone even though it undeniably feels like it is, it is not the end of the world. It is not possible to follow your partner, so there is no point dwelling on something that is out of your control. Give yourself time, making the best of what is, and do not think automatically that your relationship is ended just for the reason that there is distance between you and your partner. The more time of each day that is filled with some activity, making you preoccupied, the less probable you are to sit before the television, drowning in your sorrows.
There is no such thing as loneliness when you have friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues. When you are missing from your partner, particularly when you are incapable of getting in touch with them, your mind can take part in tricks on you with suppositions of where your partner is, with whom your partner is, and what your partner is doing.
If your partner really takes care of you, then they are anticipating their arrival as much as you yourself are. By no means, being separated from each other is easy, but for those who are dedicated, there is nothing more encouraging than the trust that distance makes the mind cultivate fonder.
Whether it’s the start of the New Year or you’ve been asked to be the matron of honour at your best friend’s wedding. Did you know that by sharing your goals with a supportive colleague, friend, partner or coach increases the chance of success?
Extensive studies have shown us that writing down our goals and how to reach them gives us a far greater chance of achieving them than those people who don’t write them down and by sharing your goals and sending regular progress reports to your enlisted friends the success rate is closer to 75%.
People having high self-esteem consider themselves as strong, satisfactory and worthy of a good life. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, and people who lack it can find it difficult to become successful.
Are you searching for a place where your self-esteem can become everything it was meant to be? Can you really break through the invisible shackles of low self confidence so you can finally speak your mind? Are their ways of overcoming low self esteem that don’t involve cheesy positive reinforcements?
You won’t learn how to overcome low self esteem unless you talk to the people you’re observing.
You have a habit of comparing yourself to others: your siblings, parents, boss, colleagues, classmates, friends, and even random strangers.
While there’s nothing wrong with this, excessive and unfair comparison will just bruise your already fragile ego. Next time someone criticizes you or questions your choices; try counting to three before you respond. By beginning your truth with “I think” and ending it with a suggestion “but maybe ___ will,” you emphasize what you’re saying is just an opinion and not a personal attack.
You have a low opinion of yourself, therefore view anything you could do that’s worthy of praise must’ve been successful because of somebody else’s doing. You blow your failures out of proportion to the point that it’s already ingrained in your identity.
And when you fail, think of it as a temporary setback, like one failed battle in a year long war.
Because you don’t feel confident enough to work alongside tenured employees at work, you hang around with the newbies.
Ask yourself, what do you get out of bullying someone obviously lower than you in the food chain?
Research findings show that positive reinforcements like repeating, “I am a lovable person” actually made those suffering from low self esteem feel worse.
Constantly showering someone with attention and praise, when they already feel bad about themselves won’t work either. Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering business, personal development, and careers. Your display name can't include symbols or punctuation marks except for underscores (_) and dashes (-).

Take our quiz to find out what's most important to you and get the tools needed to achieve it. If something's not right, this is a place where you can learn from others and focus on making it better. We often build up false images about ourselves in order to cope with the things we don’t like about who we are. A5. Self help books can be one of the best ways of guidance for girls without positive roles models in their lives.
We need to start approaching women with open arms instead of a wagging finger… These type of discussions need to be in our schools and community centers (the ones still open) or in the street on a soapbox. This entry was posted in CONFIDENCE + SELF LOVE, ENTERTAINMENT, GIRL TALK, I AM BEAUTIFUL and tagged Girl Talk, Inspiring Woman, interview, Twitter Chat. Do you feel ashamed of who you are?  Are you dissatisfied with your appearance?  Don’t despair; there are many people like you in this world.
No one is perfect, but you must learn to love you.  Start with fixing the things that can be fixed and those that you cannot change learn to accept them as what makes you special and unique. Negativity breeds negativity.  Do not hang around people who are not positive as they will make you more negative. Therefore, you need to prepare adequately to ensure that your home is not swept by a feeling of hopelessness. It is understandable that it can be overwhelming to one person, so it is important to share your thoughts and fears with people who are going through the same things you are.
One of the most destructive things is to spin off the anxiety spiral and lack the much needed clarity and focus. Start preparing the family early enough so that they will be ready to cope with the changes should your husband lose his job. Take out cash from unnecessary expenditure budgets such as holiday spending, frequent babysitting expenditure, payments on the extra car and clothes shopping. It may turn your world upside down, but how you react to it could be the difference between making it and falling apart.
Be supportive, and if need be, enroll the services of a professional to offer extra support.
The main reason we get into a relationship or marriage is for the simple reason that we want to have a deeper connection with someone special who can provide us companionship and love. Accept the situation you’re in and then take whatever steps you need to do to get out of feeling low. By talking to others experiencing what you are going through can help you appreciate that you’re not alone and that you don’t have to face the challenges by yourself. If your partner is in a profession that needs them to be missing from you, and you are having to exist without your partner for a substantial period of time, then this can be unbearable leaving you with a sense of loneliness.
All you can accomplish is, accepting the cards that you and your partner have been dealt with. Relationships have been recognized to build up an innovative sense of understanding after being separated, as each second you have together is treasured all the more. This is because it prevents you from thinking more about the absence, which will lead you to the feeling of loneliness and could trigger emotions like aggravation and anger. One of the most effective methods to deal with your self-indulged loneliness is to hang out and socialize with friends.
An old high school friend or some college friend you have lost contact with along the passing years. Do not heed your insecurities because they will only show the way to pressure and sorrow of which is usually unjustified. You might not have your treasured one in your arms now, but that is why the future is worth waiting for. Most of us like to do the things important to us but a lot of the times we fumble around aimless completing tasks with little to no satisfaction.
Having motivation to do something can be quite hard and we will often put things off because we don’t or can’t see the big picture. It is important to stretch your mind and set NO limitations when you are setting goals and you should feel a sense of passion with your goals.
While low self-esteem makes you feel you are not good enough and unworthy of anything good in your life causing pain and unhappiness in almost everything you do. Some consider themselves unworthy if they have less money and some judge it based on how much people like or appreciate them.
If it is difficult for you to get control of your emotions, it is important for you to learn ways to manage your mood and gain control on emotions. Read something inspirational, listen to something empowering, and talk to someone who can uplift your spirits. As long as you keep on stretching yourself enough, without too much pressure, you will find your self-confidence: self-efficacy and self-esteem grow and one day you will wake up amazed at how far you have come. Womensselfesteem's Blog offers self-confidence, self-help and self-improvement tips & strategies! Your fear of confrontation and desperate need for acceptance suppresses your true identity. And by your mistakes, I’m not referring to when someone bumps into you, you sneeze,  not having a lighter or pen when someone asks for it, and sending your soup back at the restaurant. Because you don’t feel good about yourself, you make fun of people weaker than you in an effort to make yourself feel better. I know it sounds unbelievable but the baby steps described here will teach you how to deal with low self esteem. Learning about its causes, and taking practical steps to build your self-esteem, can help to overcome your negative thoughts.
AS A TEENAGE MOM, WHAT WAS YOUR MOTIVATION TO OVERCOME THE OBSTACLES YOU FACED AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE? I recommend using daily positive thought affirmations, that helps reprogram ur subconscious mind.
We have to get butt naked to our soul, drop all the masks and be honest about our faults, who we are, what we want and what we need. HOW DO WE TEACH OUR YOUNG GIRLS TO BE CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE IN THE SKIN THEY’RE IN? HE is the center of clarification for all things especially his most beautiful creation: YOU. Why do we teach Our Young girls to be mothers first instead of wives? We have to realize change starts with us.. When you are worried about the sole breadwinner’s job loss, it becomes a frustration that can be nerve wrecking and hard for you to keep your spirits up if not handled wisely.
The smarter and quicker you are at coming up with a plan, the more smooth the transition will be.
Instead of panicking, start thinking of ways you can cope with the layoff, and alternative ways both you and your husband can cater to the family needs.
You can also talk to other mums who are in the same situation and come up with a timetable where you watch each others children in turns.  Going back to work can also keep your spirits up as it gives you something else to focus on for the short time you are away from the household.

While it is common to blame everyone and everything from the boss to the country and the economy, you can decide to take the high road and accept that it may be a blessing in disguise. Remember that change comes to everyone and you can make the most out of every situation by staying focused on the solution rather than the problem. When this special someone is required to work in a different country or has to travel away more than they are at home, such as those of the military, mining, salesperson, etc., this can prove to be very difficult in Keeping Your Energy High When Times Get Tough and can affect our energy levels for even the simplest of tasks. If you don’t feel comfortable in a support group, there is always the option to talk with a Life Coach who has been there before. For example bike riding in the park, picnic on the beach, playing cards or a board games, etc.
Lest you want to suffer from burn out, it always good to make some ‘mummy time’ for yourself where you can just relax and be with your thoughts without having to worry about anything.  Meditate, take a long soak in the bath or read a good book without being disturbed will also sparkle the fire to get motivated again. We follow other people, living out their goals and dreams, hoping this will fill the empty void and give us a sense of contentment. It would be a change from what we have been doing and take the boredom out for a short time. If we are working in a team environment, which includes the family hub, motivating everyone to be on the same page is challenging. If there is no passion with your goal you need to ask yourself, ‘is this my goal or someone else’s goal?’ Having a goal written down that is for someone else will not get you excited and there will not manifest. Everyone is good at something so give yourself credit for your successes and the permission to be proud of your achievements. Allow 20 minutes of each day to do at least one of these and you will notice the difference it makes to your life and your thoughts of yourself.
You pay attention to their tone of voice, choice of words, mannerisms and mentally keep score of how they treat you. Your friend asks what you think of her dress, so you say it looks great on her even if it doesn’t fit her at all. It’ll also arm you with a better sense of reality—what people really think of you—instead of all the negative assumptions you’ve cooked up in your head. I had the pleasure of interviewing LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models, live while the participating audience engaged in the conversation as well. We often build who we think we are based off the opinions of others, past life experiences, our environment etc. Having dolls that reflect the way they look help in a major way with girls looking at themselves as beautiful. But by then, I was placed in twitter jail from tweeting, retweeting and talking too much (side eye).
Instead, get financial advice, keep your spirits up, polish up the CVs and start applying for other jobs or consider starting businesses and taking advantage of online employment opportunities. Instead, learn the way to live with your partner being absent until the next time you are with each another once again.
By having written goals that everyone has contributed too, will create motivation from everyone to give their best to achieve those goals – creating bonding and a winning team. Remember to allow yourself the chance to enjoy the achievement of goals and reward yourself appropriately.
Sometimes due to insecurity and lack of confidence we underestimate ourselves so it is important to recognize your insecurities as the first step to finding ways to overcome them. Avoid self-pity, or pity and sympathy of others as this does not re-enforce positive behavior and keep you from feeling confident.
We can make time when something is important to us so make this important in your life and reap the reward to building self-confidence.
It is up to you as to how others make you feel so never allow others to make you feel inferior. Your partner asks you if it’s okay to get Thai food for dinner and you say yes—even if you’re sick of Thai food. As women we can volunteer with young girls and women organizations targeted to help women…we can also simply live by example.
Make sure you write down a realistic budget of all the necessary expenditure and resist the temptation to do impulse buying. Instead of blaming yourself or someone else for the situation you are in, be open to the bright side and believe that all the challenges we face are for a reason, and every problem carries a vital lesson inside it.
We feel the need to measure ourselves by comparing ourselves to others, so we look at what we have achieved. If we write our goals down we can separate what is important from what is irrelevant, giving us our purpose to live. Most of us have an idea of what we need to provide for our lifestyle and families but so often we forget about our personal needs, our mental needs. It gives you long-term vision and it focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organise your resources. The ladies brought their A-Game and honesty to the table and we may have even gained a few friends along the way. We don’t want tv dictating how our kids feel about themselves based off of images on tv.
The audience was still pouring their hearts out and tweeting to anyone who would listen, read and interact with the #iAmBeautiful chat.
For this reason we should write our goals down giving us the advantage of knowing exactly what we want and what is important to achieve in our life so we can focus and go after it at full steam. When we know what we are working towards it is easier to become motivated to achieving them, as an individual, family member or a team player. You are worthy so reminding yourself regularly that you are worthy and put yourself up there with everyone else. Finding out who you really are requires being totally open, honest with yourself about yourself! Studying history about women that look like them at a early age helps with building self esteem. Following God and being comfortable with who I’ve become has allowed me to be confident. I understand having self esteem issues are common in Erik Eriksons Pr-adolescent stage, where a child may question if they’re successful or worthless. Involving young girls in activities that make them feel better about them selves is a good way as well. Competition with children can be very intense, but my goal is to teach her that as long as she tries she’s never a loser. There was a total of 33 women and even 2 fellas chatting away at once and I am completely grateful for all of your support. Although I want to her to have a strong self esteem, one that isnt easily pierced, I dont want to teach her to be arrogant or ignorant to life and the rest of society.

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