Lucid dreaming is a dreaming state where you become aware that you are dreaming, giving you the ability to have full control over your dreams. Ordinary dreams give a hint of these possibilities, through their regular violation of the rules of waking life, and their occasional offering of insights into our lives. With lucidity comes an astonishing, exhilarating feeling of freedom — the knowledge that you can do anything, unbound by any laws of physics or society. The skeptics suggest that lucid dreaming is not a state of sleep, but of brief wakefulness.
Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, with participants performing pre-determined physical responses while experiencing a lucid dream. We must understand that there is no way to prove the truth of lucid dreaming other than to ask the dreamer! If you keep practising you should see that within a couple of months the number of dreams you can recall will have increased significantly. If you wear a watch keep checking it throughout the day to see if the numbers are normal or if they have mashed up into some kind of indistinguishable hieroglyph. When I was working two jobs, I would start one job at 5:30 in the morning and finish at 2pm.
Napping is one technique that is helpful to induce a lucid dream, but if you haven’t the time to nap, you can also set an alarm after 4-6 hours of sleep in the night, when your body is nice and relaxed. Please keep in mind that the speed in which you develop the skill to lucid dream depends on many different factors including how well you recall your dreams, how well developed your critical thinking faculty is, how much time you give to practising mental exercises etc.
If you find it difficult to clear your mind there are hundreds of tracks (like this one) on youtube that will help you relax and make it easier to slip into the dream world.
Once relaxed, you can lead your mind into the hypnagogic state (the transitional state between wakefulness and dreaming). Let the hypnagogia go deeper, allowing the colours and shapes to hypnotise you and your awareness of the outside world will begin to fade away. At this point you may enter into a scene, blissfully aware, in which case you are free to explore and create to your hearts content!
As the scene starts to become more vivid, put yourself right in the middle of the happenings, and explore your surroundings as calmly and peacefully as possible. When your mind is completely absorbed in the half dream, place your mind in your dream body and allow yourself to fall asleep completely. Lucid dreaming can be a very overwhelming experience, and the excitement of it all may thrust you back into waking life. Another way you may enter the dream world using WILD technique is through the Out of Body Experience (OBE) Exit.
Dreams of death can be enlightening experiences and have often been said to be linked with the death of a negative side of oneself, rather than actual death.
My first flying experience happened after I had become lucid in a dream.  I had been talking to a friend a couple of nights before about how i had never flown in a dream (I’m 27 years old and was beginning to feel like I was missing out on something incredible!) and when I had this dream I was deeply grateful!
I was at work, making coffees as I usually do, cleaning and running around after customers. Suddenly my consciousness kicked in and I realised that I was of course in Darwin…3000km away from my family in the Sunshine Coast. Not knowing how on the astral plane to do such a thing (as I was a flying virgin and my feet were firmly on the ground at sea level) I started to tilt on one leg, like the balancing stick pose in Bikram, and then quickly tried to lift my other leg so I would be levitating. Even though my first experience was somewhat ordinary in surroundings, I was still overwhelmed that I had achieved flight. I intend to keep updating this page with the development news about the iphone app, so stay tuned for more updates!
Today I spent most of the day working on a business plan to present to potential investors. The new view controller would have to represent some of the most complex information for the app: Smart Timer events.
Today I did not accomplish much due to a dentist appointment and only 5 hours of sleep last night. Today I compiled a proposal to a local business incubator and mailed it, now I’m awaiting reply. I’ve spent a good amount of time working on the Smart Timer GUI and the overall flow of the smart timer. Smart timer is a series of self-adjusting episodes, which try to align closely with REM events throughout the night.
Please feel free to take a look at the full size screenshot, I spent over 2 hours analyzing that! My recent poll showed that you want more book reviews about dreams and consciousness – lovely! Waggoner goes on to explain how this promise of dream control may at first seem fulfilled, but as dreamers move deeper into lucid dreaming practice, they will begin to notice this control unravel before their eyes.
He then presents a developmental model for lucid dreaming, based loosely on humanistic psychology with a Jungian bent.
Since then, my inner anthropologist has calmed down, (as well as my egotistical lucid self!) because I realize that Waggoner is making no claims at universality, but rather is addressing his experience as well as other Westerners’. Indeed, my own experience fits well within his model of lucid dreaming as a movement from focus on dream control and the avoidance of pain, to the ability to lose control in order to meet the dream’s other autonomous characters who have much to tell me, to a focus on transpersonal experiences that are beyond the realm of representational dreaming and more in line with the experiences of advanced meditators.
Rather, he actively invites readers to use their lucid dreams to help devise rigorous dream experiments so they can swim in these waters themselves. What I really liked about the book is his notion of directly addressing the awareness behind the dream to ask for unexpected experiences. The other two are important books, both excellent, teaching knowledge that was actually forbidden to pass on for hundreds of years, but can still be a little inaccessible for many Westerners. This book is awesome, it has given me so much more scope for exploration in my lucid dreams. Herman, I recommend you download my ebook (upper left of webpage) – which is precisely about how to have better dream recall and how to tap into the power of dream thinking.
I'm a consciousness researcher with a passion for sharing how dreams and intuitive ways of knowing can be invited back into modern life.

You are able to consciously control what happens and all of your senses are as real as they are in waking life.
This treasure, the ability to dream lucidly, gives us the opportunity to experience anything imaginable — to overcome limitations, fears, and nightmares, to explore our minds, to enjoy incredible adventure, and to discover transcendent consciousness.
The art of dreaming is a learnable skill, and I believe the highest level of that skill is found in lucid dreaming. One of the first joys of many lucid dreamers is flying: soaring like a bird, freed from the restraints of gravity. I have had the pleasure of having many lucid dreams myself and the call for skepticism seems superfluous to me, but I feel that it is important to address such matters. Stephen LaBerge is a psychophysiologist and leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming.
We know the truth about what happens in our sleepy noggins and no one will tell us otherwise!
Sometimes lucid dreams can occur spontaneously (for example, I watched the movie Waking Life by Richard Linklater, the first I had heard of lucid dreams, and that night, to my surprise, I was able to control my dream), however it is more common for lucid dreaming to be induced when you are committed to experiencing one…or intending the lucid dream to happen. When you are able to recall your dreams you will start to become familiar with your dream patterns and features (dream signs), which will help you recognise that you are dreaming! In dreams, letters and numbers can change 75% of the time if read once, and 95% of the time if read twice. Once you are familiar with your dream signs you will be able to recognise them when you are dreaming and thus, become lucid. My next job would start at 3pm or 5pm and finish at 1 or 2am, so I had to change my sleeping patterns. Basically – trick your body into thinking you are asleep…while keeping your mind awake…sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Empty your mind and check out the back of your eyelids…gaze into the vast blackness behind them. You may also hear sounds, like high frequencies, music or voices, or experience physical sensations such as sinking through the bed, floating, tipping or vibrating.
Try to remain peaceful and observe and accept what is happening around you without reacting too emotionally. They then worry that they may become trapped in dream limbo…this is impossible as we have a limited amount of REM sleep each night. These biases are difficult to identify while awake, so a world based entirely on such biases, the world of dreams, can help us to recognize them. I fell a few times but eventually realised if I just imagined myself floating…I would float! I found a more sophisticated sleep scoring algorithm that I’ll implement in the next few days.
I realize what Leonardo Da Vinci must have felt as he designed his flying machines hundreds of years ago. Together with some cool shades, I’ll look like the guy from Deus Ex with that thing on my arm. One of my friends may be able to help me manufacture a special carrying case for the device. My device discharges at a rate of about 10% per hour while running animations with the screen on and using both accelerometer and a gyro. A glitch in the dream detector caused it to enter a temporary shutdown state quite often, so I never heard the reminder. This feature has caused plenty of confusion among the early adopters, and I took some steps towards making it as easy as possible.
The new Dream Detector feature lets the user specify Smart Timer events and let the Dream Detector do the rest. I understand iPhone better than I ever did before, even though there are still some memory issues here and there. All calibration parameters are displayed and are user customizeable, along with a brief description of how this parameter affects the app. I WANT TO RECALL AND WILL DREAMS ,BUT ,I AM STANDING BEFORE A CLOSED DOOR??????????????????????????????? Lucid dreams are dreams in which you know that you are dreaming, and are aware that the dream is your own creation. This is when the dreamer goes from wakefulness directly into Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM sleep) without losing self awareness from the waking state ie. Write down everything you can remember about your dream as soon as you wake up, no matter how full your sentences are with confusing dream logic, no matter how blurry, just get it down!
It is advised to build your dream recall to at least one dream per night before proceeding with lucid dreaming induction techniques. Visualise as vividly as possible (with all of your motivation an effort!) that you are dreaming. Those couple of hours in the afternoon were perfect and necessary for sleep, and I found that my I was having lucid dreams more often then not. Observe your thoughts – try not to react to them…just let them go into the blackness. There’s no need to be afraid…this is the process of sleep, you are now able to observe yourself doing so! You soon will be – and these reminders will help you stay lucid and not fall asleep and lapse into a regular dream state.
In regards to dying in a dream causing death in reality – if it were true there is no way to know…!
So if you do become addicted, there is no need to sleep excessively as there will be no result.
Thus, dreams are not messages, but are more like clues into the inner workings of our minds. I then noticed that all of the cakes in the cabinet were different, the pictures of the wall were skewed.
Since that experience I have managed to fly a few more times…once over the ocean and diving into the water, feeling the connectedness and oneness of all things.

Prepare your mind for a psychedelic, warped, phantasmagorical and also highly informative journey! It is a state machine with multiple distinct pieces working together using the command design pattern. There’s a lot of animation, brand new UI yet with familiar iPhone UI just a touch away. I was suprised to actually have  spontaneous DILD, where I performed a clock reality check.
But right now, this knowledge re-awakens and removes barriers on my way almost as quickly as they disappear! Today I’m using them to describe the real world, rather than solve some training program to be praised by the teacher.
Any image taken on an iphone will look exactly the same on any other iphone of the same make.
To do so, I annotated all elements of the smart timer configuration with an extra option to look up web help for the specific UI element that the user has a question about. Instead of a 12 or 24 hour format, the clock is broken into 16 segments, which align with your sleep cycles. Imagine flying over the world of your dreams, diving into its oceans, swimming with the creatures that live below, facing up to the fears in your nightmares, conquering your own subconscious! If you are dreaming you won’t be able to make sense of the numbers and you will realise you are dreaming!
Even imagine the weird happenings in a dream – the text changing, you levitating, peoples faces changing, the landscape morphing. At this time I was practicing the WILD’s, and this napping technique worked marvellously! It gets easier with practice and you’ll be surprised how natural it feels…you slip right into a dream with full awareness!! So there I was, floating around the shop…my excitement levels were rising, so my vision was getting a little burry.
It is such an incredible experience and I wish you all the best of luck at obtaining your own lucid dreaming experience! I really wanted to see what the app would look like in a dream, but for safety reasons I decided to move my car off the middle of the street first. Numbers and ratios come alive, and the result is simple: The worlds most complex clock, that would be able to be operated by you, the user! This would allow for the phone to be placed in an armband, achieving true wrist actigraphy! I now realize how once the distractions , uncertainties and doubts are removed, along with the work related anxieties,  the true intelligence and awareness are allowed to bloom to their fuller potential. In one of the dreams my friend was talking about lucidity and awareness, saying how at any moment you may be dreaming. This is considered the most powerful lucid dreaming technique as you can become lucid on demand and because there is no break between waking & dreaming life the lucidity is much more vivid. Then you can visualise yourself doing a dream activity, like flying for instance, or exploring.
Many people however, have woken after dying in a dream, have recalled the dream and have not been harmed at all. Because of my conversation with my friend in reality a couple of nights before, I then realised that being in the dream world…well, this means I can fly!! Unfortunately something did not work quite as expected and I’m still not sure how I fixed that! This clock would tell you about how your body feels, and will allow you to make educated decisions about your bedtime, rise time, lucid dreaming attempts time… And all of it because I can split a circle according to a certain ratio… That is math and geometry, that is true engineering! On top of the usual activity count, this would show the position of the body, number of times the user has turned over, and most importantly would be able to detect dreams through actigraphy much more accurately! Every dollar and minute that I spend into app promotion this year will save thousands in subsequent years.  So I decided to go for nothing pure artistic perfection.
I realized that over the past 6 years I’ve been honing my skills in engineering, programming, interpersonal communications, leadership, business just for this moment. By the end of this article you will have the tools to begin to induce your own lucid dream tonight! If you have a persistent itch, scratch it, but mostly those itches will end up going away as it is the body’s way of testing whether you are falling asleep or not…we have to trick it by not giving in to these tests!
In the past couple weeks, I understood what Steve was planning for the iPhone and I will take it where it should be. In the time when most people could become comfortable at one job, I had to learn skills required to build a company keeping an eye on my dream – building a lucid dreaming device.  And now as I look back, I realize that I have the talent, skills and now connections to make this a reality! There’s still a lot of work to do in the graphics and media field, but even the barebone iPhone UI looks much better than the Android one. Anything!” Then I saw a door…with a beautiful meadow full of flowers and birds and sunshine…the outside world!
From my past experiments I figured that not just any audio will work, so I’m preparing something very special.
I finally can reconcile a lot of discrete experiences that I have had over the years into one clear, grand vision, and it’s abundantly clear. This is good news for you, as the user, because you will be delighted by a superior quality app! I simplified the interface and condensed important functionality into about 10 view controllers. From custom, crisp interface to compelling and powerful audio, the app will re-define what it is to have an iPhone in your hand. It is a tool that enhances your awareness and helps you transition between waking life and the dream experience with ease!

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