Targetability: With a range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, advertisers can focus on those consumers that fit their needs.
Strong Visuals: Magazine ads can be highly creative and aesthetically appealing through the effective use of photography, graphics, color and copy.
Portability: With the exception of in-car reading, magazines can be carried by consumers and read almost anywhere, at any time.

Advertorial: An in-depth advertising message can be created to appear more like editorial copy than an advertisement, although most magazines require such advertorials to be identified as advertising rather than editorial content. This issue has the editors' picks for the 25 best celebrity updos, and the poll results revealing the 100 Most Romantic hairstyles of the year. The proliferation in the number of magazines means audience fractionalization, and most magazines actually miss most of their avowed target audiences.

There are photos of 350 dream bridal looks plus tips on curls, color, accessories, extensions, veils, and makeup.

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