Okay, so you haven’t drowned in your own sweat and you workout like there’s no finish line.
Do you feel like the whole subject of nutrition is insane… or, at the very least, a bad case of overload and confusion? It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior, a serious competitor or simply want a lean, fit body.
The truth about it is––never before has this combination of benefits been wrapped up into one complete supplement. The human body is designed to maintain a very delicate pH balance in its fluids, tissues and systems. Emerging research uncovered by SAN Researchers shows that enhanced athletic performance can be achieved with these buffers because warding off acidic build up, enhances your muscle’s ability to use oxygen and thus improving your training capacity. The benefits of these buffers, known by its proprietary process called pHMODX, are currently only found in I-BCAA-MAX and which are most obvious in heavy anaerobic workouts like, strength training, Crossfit, MMA, sprinting, football, basketball and other endurance sports.
In fact, it took SAN scientists countless hours to work out something no company has been able to duplicate….
Rounding out the formula, I-BCAA-MAX is fortified with patented Zinc for supporting natural testosterone production. You can go ahead and call it the "miracle mineral" if you want to, but all silly names and taglines aside, magnesium is a truly incredible nutrient.
Magnesium oil is a super-concentrated form of magnesium chloride that is effectively absorbed through the skin.
All this praise having been boldly sung, some people purchase magnesium oil and enthusiastically spritz it all up and down their bodies, only to find that it is irritating to the skin. As a nutrition professional advising athletes on what and when to eat, it is very easy to go overboard with advice. After researching a bit about nutrient impacts on muscle function, I was delighted to find that a simple mineral, commonly deficient in the American diet, and required by endurance athletes in higher amounts due to higher sweat losses, was nearly absent from my diet (at that time).
I was failing at eating enough of this elusive mineral, but succeeding at gushing it out of my pores: magnesium.
Step one: I learned which foods contain the most magnesium (especially the foods in this group that I like).
Step three: As an insurance policy, I added a magnesium-containing supplement to ensure I made up for sub-par food intake days. This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. My doctor recommended quinine - 4 ounce of diet tonic water daily helps ease massive cramping and spasms in my feet and legs. The determination in your heart is big enough to scare away any barking dog or competitor nipping at your heels. You’ve done the Paleo… the Keto… the dried out chicken breasts… the yucky yams and you’re still stuck at the same level? Research confirms that 2 important factors have a significant benefit to athletes involved in any anaerobic sport. Buffers are substances which are capable of stabilizing pH in the blood, body fluids and tissues.
Recent research conducted by Albion® Nutrition—the world leader in the science of mineral nutrition—examined the absorption of several different types of magnesium. What more can you say about a mineral that is essential for the function of every single cell in your body? Department of Health's list of concern, it is clear that the alarming issue of rampant magnesium deficiency has finally made it to the mainstream.
Not only do magnesium-rich foods like nuts, seeds and legumes need to be properly soaked and sprouted to enhance mineral bioavailability, but the digestive tract must also be functioning optimally to assimilate it correctly. Drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe, it is an an all-natural raw from of magnesium that is known for its superior solubility and has been shown to be a highly valuable method for replenishing cellular magnesium stores in a way that is gentle, rapid and safe. Because a slight mineral residue is sometimes left after application, those with particularly sensitive skin can experience an itching or tingling sensation after using the full-strength magnesium oil spray.

Dilute the magnesium oil by mixing with an equal part filtered water prior to spraying it on the skin. For all you crafty do-it-yourselfers out there, here is a fun DIY magnesium body butter to try. Pour into medium sized bowl and let cool at room temperature for about 30 minutes, or until it begins to get opaque.
Using a stand mixer or hand blender with the whipping attachment, start to whip together the oils.
This information overload, whether a client is ready and eager for it or not, is a great way to make people less likely to make the right changes. Magnesium, a macro mineral which participates in hundreds of chemical reactions is also a major component of healthy bones.
Below is an example of how I boosted my magnesium intake and reduced the cramping episodes I experienced in the late miles of my long workouts. I hope you see how a singular focus on one nutrient led me to enough improvements in my daily eating, supplement strategies, and race fueling to make the last few miles of any arduous event more pleasant.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below! Unless you’re supporting your workouts with the right nutritional tools you’re seriously missing out on your full potential. MGG research conducted on endurance athletes showed reduced lactic acid build up–– thus enhancing workout capacity and reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). You’ll be convinced of its positive effects on your hard work and countless training sessions. Their study suggests that buffered magnesium glycinate chelate and dimagnesium malate (the two types of magnesium in Integrated Supplements Bio-Available Magnesium) were better-absorbed than both unbuffered magnesium glycinate and magnesium oxide. If you aren't all too familiar with magnesium, check out our post Are You Magnesium Deficient? For ladies who shave their legs, or for little kids with oh-so-soft skin, this can be a bothersome situation. This way most of the magnesium ions will have absorbed fully into the skin by the time you hop in. Filtered water is best here, as you don't want to be rubbing chlorine all over your skin either! I like Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion and Gel, because they are fragrance free and use a skin-nourishing base of all certified organic oils.
I make up a few batches of this super moisturizing stuff to keep on hand in the spring and summer when my skin is extra-loved by the sun and rough from being out in the garden.
It is best to set the lotion in this way so that it whips up optimally- giving it a divinely fluffy texture. The body butter will be firm when you first start to apply, but melts nicely into the skin and absorbs rapidly. Instructing a person to change several things about their eating habits and educating them on why they should change places an unnecessary amount of pressure on them.
But it may be helpful to replenish this mineral since prolonged exercise and low dietary intakes were my norm. This magical mineral is also essential for maintaining proper blood sugar regulation, cellular oxygen uptake, blood pressure, cardiac rhythm and muscle relaxation. The tricky thing is, eating the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of 400mg for men (or 320mg for women), only protects already healthy people from deficiency symptoms.
Fortunately, Life Time offers a pharmaceutical-grade product from Douglas Labs, which is a professional line of products.
First Endurance somehow managed to produce an easily mixable electrolyte powder that tastes great and can be mixed to my preferred potency. Atmospheric Carbon measurements taken at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, illustrates this increase over the past fifty years. Could it be that a shot-gun, haphazard approach to nutrition is setting you up to be robbed of your progress?
Their blood plasma and delicate fluid that surrounds the cells––are performing well and highly tuned and healthy.

L-Glutamine in its free form is also well documented to support immunity via the intestinal lumen. It is also acceptable to wipe the skin clean with a damp towel about 20 minutes after application too.
Keep in mind that not all essential oils are healthy for the skin or safe for kids and pregnant women to use. You can store out on the counter, however if the oils start to melt (usually occurring around 70 degrees or so) you will lose the whipped texture. This is due to several different factors, most notably the increase in fossil fuel burining and increased deforestation. Are your results being ‘carjacked’, preventing you from reaching the same level as your heroic effort?
In fact an acidic environment can cut into your body’s capacity to train and perform exercise.
There are many overlapping and intricately woven causes that contribute to the epidemic of magnesium deficiency witnessed across the population today.
I store it in a small violiv jar and keep it in the fridge, so that it is extra cooling on a hot day. There are certain times when taking  tablets is not the best choice, such as during a marathon or iron-distance triathlon, which led me to step four.
It’s like trying to run in quick sand––the acidic pH of the body fluids start pulling you down and your system can’t keep up. These include such omnipresent concerns as mineral-depleted soils, poor diet, caffeine intake, chronic low-level stress and perpetual exposure to synthetic chemicals in the environment. This carbon is then stored and some is released later through a variety of different methods. This carbon is stored in the trees and other vegetation and in the top six inches of soil mulch found on the forest floor. If these are replaced with less productive ecosystems, then removal of carbon from the atmosphere by photosynthesis will be reduced. When a forest is cut and burned to establish cropland and pastures, the carbon that was stored in the tree trunks (wood is about 50% carbon) joins with oxygen and is released into the atmosphere as CO2.(Earth Observatory) It is projected that 15% of the greenhouse effect between 1990 and 1025 will be caused by deforestation and the burning of biomass.
Carbon's accumulation potential in forests is large enough that forests offer the possibility of sequestering significant amounts of additional carbon in relatively short periods – decades.
Soil is also affected by deforestation due to soil erosion and defertelization caused when forests are cleared. It is important to note that the soil sink is not exclusively soil in forests, it includes soil found in several different ecosystems. In addition to measuring vegetation density, MODIS can also measure photosynthetic activity. Carbon is sequestered in the process of plant growth as carbon is captured in plant cell formation and oxygen is released.As the forest biomass experiences growth, the carbon held captive in the forest stock increases. Over time, branches, leaves and other materials fall to the forest floor and may store carbon until they decompose. These are calculated from the known amount of fossil fuel burning and estimates of deforestation. According to this new research, the contribution from deforestation to CO2 levels in the atmosphere is reduced. Some interesting technology used to track and measure deforestation are being developed by NASA and NASA funded scientist.
Two MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) instruments, the first launched on 18 December 1999 onboard the Terra Platform and the second on 4 May 2002 onboard the Aqua platform, are uniquely designed (wide spectral range, high spatial resolution, and near daily global coverage) to observe and monitor these and other Earth changes. It is up to us, the future scientists and leaders of the world to understand the process of deforestation and human's impact on them.

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