Management in some form or another is an integral part of living and is essential wherever human efforts are to be undertaken to achieve desired objectives. Management is essential for organized life and necessary to run all types of organizations.
The controlling function comprises co-ordination, reporting and budgeting, and hence the controlling function can be broken into these three separate functions.
But, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling are widely recognized functions of management. An effective planning program incorporates the effect of both external as well as internal factors. Thus the function of organizing involves the determination of activities that need to be done in order to reach the company goals, assigning these activities to the proper personnel, and delegating the necessary authority to carry out these activities in a co-ordinated and cohesive manner. Staffing is the function of hiring and retaining a suitable work-force for the enterprise both at managerial as well as non-managerial levels.
This function is even more critically important since people differ in their intelligence, knowledge, skills, experience, physical condition, age and attitudes, and this complicates the function. The directing function is concerned with leadership, communication, motivation and supervision so that the employees perform their activities in the most efficient manner possible, in order to achieve the desired goals.
The leadership element involves issuing of instructions and guiding the subordinates about procedures and methods.
The communication must be open both ways so that the information can be passed on to the subordinates and the feedback received from them.
Motivation is very important, since highly motivated people show excellent performance with less direction from superiors. Supervising subordinates would lead to continuous progress reports as well as assure the superiors that the directions are being properly carried out. The function of control consists of those activities that are undertaken to ensure that the events do not deviate from the per-arranged plans. It occurred to me that many of us in the property management sector emphasise the complexity of leasehold law with the intention of encouraging leaseholders to come to us for help and support.
But the more you think about it, and I supplement my thinking with 15 years professional experience, for the most part the issues are to do with human relations and human emotions.
So, for example, the lease may set out, in a very technical manner, the rights and responsibilities of lessees and their use of the communal car park.
Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. How To Maximize Benefits Of A Vacation Self Care Strategies That Work Capacity Can Be Increased Work-Life Balance Is A Myth Resilience Starts With Self-Respect How To Develop Self-Respect Self-Respect Frees You To Be YOU Effective Self-Leadership Increases Hope Are You A Self-Sabotage Risk?
One of the main areas where people feel the pressure of limits is in their relationship with time.
Yet for all the training, teaching, books, articles and technological tools on time management this issue still frustrates many people. Some people are great at working through a list of relatively mundane tasks staying focused until they are all done (C and some S). Others will be very good at thinking at a big picture level, making decisions, creating and planning, yet will struggle to stay focused on the more mundane tasks necessary to implement. Still others thrive best with lots of variety in their day where they get a few tasks done, make some phone calls, then meet with people for a mix of marketing, sales and networking (I). Some would say they get more done when they work in a team environment (S and I) whereas others much prefer to work alone and undisturbed (C). An Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report will give you all the information you need to enable you to establish which time management strategies will be most effective for you. Great post John, I have a love hate relationship with time and I know learning more about myself through EDISC has been really helpful to understanding how I work with time. XLRI conducts Admission Test (XAT)  on all INDIA level to select the most appropriate students for management education.
SP Jain follows differnt tests scores includes CAT conducted by IIM, XAT conducted by XLRI, G MAT conducted by GMACO and it also conduct a test, group discussion and personal interview.
XIMB followed score of XAT entrance exam which is conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur and applicants have to fill online application form of ximb seperately.

IMI addmission procedure follows certain criteria first applicants apply online and it follows cat scores. Addmission procedure  -: The procedure followed at welingkar mumbai generelly a written test and group discussion and personal interview. Addmission procedure -: The selection of the students shall be on the basis of SNAP Test + Group Task + Personal Interview.
Of course, Management studies are now a days becoming more popular and many candidates are planed to take the management studies and there are different colleges to take up with the course. Educational services, such as guidance and consultations, are offered on an individual basis to students.
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Our 7 Element OEMS is built around controlling the 4 main sources of risk in your operations – risks that may keep you from achieving leading results across the value drivers. Element 6 Management of Change requires a few pre-existing conditions in order to function properly.
Second, you need a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and accountability in order to design an appropriate structure of identification and approval for changes.
Third, a vital part of Management of Change is communicating the impact, risk, timeline, etc regarding a change. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The basic ingredients of management are always at play, whether we manage our lives or business. Managing life means getting things done to achieve life’s objectives and managing an organization means getting tings done with and through other people to achieve its objectives. Based upon these seven functions, Luther Guelick coined the word POSDCORB, which generally represents the initials of these seven functions i.e. It is a rational and systematic way of making decisions today that will affect the future of the company.
The external factors are shortages of resources; both capital and material, general economic trend as far as interest rates and inflation are concerned, dynamic technological advancements, increased governmental regulation regarding community interests, unstable international political environments, etc.
It involves the process of recruiting, training, developing, compensating and evaluating employees, and maintaining this workforce with proper incentives and motivations.
Hence, management must understand, in addition to the technical and operational competence, the sociological and psychological structure of the workforce. The activities consist of establishing standards for work performance, measuring performance and comparing it to these set standards and taking corrective actions as and when needed, to correct any deviations. Measuring actual performance with the pre-determined standard and finding out the deviations. However, these functions are highly indistinguishable and virtually unrecognizable on the job. I suspect the lay person accepts where a service is delivered it is reasonable to expect a bill. Leaseholders are humans and humans attach different levels of importance to different things.
But the manager, when faced with someone abusing the rules, is better advised to have a quiet, diplomatic word in their ear rather than referring to the technical wording of the lease.
Understanding your personality type will enable you to find the most effective time management approach for you.
Such people are often better to attempt details in short bursts or better still delegate them to an assistant (D). Gregorious Edu-Guidance is a leading education consultancy services providing exemplary service to students all over India. It is necessary to select the proper management course with the right selection of the college. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process: from the choice of universities, to applying with discretion and guiding you through immigration procedures.

Our goal is to offer the most innovative and time-saving admission information that will make the otherwise laborious application process as simple as possible. Most of the other elements thus far have focused on the first 3 risks, People, Process & Equipment. Change management deals with implementation and communication of an imminent change to the organization. In an effort to prevent risky changes from falling through the cracks, some organizations require a formal change process for any and all changes, figuring that if they cover all changes then they are sure not to miss the risky ones. You will thus need an established network of communication and reporting (Element 5: Knowledge Sharing).
Does it feel more like a fire-drill than an expected event for which the organization is well prepared? Management is a set of principles relating to the functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, and the applications of these principles in harnessing physical, financial, human and informational resources efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals. P stands for Planning, O for Organizing, S for Staffing, D for Directing, Co for Co-ordination, R for reporting & B for Budgeting.
Since the human element is the most vital factor in the process of management, it is important to recruit the right personnel.
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Waste Management is the largest environmental solutions provider in North America, serving more than 20 million customers in the U.S. The fourth risk, Change, is anything that introduces changes to the environment, requirements, objectives or purpose of your People, Processes and Equipment. Management of Change is far wider in focus and deals with assessing, approving and implementing changes made to your operations. I may be really precious about someone parking in my dedicated bay – you may be indifferent. We are your one step solution for all career related needs, it may be MD, MBBS BE, BTech (ALL BRANCHES), , MDS, BDS, BPharm, BArch, MBA, MTech, MS, , PhD or any other courses.
You need to have a clear understanding of how you will identify risks first (Element 3: Risk Management) and use that to guide what to classify as a change and how to prioritize them.
It involves the ability to foresee the effects of current actions in the long run in the future.
After all expecting lessees to understand Head Leases, Man Cos, managing agents and Articles of Association is a tall order. And so for the professional residential block manager the skill is to manage all these different value judgements, and expectations, and deliver a consistent service that keeps everyone content.
We provide personalized career solutions on an individual basis keeping in mind the aspirations of our client as well as the affordability factor. As part of our strategy, we are committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities and organizations achieve their green goals, including zero waste.
This way the risky changes are handled appropriately and are not drowned out by unimportant risks. And understandably the sector is well placed to offer expertise and get appropriately paid for it. I agree this dispute about reasonableness is technical and is sometimes not resolved outside court.
With the largest network of recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills in the industry, our entire business can adapt to meet the needs of every distinct customer group.
But the real grievance on this issue is actually held by those lessees who do pay against the minority who don’t. In 2012, we worked with over 100 Fortune 500 companies and helped over 150 different communities become greener. Waste Management is also a renewable energy provider, producing more than twice the amount of renewable electricity than the entire US solar industry.

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