Putting the theory into practise Looking at the bigger picture, with regard to the whole subject of change management theories, the Practitioners' Masterclass emphasises the need for a change model, and change methodology, that bridges the gap that exists [with most popular change models] between the high level a€?big-picturea€? strategic vision and a successful implementation at the front-line. I am sharing an image with you which reflects five essential elements of change: - vision, skills, incentives, resources and action plan. So it is very important to make sure that all five elements are clearly communicated to all on your team. I too was like Hazel - took me a few minutes to read the diagram - but then I had an A HA moment!

Call me a little bit slow and a bear of little brain, but it did take me a few moments to get my head around the diagram ;-p I was scanning across the top blue boxes, and wondering why some of the blue boxes under 5 of the headings were blank (doh!!). If you look at the descriptors at the top of the image, it reflects what many teachers are feeling right now. Anyhow, now I have my head around it - what a great idea to show visually the impact of a missing element, and illustrating how each are interrelated. It is the responsibility of the director leading the change to supply an infusion of positive energy.

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