I had two clients have similar issues, and I thought I would share this information with you. In the same week I had two clients that came to me feeling anxious, because they had created a situation in which they felt powerless. One of them was faced with losing their house, and the only possible option she saw at the time was moving in with her mother, which she knew would not feel good. Why I wanted to share this with you is that when we are in the middle of a situation, many times we can only see one possible solution, when we are all abundant beings that live in an unlimited universe. Both clients were able to see different options, they took those different paths with excitement and hope, and both of them received the outcome they wanted.
As always, in this newsletter, there are teleseminars, resources, affirmations, and meditations to help you on your journey to empowerment. If you could do just one quick and simple little thing that will literally transform your life, would you?
In my practice I address the whole person-mind-body and spirit and empower you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced and effective life. Using affirmations is a great way to replace negative messages with positive reinforcements. You must get into the emotions of what it feels like have, be or do what you are now affirming.
Few books are generating the level of advance publicity and acclaim as Laura Stack's new book, SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best.
This is an exciting time of change and transformation, however if your life is an abundance of lack, powerlessness, fear, helplessness or you feel life is dumping on you, now is the perfect time to experience the timeless wisdom of The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn (1870-1940).
You are invited to join Healing With The Masters, a life-empowering fully committed to your individual growth and the growth and evolution of the planet and her inhabitants.
Healing With The Masters has become the "go to" place to join with other participants and experience the leading speakers and authors guiding each of us to find the life, flow, peace, and joy that were meant for us. And Jennifer brings a sense of fun and lightness to many of the big life issues covered in the series that allows all of us to find the "light" in "enlightenment. Gary Zukav - New York Times bestselling author of Seat of The Soul, Dancing Wu Li Masters and his powerful newest book Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power (amazing life changing info). Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith - founder of Agape Spiritual Community (one of the largest new thought communities), featured teacher in The Secret, author and minister. Caroline Myss - five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Chunyi Lin - an international qigong master (pronounced "chee gong") and the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong. Carol Look - EFT master and specialist in pain relief and abundance, bestselling author and speaker, you can also see Carol in the popular The Tapping Solution movie. Dee Wallace - Renowned actress best known for her role as the mother in the Spielberg movie ET, Dee is a profound healer and creator of the I~M System of Healing.
Jo Dunning - You feel her before you hear her, called the "miracle worker" Jo brings healing energies that shift you in the moment just by listening.
The series starts on September 7, 2010, so get ready for 24 evenings of insight and transformation. Step #2) Keep an eye out for Jennifer's email with the details for listening in on the calls (dial in and webcasting to your computer is available.
Step #3) Make sure you go to the download site mentioned in your confirmation email after you register. Would you like to learn the secrets on how you can create a 6-7 figure business that you love? Today is an exciting day as 49 women's stories will be released in a powerful new book entitled Speaking Your Truth. A mother who wants to become a writer feverishly learns to embrace her creative self even against challenges and adversity. Nine months in a hospital, a new mother deepens her connection with Spirit to save her life. A woman takes a leap of faith to discover who she truly is and what she really wants out of life. A loss of a parent inspires a woman to make significant life changes, that will alter her direction forever.
These are just a few of the many stories in Speaking Your Truth that will move and inspire you.
Imagine being able to elegantly and lovingly manage whatever shows up in your life in way that not only serves you but serves others (maybe even the planet).
That is possible with an AMAZING book, which was so popular the first time around it sold out completely!
This lovely healing book has energy imbued within it, intended to raise your vibration (and just by holding it).
The Big Book of YOU Second Edition is a hard copy book (in a manageable small size) that offers poetry, artwork and photography on the left pages (representing the feminine), and text covering life guiding principles on the right pages (indicative of the more linear aspect of the masculine). Every bit of this book has been planned out to address learning styles, deliver healing energy, and guide you to… YOU. My friend and author of this book Jennifer McLean, is a renowned healer, speaker and author who has emerged as a leading catalyst for spiritual change. Jennifer has taken her almost three decades of spiritual adventures and captured them is this lovely book… you won't want to put it down.
So, if you act right now you can own this book at a special sale price AND if you act in the next 24 hours you can also receive over $1000 representing more than 80 bonus gift items all holding the intention of expanding your consciousness.
We hope you will come over right now and check all this out; it is only available for a limited time… I promise you, you'll be glad you did. My good friend, bestselling author of The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple and president of Lead Out Loud, Sonia Ricotti, has summoned over 21 experts from around the globe to reveal their most powerful, most compelling, and most successful methods for turning adversity anywhere in your life (money, divorce, health, depression, career change, etc.), into opportunity, greatness, and success.
A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine, Rich German started giving away the 1st chapter of his book "Monetize Your Passion" to a select few of us to get feedback and testimonials. When I learned he is GIVING AWAY his entire book (for free) I knew you would want a copy too. Inside this book, Rich shows you how to turn your greatest passion into a business that will fund the lifestyle of your dreams. If being truly happy, healthy, and abundant is your desire, then having a lifestyle is vital.
Rich's book hit a nerve, 135 people left comments on his blog raving about the 1st chapter and how much it helped them.
Here is what some of my other "family" members have said after taking advantage of free coaching. When I had personal issues she very gently and compassionately would lift me out of the "stuck place" and help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I wanted to thank you from the tips of my toes all the way up to my crown chakra for all that I received from you during our coaching sessions. I loved the meditations we did together and the exercise you gave me for writing down what my perfect companion "looked like". I love the way you present yourself and the warmth and caring that shines through from your heart. How to apply all the Universal Laws in order to create freedom, joy, and abundance into your life.
How to allow yourself to receive, believe you deserve, and open yourself to unlimited joy and prosperity.
Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, transformational leader, CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program.
Many of you out there are searching for your truth and looking for a way to express yourself more clearly and effectively to the world.
The truth is that the better you understand yourself and your unique abilities, the better you can express them to the world and the more abundant you will be. I can assure you right now that you DO have special gifts and abilities that you were specifically designed to use to help others. What I see most often with clients is that they have lost sight of their unique gifts and often they are feeling very lost and disconnected from who they are underneath it all and also from Spirit, which is such an integral part of all of us. Once they are reconnected more fully to themselves and to Spirit, their ability to express themselves increases dramatically as they begin to remember who they truly are.
Ultimately, finding your true voice starts with changing your beliefs around the fact that you really do, in fact, have special gifts and abilities you were created to share with the world.
Clearing blocks to using your gifts tends to be the most significant thing I do for clients because often the reason they don’t fully relate to what their gifts are is because there are blocks in place from past experiences that are keeping them in a state of fear about using them. Remember … just because you do not identify with your unique abilities doesn’t mean they do not exist! Want to get in touch with your unique gifts and talents? To find out what purpose you were created to fulfill? You found this page for a reason.You are a strong, independent woman who knows your success is directly linked to your spirituality and your ability to get in touch with your own inner wisdom.
You’ve even seen yourself manifest successfully and consistently for other people or what might seem like random outcomes in your life, but when it comes to your own personal success, your efforts leave you feeling like you’re not able to create what you want, and you can’t pinpoint exactly why. If you are like I was before I started doing this work, you’re tired of the same things happening in your life over and over and you know it’s time for a change, but you’re not sure how to make it a reality.
The person you are today is NOT the person you want to become.You’ve found out very quickly that every time you do start to change your life, old habits and experiences can easily get in the way.
What that means for you is that all sessions with me include a powerful combination of Energetic and Spiritual Healing methods combined with channeling crystal clear Spiritual Guidance to empower you to create and manifest the results you want.
I am here to EMPOWER YOU with the tools you need to transform your life.My work with you is designed specifically to create a Transformational Experience in your reality, setting an amazing foundation for forward movement in ALL areas of your life, but at the same time allowing you to target healing specifically toward one area of your life where you are experiencing lack, taking a good look not only at why, but also how to permanently resolve the issue. Access proven techniques to receive the guidance you need from Spirit – whenever and wherever you need it. Empower yourself with the tools you need to heal yourself, connect to Spirit, and manifest what you want. Activate Your Abundance & Manifest Your Dreams to create the life you desire and deserve with this 8-week program designed to identify and permanently release your biggest blocks to connecting to Spirit. Your Current Full Name, Full Name at Birth, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth will be required to complete any work. Once your payment has been received, you will be contacted by email within 24 hours to confirm receipt and to schedule your telephone session if you have purchased one. Please note: Payment is required in advance for all services and there are no refunds once services are purchased.
Disclaimer: Energetic and Spiritual Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Since we really are all one, if one person faces a similar situation, many others do as well.
If you ever need help with a fresh approach to your issues, you can take advantage of a free coaching session with one of the QSCA coaches.
Yes, that is right, the amazing coaches from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy want to coach you, for free! By weaving in successful coaching principles and Law of Attraction, I assist my clients into tapping into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals, visions, and their dreams. Affirmations must be positive statements and affirm what you are moving toward, not away from. For example, instead of saying, "I will make a lot of money" say "I make _____ amount a year." It is important to be specific.
My intention to provide you with these resources is so that you can continue to journey to empowerment. After 18 years studying the art and science of personal productivity, Laura Stack reveals the six behaviors high-achieving professionals demonstrate over their lower-performing peers. 24 committed speakers are lined up just for you… to guide you, love you, and help you to re-align with your dreams. Neale, a regular on Healing with the Masters, always offers remarkable insights to applying these principles to everyday things.
This popular teacher is featured in a groundbreaking medical study on the effects of qigong on pain relief. Jennifer has a couple of amazing healing-focused bonus gifts for you (meditations and sound healing audios) that you can use immediately just for enrolling in this completely fr*ee series.
I'm thrilled to be a part of this launch and help spread the word about this newly released book. The Big Book of YOU offers a wonderful set of easy to read guiding principles, compelling philosophies, and sound bites of meaningful quotes that have guided thousands to view their lives in wonderful new ways.
You might recognize Jennifer's name from her popular teleseminars series Healing With the Masters where she hosts some of the biggest names in the Human Potential Movement, and also from her advanced MasterWorks Healing Membership Site where she offers her remarkable system of healing, Body Dialoging, to members. AND it makes a lovely coffee table addition that can entice even the novice seeker to take a closer look. Hey, I know I was, and I was especially glad that I had the support, knowledge and tools to bounce back quickly when life presented me with adversities.
Including a free meditation to help you raise your vibration and special reports to show you how to apply the Universal Laws. If your goal is to be happier feel more encouraged and optimistic and as a result have a more productive and prosperous life then Sharon 's coaching is the ticket. I came to you with a desire to attract my perfect man and to release some old tapes in my head and my heart. I had done such an exercise before and realized while redoing it for you that the universe was in fact sending me men that fit my initial desire list.

I used that (with you) to come up with my new desire statement for the loving man I know will come to me. There are no words to express my gratitude for all the tools that you shared with me with such love, kindness and graciousness. She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. You want to find your unique gifts and talents and better identify with and understand your path and your purpose. The problem is that many of you are not fully connected to what your unique gifts are and you may have even lost hold of the belief that you do have special gifts you were designed to share with the world. They become much happier and abundance flows more freely into their lives because the fear that used to prevent them from expressing themselves has diminished.
After that it’s just a matter of investigating and reconnecting with what your specific gifts are, clearing blocks to using them and then taking action to integrate them into your daily life. Too many times we shut parts of ourselves down due to fear and deny ourselves access to the truth of who we are.
Daily stressors and reminders can stop you from progressing forward in the way you need to so that you can create the outcomes you desire. Abundance Activation & Clearing, Your Manifestation and Personal Awakening Symbol turned into artwork and delivered to you, PDF report & JPGs, and one 60 minute call plus one 30 minute follow up call with your Spirit Guides! Includes: Activate Your Abundance Session, 4 Energy Clearing Sessions, Spirit Guide Reading, Connect to Spirit Online Course, Unlimited Email Support, two 60 minute calls with your Spirit Guides & More!
Your payment is a statement from you saying that you are 100% committed to bringing real and lasting change into your life.
The best results from this work occur when you are: 1) fully open-minded about HOW change can come into your life, 2) committed to bringing it into your life, 3) ready for it to come, and 4) willing to allow it into your life.
It is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. You will receive fabulous coaching and learn processes and techniques to raise your vibration.
A belief is just a thought that has been thought over and over until it becomes solidified in your mind as truth. You can also use "The Universe", "God", or "Universal Intelligence" as an example when you are looking to change beliefs regarding your faith and trust.
If you went to a restaurant and ordered "chicken" and there are ten types of chicken on the menu, the waiter would not know which one to bring you. For example, if you use the affirmation, "I am abundant" that is great, but the universe responds to your energy, not your words.
There are many Healing With The Master Study Groups that have formed around this series… something you could do too.
Let the experts show you how (and I am talking about some BIG experts we all know and love!).
I had not gone deep enough, I had not asked that they respect my time, treat me as the special woman I am, show me affection and things of that nature. Christy's life-changing message reaches over 50,000 people a month and she has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman's World, Woman's Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine.
It’s just a matter of reconnecting with them – finding out what they are and how you can best access them and use them.
Typically within the answers to those questions is the answer to where your special gifts and your soul purpose lies.
Results are also dependent upon you following any guidance given to you from me in terms of necessary physical action steps, which means YOU have to participate as well, by doing any follow up activities I give you, if there are any. Releasing negative energy using spiritual and energetic healing methods practiced by me, Sallie M. They were too close to their circumstance to see that there were a number of other solutions to their dilemma.
Whenever you feel powerless to any situation, know that it is because you are limited in your thinking and vision. Many of my other "family" members have taken advantage of this offer and are already seeing the results manifest in their lives. If you invested in The Divine Manifesting System, you were given this book as a special bonus. First find the affirmation, and then step into the feeling place of owning that affirmation.
You helped me to see that we absolutely attract that which we ask for and now I have asked for more.
And don’t stop thinking about a possibility because it seems out of reach to you at the time.
If they opened up to the possibility that there is a number of solutions in this abundant universe, they would not feel the anxiety. Kathryn (Kate) Speakes-Large has collaborated with Florence to offer Florence Scovel Shinn's Game of Life ~ Unleashed in an experiential twelve week empowerment teleclass. Harv Eker's Peak Potentials Training, her work has been promoted by and featured with best-selling authors like Marianne Williamson, Dr.
This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
For example, if you are in debt and then you state an affirmation, "I have a million dollars in my account" and it causes doubt and disbelief, you are only creating more doubt and disbelief and the affirmations are now working against you. Information given to you by me is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. By stating these affirmations, it becomes part of your subconscious mind and will soon be brought into your reality. She currently lives in Montreal with the man of her dreams and is a regular instructor at the Learning Annex in Manhattan. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider. It also raises your vibration and based on The Law of Attraction, you will attract more positive experiences into your life. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

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