Why are some able to create wonderful lives and everything seems to go their way while others become ineffective, frustrated and depressed in their lives? Come create manifesting synergy and unlock new worlds by once and for all taking control of your manifesting abilities that will create and attract the people, events and tools that support your life purpose.
None of Barbara’s training could fully prepare her for an event that would change the lives of her and her family forever. Barbara holds a degree in psychology and business management and attended University of Chicago at Illinois for graduate studies in Health Informatics. This is an ongoing, Saturday afternoon class with a deep meditation and TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that you can take with you for your spirit toolbox.
Discovering The Keys Of The KingdomAre you ready to share God's love with others?Then be prepared to experience signs, wonders, and miracles!

When her youngest son was only 14 years old, a ring at the doorbell turned itself from a horrifying experience into one of strength and determination, bringing with it a message from God. This is an exciting and eye-opening look at what is going on in the spiritual realm and how you can tap into the supernatural. Barbara now works to help others deal with trials in their lives, sharing her story and encouraging others to search for personal signs of strength from God, Guides, Loved ones who have passed on and anything that is truly trying to set us on our purposeful path in this earthly world. 13th: Violet Flame- Learn about the amazing, transformative, and healing energy of the Violet Flame!
In this workshop, we will learn about this energy, it's history, and many uses, and experience it in class, and learn tools, affirmations, and fiats for you to take with you and use. A great healing in class, and handout notes too!March 12th: Spirit Guides- Learn about your spirit guides!

A primer, plus deep guided meditation. Learn great tools to communicate and work with them daily! A deep, guided meditation is also in store for you, and you will feel so peaceful, and healed afterwards. You will learn many tools and techniques for making mockups, and creating what you wish in this workshop! There will be a lecture, different techniques (tools for your spirit toolbox!), and lots of practice in this class!

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