This is a place of vast resources, information, knowledge, free thought and experiences for any human, star traveler, starseed, indigo, crystal, etc. We’ve all had this experience, we sit down to practice meditation but our mind is out to lunch.
The difference between sound emanating from the spiritual world and sound originating in the material world is that while material sound is attractive to the mind in the beginning, it gradually loses it attraction and the mind looks for something fresh. Mundane sound vibration can be compared to chewing a stick of sugarcane or a piece of bubble gum; you chew and chew until all the sweetness is gone, then you spit it out. These spiritual sounds have no historical beginning; they have been passed from spiritual master to student since time immemorial. In the Vedas (the most ancient scripture of the world), the times we are living in are called “kali yuga” or the age of quarrel, chaos and confusion and it’s not hard to see why! In the Brhad Naradiya Purana, the statement is made that in these times, there is no other way to become cleansed at heart then to connect to the Supreme through the chanting of Sacred Mantras. There are many methods for attainment of perfect spiritual union with the Divine in the teachings of yoga such as astanga-yoga, etc.
In the Vedas, astanga-yoga (raja yoga) was recommended for a previous age known as Satya-yuga when society was more peaceful and people’s minds and bodies were less disturbed. In this age, we are so often being bothered by other people, and if not other people, we have sand flies, mosquitoes, ants and if not them, then germs. It is described in the Vedas that the more difficult the age becomes for meditation, the easier is the method made available to us. Get started now with this beautiful mantra meditation video with one hour of relaxing sacred chanting. There are several processes of meditation upon the Absolute Truth, one of which is especially recommended in the yoga texts (the Vedas), the great scriptures of the world and by yogis and saints for this present age.
When a person hears and repeats these Sacred Mantras they remember who they are, that they are not this temporary body or mind which is always changing, but the eternal spark of life also known as the soul, within the body.
When we forget who we are and our relationship to the Supreme Soul, we think only of our relationship with this material world which is temporary and full of hassles and miseries.

Even though you may intellectually or completely accept that you are spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, the question is how to remember this truth. Exploring the wisdom of the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya through the teachings of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa. For example, a pop song is attractive in the beginning, but after it has been in the top ten a month or two, we get tired of it. In the beginning we may not be immediately attracted to it but over time, the more we hear spiritual sound the more our attraction grows. But you can repeatedly say these spiritual sounds and never come to a point where the sweetness or attractiveness runs out.
We only have to switch on the evening news to see quarrel in one place, chaos in another and confusion all around.
For a person to be successful in astanga-yoga, for example, they must learn to sit erect in lotus posture for days on end, completely controlling the demands of the mind and body. Even if we can totally get away from all of this by going to some place where there are no external disturbances – which is very rare, of course – our mind will still be there. This easy method is the hearing and chanting of Sacred Mantras, the practice of Mantra Meditation. No one wakes up in the morning and says ‘Ok, so how can I be miserable today?’ Every single person is searching for happiness. We simply remember the troubles arising from the body which is part of this temporary world. It is because transcendental sound or mantra are of a completely different energy than material sound. In fact, even those who study Vedic philosophy have been known to argue over whether it really is, Kali Yuga. Although the aim of astanga yoga (silent meditation upon the Supreme Being within the heart) is to know the Supreme Person, nonetheless it is not recommended in this age due to the disturbing nature of our minds and environments. So it is very difficult to extricate ourselves from material activities and engage in the practice of meditation.

We are searching for an inner freedom, an inner fulfilment and there are certain universal truths which if we know them, understand them and apply them to our lives we will find that we will be able to achieve that happiness that we are seeking.
It is a very difficult age, the pace is fast, people’s minds are restless and we are overcome by many worries and concerns. But when we remember our actual eternal identity as spirit soul we become free from anxiety.
They fill up the emptiness in our hearts, bring peace to our minds and allow us to directly experience that inner happiness that we are always anxious for.
I can’t think of a more clear indication of which age we are living in than this very argument. We don’t need to be able to perfectly control the life air within the body and raise the life air up the chakras to the top of the head. If we are completely honest, we can quite quickly come to same the conclusion of the Vedas, that the process of astanga yoga is impossible to practice successfully in current times. The process which has been laid down for Kali-Yuga is Mantra Meditation or the regular hearing and repeating of Sacred Mantras. Most of us can barely sit for 20 minutes without our backs and legs becoming sore and needing to stretch, let alone several days. And even if we are able to perfect our lotus posture, how many of us can perfectly control the breath and the mind and the life force within the body?
You can engage in hearing and chanting Sacred Mantras with others in the practice known as Kirtan or you can chant by yourself on beads, japa-yoga – sitting and meditating.
Our minds are always wandering onto other subjects and we may even find ourselves dozing off while sitting in our perfect lotus posture! While you are cleaning the house (I love doing this, gets me really motivated!) or on the way to work by putting on a CD in your car.

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